12/16/2005 Ryan Tells Kendall Not To Trust Zach

"Ryan walks into the room, interrupting Kendall and Zach's discussion. Kendall tries to kick Ryan out, but he stays and voices his dislike for Zach. When Ryan tries to grab her arm to leave, Kendall backs away. Ryan tells them he heard the pair was coming to get a divorce, but the romantic setting seems to say otherwise. Ryan thinks Zach followed her to the island, but Zach followed her to make her change her mind. Now, she wonders if the divorce is right, Ryan adds. He tells her he's sorry for not understanding about the baby - he realizes she did it for Greenlee. Kendall accepts the apology and ushers Ryan out. Ryan does not want to leave Kendall alone with Zach, thinking he will suck the life out of her. Ryan tells Kendall that he threatened to kill him, which Zach confirms. Zach tells Ryan that there is nothing he can offer Kendall, unless he wants to marry her. Ryan says his reasons for seeing Kendall are not his concern. Kendall asks Zach to give her and Ryan a moment alone. Ryan gives Kendall his support, saying he will agree with whatever decision she makes. Ryan continues to harp on Zach, saying he is using her to get back at the people he hates. Ryan suggests that Zach became nice to her when the truth about the baby came out as a way to stick it to him. Zach comes back and tells Ryan to take his superhero act elsewhere. Kendall claims she can protect herself and does not need two men fighting for her attention. She walks out, but Ryan follows her.

Jamie asks a Amanda a series of questions to make sure she is sane. Once he realizes she is, he asks her why she is trying to use Josh to get revenge on Babe. Josh sticks up for Amanda, but Jamie claims he was just taking care of her, as she requested. Josh tells Jamie that Amanda was just venting about Babe and had no intentions to hurt her. Amanda admits to slamming on Babe, but brings up Babe's visit earlier that day. Amanda's behavior makes him wonder if maybe she is faking her blackouts. Jamie asks Josh since when did he become Amanda's friend - after all, wasn't he Babe's protector? Josh walks over to Jamie, as though he is going to hit him, but Amanda holds him back. Josh walks away and Jamie suggests that Amanda seek physical help from the hospital. Jamie asks why Amanda gets the blackouts, but she is not sure. Jamie said they could be stopped if the blackouts are a result from the car accident. Josh walks in and suggests that he may hurt Amanda if he gets a chance at the hospital. Amanda gets scared and walks away. Jamie scolds Josh for scaring Amanda and using her to win something for himself.

Janet tells Trevor she is going to open a Christmas present earlier, even though the gift is not from him. The present is actually from herself. Then she calls Amanda and leaves a message, claiming her present is too special to ship.

As Babe takes her son away, JR calls security to come take Jonathan away. A few parents tell JR not to wreck the visit for their children, but he yells that Santa is a murderer. A representative steps forward to remove JR from Jonathan. JR tells the man who he is, which stuns the representative. Jonathan says he didn't want to disappoint the children so he stepped in to be Santa. JR threatens to arrest Jonathan on child molestation charges, but Jonathan claims he would not do that. He just wanted to make the children happy and now, they are getting sad. Jonathan brings up the way his father used to treat him during Christmas. As JR continues to insult him, Jonathan calls him an unfit father. Security drags Jonathan away, but escapes. Babe tries to console her son, as JR threatens to fire everyone he sees if Jonathan is not found. The representative tells them that Jonathan did not harm the other children, but apologizes to Babe for the Santa mix-up. JR goes to take Little Adam out of Babe's hands, but she is hesitant because he put their son in danger. To ensure their son's safety, Babe offers to go home with JR.

At the Chandler mansion, the party continues. Winnie gets a smack on the lips from one of the guys, as Adam brings in the law. Adam starts insulting Krystal's trailer trash friends as she asks him to get in the Christmas spirit. Adam warns his wife once again to get off is property, but she reminds him that she lives there too, so she can invite whoever she wants whenever she feels like it. Adam says his men are trained in martial arts, but Krystal thinks her cowboys can take them on. After Adam does the countdown, the fists start swinging and pillow feathers begin flying. Even Winnie wraps herself around the neck of cowboy! By the end of the brawl, Adam is trying to revive people while Krystal is tending to men's wounds. Not to mention, the room is completely trashed and Winnie is making out with the mystery man. Krystal and Adam agree the party was unforgettable. Adam tells his wife he still plans to bring her down, but Krystal is not worried. Instead, she makes a phone call. The doorbell rings and Adam finds Palmer at the other side of the door. The Chandler Board of Trustees comes in next, thanks to Palmer's invitation from Krystal, to check out the party.

Babe and JR take their son home and tuck him safely in his room. JR rants on about the party, while Babe kisses her son good-night. JR and Babe go to another room to discuss what happened with Jonathan. Babe gets upset, thinking about how Jonathan terrorized Bianca and Miranda, so JR hugs her. Babe threatens to take their son away, but it seems someone else might beat her to it. A secret door opens from the baby's room and a person in a Santa suit sticks out their hand.

Bianca and Miranda show up at Myrtle's front door. A much older Miranda plays with toys as Bianca and Myrtle catch up. Bianca immediately asks how Kendall is doing."

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