12/23/2005 Bianca & Zach Decorate Kendall's Tree

"JR and Babe return home with little Adam. Everyone is present to welcome him home and begin celebrating Christmas. When they begin to open presents, Babe finds one for JR from Di. JR takes the present and throws it into the fireplace. Within moments the present is consumed by the flames. Babe talks to JR about Di but JR isn't receptive. He considers Di as dead to him as his mother is. Eventually the party breaks up and everyone begins to leave. When Krystal tells Adam about her plan to spend the night in the nursery to be closer to little Adam, Adam decides to join her. They inform JR and Babe of the plans and leave the room. Alone with Babe, JR tells her that he is falling in love with her. Babe beams with happiness.

Derek questions Jonathan about little Adam's kidnapping, specifically his role in the events. Jonathan insists that he had nothing to do with the child's disappearance. Erin worries that maybe Jonathan should seek legal counsel if he's going to be questioned. Realizing that he is going to be in the police station for quite some time, Jonathan becomes agitated. He had promised Lily that he would help her with her Christmas shopping. Jonathan begs Erin to do the shopping for him, giving her a list of presents he had already decided on, and then to drop them off at Lily's. Erin is reluctant to leave his side but realizes that Jonathan was more worried about not helping Lily. She decides to go, promising Jonathan that she will keep trying to reach Ryan.

Bianca tells Zach that Kendall, by her own admission, is in love with him. Zach tries to deny it, grasping at straws to explain away Kendall's declaration. Bianca insists that she is not wrong about Kendall's feelings for Zach. Zach feels that ultimately, Kendall's feelings don't matter because she obviously still wants the divorce since she accepted the papers. Bianca assures him that Kendall only did so out of fear. She doesn't believe that Zach really loves her. When he confesses to Bianca that he's worried that he may hurt Kendall the same way that he hurt Maria, Bianca reminds him of the differences between the two women and the circumstances. She points out that, unlike Maria, Kendall doesn't have feelings for another man the way that Maria did for Edmund. Bianca then advises Zach to find Kendall and do whatever it takes to convince her that he loves her. As they decorate the tree, Bianca shares some insight into her sister. She also tries to convince him to fight for the woman he loves.

Kendall is rattled when she has another Christmas visit from Father Clarence. She finds herself locked inside a chapel with Ryan. Ryan is patient as Kendall carries on about Father Clarence not being of this world and insisting that strange things always happen when he's about. As Kendall's panic begins to rise, Ryan tries to help her find a way out of the chapel but quickly realizes that they are truly locked inside. Making the best of their situation, Ryan asks Kendall about how she knows Father Clarence. She tells him how she met him last Christmas while Bianca was in a coma. He had helped her during her darkest hour and then given her the miracle of Bianca waking up. As Ryan listens he happens to look down and spots something on the ground. When he picks it up, he's shocked to discover that it's a chain with a St. Christopher's medal on it that his mother had given him when he was young. He had lost it long ago. Kendall is highly doubtful that it's the same one, but Ryan insists that it is. He tells her that of all the items from his past, the St. Christopher's medal has the most meaning to him. He learned to love his mother when she gave it to him. Kendall sits down in a pew near Ryan and is surprised when she finds a picture that she had drawn when she was a little girl. It's of a princess and Alice had cherished it. She tells Ryan about her adoptive parents, particularly her mother Alice and all the ways she showed Kendall how deeply she loved her. She had written 'My princess always' on the picture and then hung it on the fridge until Kendall had been 12. Talking about Alice, prompts Kendall to turn to Ryan and discuss the future of their baby. She suggests that if they aren't ready to be parents that they should find someone as special as her own adoptive parents to give their son to. Ryan promises Kendall that he will help Kendall in any way that he can. Kendall tells him that she has decided to have their baby. A short time later they hear the bells ring. On impulse, Ryan checks the chapel doors and discovers that they are now unlocked. After wishing eachother merry Christmas, they walk out.

Father Clarence finds Tad sitting outside in the snow, in contemplation. He tells Tad that he knew Dixie and then begins talking about forgiveness. When Father Clarence spots the Christmas star, he suggests Tad make a wish on it. Tad seems momentarily confused. Realizing that he's once again alone, Tad talks to Dixie. He tells her that he is still having difficulty letting go of her. He admits that maybe Di is correct when she told him that he thinks loving someone else is a betrayal of Dixie and that for the first time he has no idea what to wish for.

Di arrives at her destination. She finds Dixie standing by a window and wishes her a Merry Christmas."

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