12/19/2005 Palmer & Adam Nearly Fight

"At the still-raging party at the Chandler manse, Palmer and Adam nearly came to blows before entertainment of another sort was proferred: the video of a soused Adam tying the knot with Krystal back in Crow Hollow. Adam tried to convince the Chandler board that Palmer and Krystal were just trying to make him look incompetent in an effort to get him unseated as CEO. "I am not insane!" bellowed Adam. Krystal sent the merry-makers home. Krystal was thrown when Adam then grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

Babe warned JR that she had a shot at using the proper legal channels to regain custody of her son but told him she loved him too much to keep Little Adam away from him. Over in the nursery, a mysterious someone dressed as Santa (as Jonathan and Amanda had been previously) sneaked in to visit Little Adam... Babe questioned JR when she saw an engagement ring he'd picked out, laying on thick her jealousy at the notion of him with another woman. Babe admitted her desire to marry JR herself before heading into the nursery. JR followed her, and they were concerned when they realized that someone had given candy to the baby; JR pointed out that one of Krysal's guests was probably culpable. "Santa" observed them as they put Little Adam back down to sleep. After JR and Babe left the room, "Santa" approached the baby... Back in his room, JR confessed that while he doesn't trust Babe, he doesn't hate her, either. "Are you saying there's still hope for us?" she asked. "Santa", meanwhile, lured away the baby with a candy cane.

Jamie stopped by Tad's office seeking advice about Amanda, who he feared had inherited Janet's mental instability. Tad doubted that Amanda could pull off all the elaborate stunts that Kendall, David et al had fallen prey to. Jamie denied to Tad that he's still in love with Babe but acknowledged that he doesn't want her to get hurt. Tad advised Jamie to play Amanda in order to get to the truth.

Aidan's search for Jonathan took him to the Pine Cone, where Erin was forced to admit that she didn't know where her brother was. Lily showed up at the Lavery's motel room and baffled Erin and Aidan with this announcement: "Jonathan did it!" What she meant, as it turned out, was that Jonathan had kept his promise not to put any red items on his Christmas tree. Lily, Aidan and Erin then got a toy train up and running before Lily left.

Erica sent Josh out of her office to she could talk privately with Greg, who told Erica that he fell madly in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her. "You can't confuse a crush with love," she responded, but Greg insisted that he was indeed in love with Erica. Josh listened in via a bug he'd placed in Erica's office as Greg said that if Erica wasn't married to Jack, Greg would make a move on her. Erica stormed out; Josh entered and asked Greg if what he'd just told La Kane was true. Greg berated Josh for spying on him, told his son that he'd told Erica the truth, then warned him never to betray him again.... Erica called Tad to fill him in about her chat with Greg. Erica commanded Tad to keep digging into Greg's past, as intuition told her something wasn't adding up."

- Soap Central