10/12/2005 Brooke Tells Adam He Deserves Krystal

"Zach took Julia to a safe house until all of Garret's associates were no longer a threat to her. Julia took in her plush surroundings and started talking to Zach about the way she had treated Zach during the previous few weeks. As Zach was about to leave, Julia made a surprising confession. She told Zach that she had not killed Garret in self-defense. She'd had the choice to let him live.

Later, after Julia freshened up, she took advantage of the buffet Zach had arranged for her. As Julia helped herself to some food, Julia began to tell him about what had happened with Garret. Zach asked Julia if she had any regrets. Julia thought about it for a moment and admitted that she was at peace with what she had done. Julia received a surprise when Zach went to open the door, and Anita and Sam rushed in. He stepped out of the room while the family enjoyed their reunion. Julia was filled with joy as she realized that she no longer had to hide who she was from the world.

Zach arrived home but, instead of going into his place, he decided to knock at Kendall's door. When Kendall opened her front door, Zach told her that the bad guys were gone and he was not dead. Kendall threw her arms around him in relief.

Derek and Livia broke the news of Garret's death to Dani. Dani was shocked as they gently explained things to her, outlining Garret's criminal past and what had recently transpired with Julia. They also told her the disturbing discovery made at Garret's after the shooting. The police had found a photo album filled with pictures of young girls, including a few of Dani on the last page. It was clear, based on the pictures, what Garret's intentions toward Dani had been.

Derek and Livia told Dani that she had been right about Garret all along. Dani was relieved but also deeply hurt that Mimi, her own mother, had chosen the word of her boyfriend over the word of her daughter. Derek and Livia didn't attempt to make excuses for Mimi. Instead, they focused on Dani and how proud they were of her. When Dani asked where Mimi was, Livia explained that she was being questioned about the case and her role in things. After Livia gathered her things so that she could join Mimi, Derek reassured Dani that he had no intention of leaving her alone.

Everyone was gathering at the Chandler mansion to await Dixie's arrival. When Babe arrived, JR was less than happy to see her and didn't mince words letting her know. Krystal quickly ushered Babe away so that they wouldn't interfere with the family reunion. Shortly afterwards, Brooke joined the family, closely followed by Tad and Di. Di was quick to reassure everyone that she was fine and apologized profusely for worrying all of them. She answered several questions about her harrowing experience but was still visibly overwhelmed by everything.

As Di talked about secrets, she became quite distressed and ran out to the patio for a moment to compose herself. While she was sitting out there, Stuart walked up. He was greatly relieved to see that Di was unharmed. He also handed her the letter he'd been holding for her. When Del joined them, Stuart made his excuses and left. Di agonized over whether or not to tell the family the truth about who she really was, but Del convinced her to keep her secret. He took the letter from her and burned it before taking her inside to show her how she had affected the family.

Inside the house, JR took a moment to speak privately with Tad. He thanked Tad for helping to return Di home. Tad used to the opportunity to remind JR that JR, Jamie, and Dixie were the most important people in the world to Tad. Later, JR led Little Adam down, and in a moment of tenderness, offered Jamie the chance to hold Little Adam. Jamie accepted, and the three of them spent some time together by the sofa. Di walked in with Del and witnessed the brothers playing with Little Adam. Di was deeply moved.

Elsewhere, Brooke talked to Adam. She told him that she knew of his marriage to Krystal and thought that he had finally found the woman that he so richly deserved. Adam did not appreciate her parting shot of "Yeehaw, Mr. Krystal Carey.". A few minutes later, Brooke tried to help Tad sort through his feelings about Dixie and advised him to speak to Dixie about his concerns.

Upstairs, Krystal and Babe went back and forth about telling everyone the truth regarding Dixie's true identity. Krystal had doubts over whether or not telling everyone that Di wasn't Dixie would truly be the best thing. Babe felt that Tad loved Dixie, not Di.

Di became quite emotional seeing Jamie and JR together. She told JR how happy she was to see the three of them together. JR responded by sharing with Di what he had gone through when she was missing. He had realized that he wanted to be the man that she could be proud of. Di tearfully told him that she was proud of him. After a heartfelt hug, Di turned to everyone in the room and once again apologized for keeping them in the dark about what was going on. She thanked them all for forgiving her and letting her back into their lives.

Just then, Krystal and Babe entered. Babe stared transfixed at Jamie, who was still holding Little Adam, while Di did her best to make them feel welcome. Visibly shocked and somewhat uncomfortable, Babe and Krystal quickly made their excuses and left the party. They returned upstairs and immediately shared their impressions from the gathering downstairs. Both realized that Di sincerely loved the family and would make any sacrifice necessary for them, and vice versa. They questioned how they could reveal the truth under those circumstances.

Di found Tad outside on the back patio, after he stepped out for a breath of fresh air. She told him that they could all be happy since all the secrets were behind them. Tad turned to Di and asked her if that included the secret that she was not Dixie, but her half-sister, Di. Di was stunned."

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