06/02/2005 Babe Visits Krystal In Jail

"At their apartment, Babe and Jamie talk about how hard times are financially. They have but a minute to wallow in self-pity before they hear a knock at the door. They weren't expecting company, so they are perplexed at who might be on the other side. Babe runs to the door and is pleased when she sees that Amanda has come to visit. Her excitement shoots out of the stratosphere when she sees that Amanda is accompanied by Little Adam. While Babe is ecstatic that she gets some illicit time with her son, Jamie immediately worries that Babe will lose her rights. Amanda fills them in about Di being at the hospital, and JR being there to see to her care. She also tells them that while JR left Little Adam with Winifred, she offered to take him to the park and decided to stop by on the way. She lays on the compliments by saying that having JR as the center of his son's world is a bad thing, and that Little Adam needed a positive role model. Both she and Babe heartily agree that Jamie is exactly what Little Adam needs. Soaking it up, Jamie finally relaxes a little and grabs the little boy he calls "son" in a loving embrace. Jamie and Little Adam quickly settle down on the floor to play, and Babe thanks Amanda effusively for visiting. Amanda insists that it was no big deal and that she was only doing what she knew to be right. Her feelings are confirmed when she witnesses the joy on their faces. Moments later, Babe's look turns to one of frustrated sadness. Amanda asks if she had come over at a bad time. Babe tells her that her timing was fine - but that today is the day that she planned to visit her mother in prison. Amanda tries to apologize for making her choose between her mother and her son, but Babe won't have any of that. She says goodbye to her boys, thanks her new BFF one more time, and takes off.

After playing with Little Adam for a while, Amanda asks how Jamie makes it through each day without seeing his son. Jamie admits that if it weren't for Babe, he probably would have gone out of his mind a long time ago. He tells her that he can handle just about anything as long as he and Babe stick together. Amanda takes this opening to find out just what kinds of things could still push him over the edge. Initially cryptic, Jamie says that Amanda could accomplish that feat. When she asks for details, he tells her that he's been putting up with the torture JR has been dishing out and it really isn't a big deal to him anymore, but it trips his trigger when JR goes after women. Amanda insists that she can handle JR, but Jamie tells her that he has heard that line far too many times. Amanda tells him that she hates how JR has him all worked up, and that he should be living a much better life, saving lives instead of bike parts. Jamie, content with his station in life, tells her it could be worse. Just then, a light bulb appears over her head, and Amanda asks if Jamie would take her up on an offer that would give him what he wanted and give JR what he deserved. Jamie tells her he is definitely interested. Amanda thinks her plan is foolproof, so Jamie asks what he has to do. She tells him to break up with Babe and go out with her.

At the hospital, JR comes out of the elevator and sees David with his cleaning cart. They engage in a brief verbal altercation before JR blows his ex father-in-law off. He spots Anita entering the area, and asks her how Diana is faring. David, always one for listening in, shows more concern than JR likes by asking why she had been admitted. Glaring, he asks David how he knows the nanny and why he cares about her. David heads him off at the pass by saying that he is concerned for Little Adam's health. Anita quickly assures him that Di isn't suffering from anything contagious, but refuses to divulge anymore information. JR then intervenes and tells David to leave them alone. Anita updates JR and then directs him to Di's room. JR leaves and Anita goes behind the counter. David tries to sneak a peek at Di's chart but to no avail. Anita tells David that if he gets Di's permission, she will tell him anything he wants to know. A short time later, David finds an unattended cart in the hall with medical charts on it. He finds one for Di, and quickly reads the notes, shocked at what he sees.

In her room, Diana lies sleeping as Tad enters. He calls her Dixie, and her eyes flutter open. As consciousness dawns on her, she sounds agitated as she asks exactly where she is, how she got there and where her boss is. Tad calmly offers answers to her questions, and then, while continuing to call her Dixie, tells her that everyone is worried about her. She insists that she will be fine, but is irritated by the use of his dead wife's name. In true PI style, Tad slowly tries to chip away at her perceived deception, revealing that he knows about her infection and the fact that she has one kidney. She tells him that she should be called by her name - but Tad assures her that Diana Cole is not who she really is. She briefly tries to blow him off, but Tad is not so easily discouraged. He fills her in on what he had planned to say before she passed out - that he found the real Diana Cole in Germany, and ascertained that she was the one that worked in Philadelphia as a nanny for 15 years. The question now, Tad says, is why the woman in front of him used Diana Cole's information to get the job she has, and who she really is. Di tells him that she isn't sure where to start, so Tad takes over and asks her an endless string of questions (related to the searching that he has been doing over the past couple of weeks) that could all be summed up with "Are you Dixie?" His quandary is that if she is Dixie, his heart is screaming out to grab hold of her and never let her go...but his head doesn't want to believe it. Rationally, he wouldn't be able to understand why, if she was Dixie, she would sneak back into their lives and let them believe she was still dead. Di silently sheds tears while Tad continues to badger her. Just as he leans over the bed to show how serious and intense he is, JR bursts into the room, pulls Tad back and demands to know what he really wants from Di. In the middle of his rant, Di tells JR that she is simply trying to ease Tad's mind. JR turns then, and eyes still flashing with anger, demands to know what is going on between her and Tad. Tad asks if she wants to be the one to tell JR, or if she wants him to do it. Di remains silent so Tad prepares to step up. However, before he can get a word out, Di finally finds her voice and tells JR that what Tad is doing is out of love for him, and for Dixie. JR doesn't get it, especially since he believes Tad stopped loving him a long time ago. Di refutes that, saying that Tad wouldn't be there if he didn't care. She then says that Tad may very well be questioning her because he wants to make sure JR doesn't get hurt, and follows by saying there are some things Tad doesn't know. The basis is that they (Tad and Di) are both headed for the same goal but have different methods. She asks to be alone with JR, but before either man can make a move, Anita comes in to take some blood for lab work. Before leaving, Tad tells JR that he really does care, but JR is unmoved. Tad looks upon his son one more time and then leaves the room. Anita finishes some preliminary things, and then asks Di to wrap up her visit with JR so that she can do some additional testing in private. When Anita leaves, JR apologizes for being so harsh, and admits that he already misses having her around the house, as does his son. Di is heartened to hear his words. Despite his heartfelt admission, JR insists on knowing what is really going on with her and Tad. Di tells him that she believes Tad is worried. Initially, JR wants to know why, as he can't seem to think of any good reason to be worried. Then, he looks at Di's face and asks whether Tad is falling for her. She tries to protest, but JR refuses to let the idea go. He can tell there is something she is keeping from him and demands to know if she and Tad have a past. After a moment, Diana admits that they did know each other before she moved into the Chandler mansion. Upon hearing that, JR immediately assumes that Di was a plant and he fell straight into their trap. Di quickly corrects JR, saying that he doesn't have to believe her, but she was never Tad's spy. She just knew from the moment that she walked into the Chandler house that she belonged there. She tells JR that any connection that she and Tad had was strictly in the past. JR responds by telling her that he needs to be informed of any and all connections that she had to Tad, regardless of when they took place. Di agrees, but she asks him not to push, saying that he will know everything in time. Anita comes in again at that moment and tells JR that he needs to go so that she can do her tests and Di can rest. JR relents and goes to leave the room, solidifying her promise to fill him in later.

At Wildwind, Maria chases after Maddie, trying to find out who she'd been talking to online. In typical teenage style, Maddie rudely informs her mother that she has a right to a private life, safe from the eyes of her mother. She storms off indignantly and leaves Maria utterly confused. Just then, Sam comes into the living room and suggests that she pack Maddie up and ship her off to California, while leaving him behind. Maria counters by saying that they won't be moving unless it's as an entire family, and Sam responds that they had better get used to life in Pine Valley because he refuses to leave. Abandoning that fight for the moment, she asks her son if he knows who Maddie was talking to online. In return, she gets nothing but smart remarks and so she leaves the living room to head back upstairs for round 2. The doorbell rings, and Sam goes to answer it. His sour expression turns sunny when he finds Lily on the other side. After Sam delivers a welcome home kiss that Lily asks for, he lets her in and they go to the living room to talk. In her unique way, she describes the trip down to Florida, the wedding and everything after. She wraps up her tale by saying that Zach is no longer a bad man, and Sam's expression immediately darkens. He asks for more details, his mood worsening with every passing moment. Maria descends the stairs and overhears the conversation. When she enters the living room, Sam explodes and asks her when Zach will stop messing with their life. Angry, he runs out of the room so as not to upset Lily anymore, and leaves her with his mom, looking puzzled. Maria asks if Lily is okay, and Lily tells her she believes she just lost another boyfriend. She is distressed because she is blaming herself for making Sam mad. Maria gently tries to explain to her that it isn't her fault - rather, Sam is just hurting inside over things that have to do with Zach, not her. Lily then relates that Sam told her that every word out of Zach's mouth is a lie, and that she can't believe that is true. She goes on to tell Maria that her father said that family can be trusted not to lie to you. Amused, Maria tells her that while Jack is right, Zach isn't part of her family. Lily corrects her and informs Maria that since Jack married Erica, Kendall is her new sister...and since Kendall married Zach, he is her new brother-in-law. Seeing Maria's downcast face, Lily starts to apologize again, thinking that she made Maria mad by telling her the new developments in her family. Maria quickly dismisses her need to apologize, simply saying that she is surprised, not angry. Maddie descends the same stairs her mother did a short time before, and hears Lily tells her mother that she thought everyone would be happy that Zach wouldn't a bad man and hurt their family anymore. Maria notes that while Zach's admission was a good thing, she felt he was being too hard on himself. She tells Lily that everyone makes mistakes, but that Zach was never truly bad. Lily tells Maria that she must know Zach better than anyone, and Maria agrees. To the distress of her daughter, Maria announces that Zach is a very good person.

At the jail, Babe and Krystal catch up, with Babe telling stories about her son. In the middle of their talk, Babe spaces out until her momma calls her attention back to the present. She asks her daughter what's going on, and Babe tells her that she was thinking about Jamie, and how she hadn't seen the kind of joy that Little Adam puts on his face in a long while. Krystal notes that it only makes sense that Jamie is happy when he's with his family, but Babe admits to having lingering guilt that he chose her over the money. Krystal tells her that she wouldn't want to be with Jamie if he had placed the importance of money over the importance of love. Babe agrees, but she is still upset that she is keeping him from his dream. Krystal reminds Babe that she is the dream that matters, and that she needs to focus on keeping him happy. Negative thinking will take a toll on their relationship, and neither of them wants that. Then, they switch topics and talk some about Di. Babe is forced to admit that Di isn't as bad as she once thought, and that she does take good care of her son. Krystal is grateful that her grandson finally seems to have some stability. Shifting gears again, Krystal asks what Amanda is like. Babe breaks out into a smile and immediately begins extolling Amanda's virtues. She further expresses gratitude for the risk Amanda took in bringing her son over, and says that with him there, she felt like she had a real family again. Krystal strongly reminds her that even though they don't get equal amounts of time with Little Adam, the three of them (Jamie, Babe and Little Adam) will always have a bond that JR can't break. Babe admits that her momma is right, and follows by saying that she truly is grateful and believes Amanda would do just about anything for her and Jamie. Babe also loves that Amanda can fill her in on all of the things that she misses by not living at the Chandler estate. Finally, Babe breaks out the pictures of her son, much to Krystal's delight.

Outside of Di's room, Anita leaves her cart that holds, among other things, several vials of blood. While Anita is ensconced in a patient's room, Tad approaches the cart, finds Di's vial and plans to make off with it. His father witnessed the theft and stops him before he gets too far. Tad tells Joe that he needs to find a way to either confirm or deny his suspicions about Di, but Joe refuses to let him do so dishonestly. He asks his son if he ever thought of just asking her directly, and Tad admits that he did but that she didn't give him an answer. Joe then asks if JR is aware of Tad's thoughts, and Tad tells him that he refuses to involve JR until he is absolutely sure. Joe advises him that his best bet is to get Diana's permission and go from there. Tad acquiesces, and then muses aloud about how the thought that Dixie may be alive should make this the happiest day of his life and yet...he's miserable. Joe knows why his son feels that way - because if Dixie is alive, what are her reasons for passing herself off as someone else? Tad says that for as torn up as he is, if Dixie really is alive, JR would be destroyed. They take a walk down the hall and Joe advises Tad to tell JR what is going on. Tad admits that he isn't certain how to do that, but Joe knows his son will think of a way. He stresses the importance because an imposter should not be taking care of JR's son. Tad reminds him that it could be Dixie, and Joe thinks on that for a moment. He then says that if Di really is Dixie, they need to ascertain why she has been hiding her true identity, and then be grateful for the miracle she is. Before they can debate the issue any further, Sam comes tearing around the corner and into their midst. He declares that he is never going back to Wildwind and insists that he be allowed to live with Tad.

Shortly thereafter, Joe and Tad walk with Sam out into the main reception area. Joe tries to reason with Sam but to no avail. Sam turns to Tad and asks him one final time if he can move in with him. Tad reminds him that they talked about it before and how it wasn't a solution to his problems. Sam starts to take off, determined to strike out on his own but Joe tries to stop him. Knowing that Joe doesn't want him either, Sam politely declines any requests to talk things out further and leaves, with Joe right on his heels. Tad isn't alone for long though, as JR emerges from a side door and makes a beeline for his former stepfather. He demands to know the secret that Tad shares with Diana, and Tad agrees that it's about time he was let in. He finally admits to JR that he thinks Di might be Dixie.

After everyone has gone, Di is able to rest for a while before being disturbed again. She feels someone staring at her, and her eyes flutter open. She sees David standing at her bedside. He asks her what he'd done by involving her in his plans. He thought he was playing Tad, but now he believes he might have been the one being played. He then asks if she's really Dixie."

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