10/14/2005 Erica Wants Dirt On Madden

"At the New Beginnings office, Erica thanked Josh for trying to get the truth out of Kendall, but she had decided she wanted to get all the dirt on his father. Josh showed no interest in messing up his father's life and told Erica that he wanted no part in her plan. Erica updated Josh on Kendall and Greenlee's pregnancy plot, which surprised Josh. Erica asked Josh if Greg had ever done anything similar to cross the line, but Josh told her no.

Erica pressed further, but Josh refused to help her. Josh reminded Erica that she should not threaten his job over her own personal problems. Erica insisted that she did need his help to destroy his father. Josh told Erica that he wouldn't let her control his life, like she was doing with Kendall's. Although Greg was not the world's greatest dad, he was an excellent doctor, Josh pointed out before walking out of Erica's office.

Greg was surprised to see Kendall and Greenlee waiting for him in his office. When Greenlee and Kendall told them that they thought Kendall was pregnant, Gregory simply said that he was unable to work on their case anymore. He explained that Erica was not happy with him impregnating Kendall. Greenlee said that Erica could be upset, but she could not mess up their plans because it was perfectly legal. Greg confirmed to Kendall that she was pregnant after he took his own test.

Greg interrupted Greenlee and Kendall's glee by telling them that he would not work with them unless Erica backed off. He had many clients that he could not lose because of Erica's power over the press. Kendall told Greg that she would get her mother to back off, but had no intentions of finding another doctor. Greenlee and Kendall left the office, ready to trample over Erica to keep Greg's reputation in society very high.

Di told Little Adam how lucky he was to be a part of the Chandler family, but JR overheard her say that she was scared she would lose him. JR thought that Di was scared that if she moved in with Tad, JR would get mad and not let her see his son. When Di asked him if he would do that, JR admitted that he hated Tad for letting him think his son was dead. Di tried to defend Tad, but JR told her that he hated having a parent who lied. "But hey," JR said, at least he could trust her.

JR gave his blessing if Di and Tad wanted to remarry. Di told JR that she had not been honest with Tad, and because of it, he was upset. Besides not admitting that she had known Garret, there were other things she had lied about to protect him and JR, Di explained. Jamie walked over with a gift for Little Adam, but JR was displeased with the miniature football. JR put down Tad in front of Jamie then mentioned the baby-snatching ordeal. Di asked the brothers to stay put and returned with a plate stacked high with Dixie's famous chocolate chip cookies. JR started chomping them down with Jamie as Di looked on with a smile.

Julia slept restlessly in her hotel room. She dreamed that as she continued to shoot Garret, he got up and tried to attack her. When Anita went over to touch Julia, Julia threw her against the dresser and mirror out of fright. Julia immediately got up and checked on Anita, just as Tad walked in. Anita seemed fine, so she left Julia alone with Tad.

Tad asked how Julia was, then immediately asked about the time she had spent with Di. Julia realized that Tad knew who Di really was and admitted she knew the entire story. Julia told Tad that she would not put Di down because thanks to her, Julia had gotten her life back. Di had even been ready to lose her dream life to save Julia, Julia said. Tad was not as forgiving, explaining that he had thought the love of his life was back.

Tad told Julia that he was not going to keep Di's secret, but Julia doubted it because he would have spilled already. Julia tried to make Tad realize how Di had improved their family -- and that alone was not worth destroying. She also told him that she understood wanting a life so badly that giving everything up was worth it, just like Di had. Julia said that even Dixie would have preferred someone who drew the family all together rather than apart. She even questioned if Tad wanted to tell the truth just to get revenge on Di. Tad asked Julia how she would feel if Noah turned out to be a fake, trying to make her see that he was not out seeking revenge.

Erica called Tad to ask him to investigate Greg, but was interrupted when Kendall and Greenlee walked in. They told Erica that Kendall was pregnant with Greenlee and Ryan's baby. Erica was shocked, but pretended to be happy for them, although Kendall caught on to her act. Greenlee and Kendall warned Erica that if she did not back off Greg, they would not let her see the child, and it would ruin the relationship Erica had with Kendall.

Josh went to see his father and overheard him talking to one of the nurses, Hazel. Hazel told Greg that she had warned him to stay away from Kendall, but he had not listened and because of it, everything could blow up.

Tad went to see Di as Jamie and JR finished off the cookies. Tad told Di that he had decided he would not tell the family who she really was -- she would.

On the rooftop of Fusion, Mimi went to see Danielle and tried to make amends. Mimi told her daughter that she should have believed Danielle when Danielle warned her about Garret's true intentions. Danielle started to walk away, but Mimi stopped her and asked for Danielle to forgive her. She also added that she had been suspended and was being investigated by internal affairs. Mimi admitted that she couldn't care less about her job. She was upset at herself for choosing a man over her own daughter.

Danielle said that her mother's decisions did not matter anymore, since Garret was dead. Danielle told her mother that she thought Mimi was really sorry, but did not understand the hurt that Mimi had put her through. Mimi promised to never make the mistake of not believing her daughter again, but Danielle warned her mother not to make promises that she couldn't keep. Mimi told Danielle that after Derek yelled at her, he and Mimi had agreed it was best for her to live in Pine Valley. Danielle sniped that she would not have seriously moved back with Mimi.

Mimi told Danielle that she hoped they could be friends one day and wanted to keep in touch. She kissed Danielle on the forehead and told her goodbye. Before Mimi made it to the door, Danielle called her back. They shared a hug and said, "I love you.""

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