05/17/2005 Erica & Jack Apologize

"Despite Jamie's objections, Babe continues to pressure him to take Phoebe's offer. She says that he should go to school and be a doctor. Jamie says that she is his future and so is Little Adam. Babe says he got kicked out of school, can't get a good job or a decent place to live because of her. Jamie says there is no need to talk about it, nothing has changed and money does not matter. "I wouldn't kiss you off for any amount of money," he says. Babe admits she is worried he will resent her later on if he does not take the deal. Jamie gets frustrated and walks out. He meets Babe back at their home after going out on a ride to clear his head and tells her he has made a decision about Phoebe's offer. He passionately kisses her and says the money does not matter. Babe asks him if he sure about his decision. He says Phoebe was a woman who could hold a grudge, but not him. The only thing Phoebe accomplished was making him love Babe even more than ever because she put him first, Jamie says. He tells her that no one can buy him out to stop loving her, even Phoebe or JR and they make love.

Kendall pushes JR away and they go inside and continue kissing, but Kendall stops him. She says when he tells her what to do, he is breaking their "no strings attached" agreement. JR tells her he will back off and try to just be her friend. Kendall asks him to leave and give her space. JR tells her about Ethan's bribe and that he turned him down. Kendall is surprised that he refused Ethan's offer. JR says that he was disgusted by the offer and for some reason, Ethan thinks he is controlling her. JR tells her not to worry about Ethan-he would rather steal it from him than hand it over. Kendall asks him to if he is falling for her. JR admits he is falling in lust for her, but love is only for naïve people. Kendall asks JR how Ethan reacted when he found out that they slept together. JR says Ethan seemed nonchalant and will forgive her, if she wants him too. Kendall admits he is not sure what she wants and if she marries Zach, it will crush Ethan and put her at the top of his enemy list. JR tells there is nothing bad about Zach's offer and she should not have to lower her expectations for him. "He was willing to trade you like stock. That's love?" JR asks. Kendall says, maybe she shouldn't have expected Ethan to change himself for her. That is how she lost Ryan, she says. Kendall tells JR she is calling Ethan but he takes the telephone from her. JR tells her that Ethan only cared about revenge on his father and he never cared about her. Kendall says that she can't always have it her way. JR asks her to get some rest and decide it tomorrow. Kendall admits she just wants to be happy, despite her knack for going after bad boys. After some persuasion, she leads JR into her bedroom. After making love, JR sleeps and Kendall thinks about Zach's offer, Ethan's bribe to JR and Ethan proposing to her. She looks at JR and puts her robe on. She goes over to see Zach and says she has the answer to his marriage proposal.

Ethan pays a visit to someone to see if they can help him get Kendall back.

Maria comes to see Zach at his home, saying she owes him something, but Zach tells her he owes her nothing. Maria thanks him for helping her find her children. She tells him there is something he can do for her and he agrees, citing that if it involves her children, it won't work because they hate him. Maria says her kids hating him if by no means his fault. Zach realizes that Maria has come to say good-bye and feels that it is overdue. With him being around, her and the children can't heal, he says. The problems with her family and children started before he came back into her life, Maria says. She brings up his proposed marriage to Kendall and he tells her he doesn't love her. Maria reminds him it is not her business-she is there to say good-bye so she can focus on her children. Before she walks off, Zach apologizes for things he has done to hurt her. Maria tearfully tells him she is grateful to him for loving her. "I didn't really have a choice," he says. Maria expresses how much she loved him and asks for one last kiss before leaving. They share a kiss and Maria holds him closely in tears. She pulls away from him, as tears roll across Zach's face, and leaves.

Jackson goes to check on Erica and finds nothing but her high-heels next to an open porthole. He leaves the room and calls her name, thinking she has gone overboard and a splash is heard. Erica emerges from inside a bench and calls out his name to try to stop him. She opens the door and Jackson is standing there, completely dry. Erica said she tossed plants out the window, Jackson threw a chair in the ocean because he knew she wouldn't jump in the water. She admits that she was worried when she thought he had jumped in the water. Erica asks him what they should do next. Jackson apologizes for his crack about her involvement with Maddie. Erica accepts his apology, then says she is sorry for proposing to Zach to meddle with Kendall's life and get revenge on Jackson. Erica tells him his apologies are far from over but Jackson has no clue what she means. She reminds him about his meddling in Greenlee's life, but Jackson refuses to apologize for caring about his daughter. They agree that from now on, their adult children's lives are their own and their lives are their own. They share a kiss and Erica is relieved that the fighting is over. Jackson tells her there is one more matter to resolve and carries into the bedroom. He asks her to marry him again."

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