05/26/2005 Erica & Jack Toast To Their Happiness

"Tad and Aidan have flown over to Germany to meet with the woman who is supposedly the real Diana Cole. Tad is nervous, wondering what the fallout will be from whatever this woman says. If this woman is the real thing, who is the person using her résumé in Pine Valley? Is she the Jane Doe brought to the clinic for major facial reconstruction after the car accident? Could she be Dixie? Aidan tries to keep Tad calm, noting that it does no good to field the questions without more to go on. Just then, a woman introducing herself as Diana Cole comes into the room, and Tad and Aidan are on the job. After the ascertain that she is the woman they are looking for, they inform her that they want to ask a few questions about the Jane Doe that was admitted while she was working there. She gives them a basic description of the patient, making sure to note that she had a hint of a Southern accent. They finally sit down and continue the questioning. The woman doesn't have a whole lot of information to offer because she and the rest of the staff were certain that Jane didn't remember much. Tad then asks if she had been able to befriend the patient, and Diana says that they only got a chance to sit down and talk once - about 6 months ago. She explains that she shared some of the basics about her life, but when she got to the part about working as a nanny for 15 years, Jane seemed really interested and asked for pictures and all manner of details. Tad then asked if the patient had any children of her own. Diana tells him that she asked about it, and the patient was very sad for a moment. Then, Diana relates, the woman told her that she'd lost a baby once. Diana mentions that the circumstances were vague, but that she believes the death of the baby had to do with kidney or heart problems. Taken slightly aback, Tad turns to Aidan and notes that the pieces would fit if Jane Doe really was Dixie. Diana asks if they know who the mysterious woman is, and they admit that they might. Then, they ask if the woman left any word as to where she was headed for in the states. Diana admits that she has no information on that front, but tells them that Jane Doe was headed for a hotel in London called The Garvin before heading back overseas. She also tells them that the woman called herself Di. The detectives realize this could be a possible lead, and thank Ms. Cole for her time. After she leaves the room, Tad and Aidan run through a few scenarios to explain what they know. The bottom line is that if they just spoke to the real Diana Cole, there were a lot of unanswered questions. Tad admits that he is worried because she is taking care of Little Adam and it's possible that no one knows who she really is.

A short time later, Aidan and Tad come back to the room, having hit a brick wall with trying to access Jane Doe's records. Frustrated, Tad prepares to fly back to the states so that he can question the woman calling herself Di Cole. Aidan reminds him that there is another lead in London, and that it would probably be a good idea to check that out before going back stateside. Tad agrees, but thinks he can handle things on his own. Aidan refuses to leave, saying that Tad needs someone who is not as emotionally invested with him to keep him on the right track. Agreeing, they head out, preparing to go to London. They leave the room, and moments later David comes in. After briefly checking out the room, he waves "Diana Cole" back in and pays her for a job well done. She isn't sure what she did, having only agreed to be involved because her old boss from Philadelphia said it was important. David simply tells her that she did a good deed that will allow mother and child to be reunited.

JR is at the Roadside Bar, giving Babe a hard time about being a danger to their son. He's talking trash about where she lives with Jamie when Babe spots Di walking in. She comes out from behind the bar, approaches Di and demands to know who is taking care of Little Adam while she is out cruising bars. Di explains that Little Adam is with Marian and Stuart, and that she has the night off. Babe still thinks it's shady that the nanny would be in a dive bar at all, but Di ignores the jab and asks for a diet soda. JR, who had been watching their interaction, sends Babe on her way and takes a seat at Di's table. He assumes that she was looking for him, but she quickly corrects him and admits that she came to the bar to talk to Babe. However, because JR views Babe as the enemy, he tells Di that she isn't allowed to talk to his ex. Moments later, Babe brings her a drink and then leaves them to talk. Di tells her boss that she is free to talk to whomever she wishes. JR tries to strong arm her by threatening her with termination, but Di doesn't flinch. She explains that after hearing how he hated his childhood because his parents always fought, she knew that she had to do something to make things better for Little Adam. She feels that if she can convince Babe that her son is safe in her hands, she will stop causing so many problems and JR would be able to relax. JR finally gives in and stops protesting her methods. She tells him that she is sorry that his mother can't be with him in times like this, but that she was going to do everything in her power to make sure both he and his son are protected and taken care of with regard to Babe. She tells him to go home, and he obliges. As soon as he leaves, Babe brings a plate of wings over and asks Di what her angle is. Di tells her that she is JR's friend, and that she wants to be Babe's friend too. She figures that Babe needs an advocate within the Chandler walls and is willing to take on that roll. Understandably, Babe is suspicious and lays out all of her very valid concerns on the table, but Di assures her that she's not trying to hurt her or take away everything that she loves. Di explains that Babe needs to take responsibility for why JR acts the way he does. She reminds Babe that JR holds his son so close and guards him so rabidly because of what she did. Angered, Babe points out that JR never gives her or Jamie a break because he's so wrapped up in his anger. Di simply tells her that Babe needs to choose her battles. Stop instigating things with JR, and believe that Di is really only trying to help her out. She tells Babe that for the sake of Little Adam, she wants peace in the house, and that can only happen if Babe stops battling JR. Babe weakly protests, believing that she is simply fighting for son. Di points out that even though she is that baby's mother, she isn't taking care of him - and that Di is the only hope she has.

Amanda continues to try to pull the wool over Jamie's eyes at the apartment. She makes her first attempt at trying to weasel her way in by saying that she doesn't have many things and she doesn't take up much space. Jamie is completely oblivious as he suggests Myrtle's boarding house. Amanda vetoes that idea, saying that she didn't feel comfortable staying with someone who knew her mother's crazy act firsthand. He asks her how she left things with JR, and she confesses to "giving in" to JR's demands and agreeing to take his side. Jamie doesn't blame her, noting that staying out of jail is always a good thing. He assures her that he isn't going to stop being her friend because of it, noting that he knows all about doing what you have to do to survive. He tells her he wishes he had the money to help her out, and Amanda takes this chance to talk briefly about how she heard Jamie turned down his inheritance, and a chance at a better life. Jamie tells Amanda that his inheritance was a bribe and a trap and he refused to fall for it. Amanda is amazed that he was able to turn it down, and asked how it was possible. Jamie freely admits that he did it all for the woman that he loves. Pretending to be interested, Amanda asks Jamie to tell her everything about the love of his life. He tells her about a few quirks, and then says that the bottom line is with Babe - what you see is what you get, and because of that, you can't help but love her. Amanda admits that she wants something like that someday, as long as she can keep the real her away from JR. Jamie tells her that if things ever get too rough with JR she is always welcome at their place. They hug and seal the deal.

Erica and Jack return to the cabin after their first meal as husband and wife. They reminisce briefly about everything at the wedding, and then Jack silences her with kiss. Erica breaks off the kiss when she hears a bump, but because he didn't hear it, Jack dismisses it. Instead, he pours some bubbly and they toast to their happiness and the happiness of their children. Jack then sits the glasses on the table and murmurs more loving words at his new bride. They start to kiss again when the second bump is heard, this time by both parties. They edge over to the side of the room where the window seat is located. Jack slowly opens the seat and finds his youngest daughter stashed inside. Lily tells the newlyweds that she came on board to give them a piece of wedding cake (she noticed that they had been to busy to have one while on shore). The boat sailed before she could get back off the boat, and she was afraid they would be angry with her. They assure her that they aren't, and that everything would be fine.

Jack leaves to try to find some help with regard to getting Lily back to shore, providing Erica and Lily have a few moments to chat as mother and daughter. Lily asks about aphrodisiacs, saying that she heard the word at the reception, in reference to the oysters. Uncomfortable, Erica tries to explain what it means. She gives Lily a vague idea but realizes that she took the wrong tack when Lily wants to use them to kiss her boyfriend more. To Erica's delight, Jack comes back before things can get any worse. He has Reggie in tow, who had arrived moments earlier on a smaller boat from the resort. After Reggie gets a better hold on his sea legs, he prepares to take his sister back to shore. Before they go, Erica and Jack remind them again how glad they were to have all of the kids at the wedding, and how proud they are to be a family. Once the kids are finally gone and headed back to the resort, Jack and Erica finally have the opportunity to really celebrate. Erica dims the lights, and they murmur more promises of a life to be well lived.

Maria arrives at Ryan and Greenlee's apartment, and after Ryan answers the door, she asks if she is too late to save their friendship. Ryan assures her that it's not, and they talk briefly about what Maria might need to do to get her family through the rough times. She tells him that she had no right to say the things that she said at the banquet - regardless of the pain she was in. She equates herself with Jonathan, but Ryan begs her not to, because she isn't sick like his brother was. She asks his advice on how to help her kids but Ryan thinks he is the wrong guy to ask, since the help he offered his family killed her husband and both of his brothers.

Greenlee confronts Kendall about another dig that she let slip regarding her marriage to Ryan. Once again, Kendall blows it off as just something she said to get Greenlee out of her face. She then launches into a mini tirade about how sick to death she is about Greenlee's constant commentary on her wonderful marriage with Ryan. She announces that she is married to Zach and will stay that way, and that Greenlee needs to find a way to deal with it.

Ethan confirms Zach's offer: Zach will annul his marriage to Kendall if Ethan signs over his share of Cambias. Zach says that Kendall only married for business and revenge and that she truly loves Ethan. He informs his son that the wise choice would be to take the offer. Ethan claims that his feelings for Kendall have changed, now that he knows what she is capable of, and tells his father to keep her. Zach blocks Ethan from leaving, each time urging him to abandon his anger and embrace the woman he loves. After the third time, Ethan has had enough and punches his father in the jaw.

Not swayed so easily, Greenlee wants to know the secret that Kendall is keeping. In an attempt to derail her line of questioning while assuaging the mounting tension, Kendall says that she is exhausted and can't imagine that Greenlee doesn't feel the same. Greenlee ignores her ploy and keeps inquiring as to what she knows. Kendall urges her to back off because there is nothing to know but Greenlee doesn't give in. She offers to help Kendall pack amid protests and says that she will leave when Kendall tells her the truth. She reminds Kendall that she walked in on her and Ryan talking at the apartment, and that she knew something was going on. Kendall tries to assure her that she and Ryan don't have a tight relationship, and there is no possible way that she would know something that Greenlee was oblivious to. Greenlee then asks if it had something to do with Ryan's doctor. Kendall begs her again to let it go, but Greenlee ignores her, asking if Ryan had stopped going to the appointments. Before they could start another round, they hear a loud banging outside the window. They run out the balcony and they see Zach and Ethan fighting. They run through the room and downstairs to try to break up the fight.

Ethan rages at his father, throwing punches and screaming. Zach, refusing to fight back, simply absorbs the punches. Ethan lands one more that sends Zach to the floor, and then he turns around and grabs a chair. Kendall and Greenlee arrive just as Ethan is preparing to shove a shard from the now broken chair into his father. Kendall screams at Ethan to stop - telling him that he doesn't want to kill his father because that's not who he is. This fuels his rage, and he roars back that as Mrs. Slater, she couldn't possibly know him. Greenlee offers to get security but Kendall stops her, believing that she can end the altercation on her own. She verbally battles with Ethan, trying to knock his anger down a couple of notches so that he could regain some control. Her words finally sink in and he releases his grip on his father. Then, Kendall demands that she be left alone with Ethan.

Before Ryan and Maria can delve further into the subject at hand, the phone rings. Ryan excuses himself to retrieve the phone. Greenlee, who went back up to Kendall's room, is on the other end and they talk for a moment about how they miss and love each other. Then Greenlee asks how everything is at home, and how his doctor's appointments are going. Ryan sidesteps the question, asking instead about Bianca and if she is taking pictures. Slightly put off by his avoidance, Greenlee lets it go and they say their goodbyes. Settling back in after the phone call, Maria starts up again about how her kids have to come first and what she has done and still needs to do to make sure they know that. The biggest thing was getting Zach out of her life, and Ryan thinks that it's a pretty big feat to accomplish. Maria informs him that it's already done, and that any mistakes he makes from here on out will not involve her. Ryan then tells her that in working on his own life, he had to put the grief behind him and focus on his future with Greenlee. He tells her that he is taking charge of things in his life to guarantee that things will be much better from here on out, and he feels that Maria needs to do that as well. She thanks him, telling him that he has given her a lot of hope. A short time later, Ryan shows her to the door and tells her that they will both make it to the other side. Encouraged, they hug and Maria takes her leave. Ryan shuts the door, turns around and is greeted by the specter of his brother. Jonathan tells him that his words to Maria were very kind and sweet, but that they both know those words mean nothing when it comes to them. Jonathan reminds his big brother that he will never get away from the horror of his family.

Kendall reminds Ethan that he forgave her for sleeping with JR, and how that incident was so much bigger than her marriage to Zach (which she thinks of as just a few words in front of a judge). Ethan in turn reminds her that those words amount to a legally binding contract, making her and Zach husband and wife. Kendall first asks where Ethan was with the signed papers before, noting that if he hadn't taken so long to do what she asked, they would still be together. Ethan is furious that Kendall seems to be blaming the current situation on him, but she stops him before he loses control again. She tells him that they can get back what was lost, but Ethan thinks things are irrevocably changed. Kendall asks if he feels that way because he thinks she made a fool out of him. Before he can answer, she tells him that she is the only fool, and that their love can make all that is wrong right again. Ethan lets her words soak in for a moment, and then tells Kendall that she isn't a victim. He says that she knew exactly what she was doing when she said her vows, but Kendall interrupts and tells him that she didn't mean them. Ethan points out that she is now the liar, and that she killed their love with her need for revenge. He decides that his revenge in return will be to do nothing. Just then, his father walks in, and Kendall continues to beg Ethan not to give up on them. Zach, surmising that Ethan is doing just that, proclaims that his son is an idiot. Looking at his father, he concedes that perhaps he is - but when he looks at Kendall, he proposes that perhaps he's not.

Kendall goes back up to her room and finds Greenlee still there, folding clothes. Kendall tells her to leave, but Greenlee has more to say. She informs Kendall that while she was downstairs dealing with Ethan, she placed a call to Ryan. Greenlee then says that she knows what's going on with Ryan. Stunned, Kendall asks if she truly talked to Ryan, not believing that Greenlee could be this calm if he told her the truth. Smugly, Greenlee says that she believed Kendall played her because she feels all this pain when she looks at Ryan and Greenlee and how great their married life is. Realizing that Greenlee really doesn't know anything at all, Kendall keeps repeating through clenched teeth that Greenlee needs to leave her alone, and leave her room. Greenlee follows her around with chipper messages of positive love, and then says that perhaps the reason things are so great with Ryan is because of the doctor that he is seeing. She suggests that perhaps Kendall would be better off if she saw a doctor - Ryan's doctor. Kendall, still clenching her teeth, says that Ryan's doctor can't help her. Greenlee, still in the dark, notes that Ryan's doctor could probably refer her to someone female if that would help. Kendall reaches her limit and tells Greenlee to leave before she finds out something she doesn't want to hear. Greenlee is oblivious to how urgent the request is and keeps pushing. Kendall finally breaks and tells Greenlee that she really has nothing with Ryan because she doesn't know the truth. She tells Greenlee that Ryan's doctor is actually a surgeon and that he is going to make sure that Ryan never has kids with her or anyone else."

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