06/06/2005 Greenlee Goes To The Fertility Clinic

"Amanda lustily watched Aidan stretch on the beach. She asked him to take pictures of her for her sick mother. Aidan was more than happy to oblige. She offered to buy him a soda, but he left for his jog. Later, Amanda saw him returning and ran into the water and pretended to be drowning. Aidan rescued her, and as he began CPR, she began a passionate kiss.

Jack and Erica were back home, and Erica wanted to keep the yacht compass as a souvenir of their honeymoon. Jack accosted the man he'd noticed staring at Erica in Charleston, who was at the Pine Valley Yacht Club. Jack later apologized, after realizing the man lived in Pine Valley and was a member of the yacht club. The stranger was gallant and not offended. Erica was certain she had met him before.

Later, Erica complained about the complications of true north vs. magnetic north, and Jack offered her true love as the only navigation she needed. He gave her a new cell phone, and she promised to not interfere and to wait for Kendall to call her.

Kendall and JR kissed, and she guessed it was a "kiss the generous married woman" kiss. They argued about Chandler Enterprises, and JR grew threatening when he realized Kendall couldn't get it back for him. JR was desperate to save Chandler Enterprises. Zach showed up, and JR belittled him for giving up on taking over Cambias, suggesting he reinstate the lawsuit.

Kendall suggested she and Zach had better things to do than go after Ethan. JR vowed to be there to blow Ethan away, right after Ethan blew Zach away. Kendall was very begrudgingly grateful to Zach for his timing and for saving her. Zach had papers for her signature, but she laid down her own marriage ground rules for him, asking him not to interfere in her life. Erica overheard that and ran up, gushing with pride that Kendall had stood up to him. Zach proudly announced their marriage, and Erica was not amused.

Babe went home, and Jamie was nervous about talking about Amanda's visit. He asked if she was really as happy as she pretended to be. She insisted she was, and Jamie promised to give her the life she deserved. Babe wondered what had happened to make him question things, and he suggested they get married right away. She refused, saying she wanted to wait the six months they'd already agreed on.

Maria talked to Ryan at the hospital about his procedure. Ryan thanked her for whatever she had said that had made Greenlee still believe in a future with him. Maria confirmed his procedure had been a success and asked why he'd had it done. She wondered if it was because of Edmund. Ryan complained about his genes and fears of the future. Maria told him she admired his decision. They bonded and hugged. Later, Jack went to see Ryan at home, and Ryan blew up at him, saying he'd taken care of Jack's concerns about Greenlee.

Greenlee was at the fertility clinic, insisting that Ryan's little swimmers be defrosted immediately and placed inside her. The clinic staff asked for her obstetrician's name and referral. Greenlee stonewalled, so the staff suggested she just find her husband and make it easy. Greenlee pulled out cash to bribe the staff and was eventually asked to leave. In all the commotion, the clinic owner, Dr Madden, arrived to investigate. He was the same man that Jack and Erica had seen at the Yacht Club.

Dr. Madden took Greenlee into his office, and she confided in him. He concluded she wanted the baby for the most unselfish reasons. She was thrilled, but less so when he suggested Ryan should be there to agree. His interest seemed piqued when she mentioned her family and Erica Kane being her new stepmother. He insisted on Ryan's signature in order to do the procedure she wanted and to avoid litigation.

Greenlee went to the Fusion office to enlist Simone in her plan. Simone agreed to be her puppet, as long as Greenlee continued to post bail as needed. She was less enthused when Greenlee said they were going to steal Ryan's sperm."

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