04/21/2005 Brooke Makes Krystal An Offer

"Babe shows up at the Chandler mansion, which enrages JR because she had already used up her 3 hours of visitation. He tries to slam the door in her face but changes his mind when she tells him Adam almost killed their son. Babe tries to explain what happened with Adam's episode and tries to get JR to promise that he will take his father to the hospital. JR wants to know what the ramifications would be if he doesn't do as she asks, and she tells him that she will call Family Services in the name of protecting her son. Just then, Adam walks in, furious that she opened up to his son. He goes on the attack, calling her a vicious bitch and intimating that her goal is to say anything to take another crack at custody. Adam denies that there is anything wrong with his health, and chalks it up to her standard conniving behavior. As JR listens to the verbal tennis match, Babe admits that Adam's denial scares her - because to her, it means that he doesn't care enough about Little Adam to get himself checked out by a doctor. Before the match can continue, the nanny comes in carrying the child in question, and announces their intentions to go to the park. She and Babe immediately get into it because Babe has a problem with how the nanny has her son dressed, and the nanny insists that she knows what's best because she spends more time with Little Adam. Infuriated, Babe completely oversteps her bounds and attempts to fire the nanny, even though she acknowledges that she doesn't sign her paycheck. Unfazed, the nanny reminds her that she takes her orders from JR, and Adam gleefully denotes that as strike two. The nanny goes on to note that she has over 20 years of experience under her belt and has successfully raised 5 children of her own - which is extremely stellar compared to a woman who drops her baby in a cabin, misplaces it, and then steals it. Adam chimes in again, saying that the nanny has made several good points. He then offers to kick Babe out, but JR says he can handle it. In a surprising move, he fires the nanny and his father looks at him with surprise, while Babe tries to mask her smug expression with a surprised face of her own. After JR kicks the nanny out, Babe thanks him for supporting her. Irritated, JR tells her not to think they are on the same side. Adam inquires as to the reasoning behind his son's decision, and JR is forced to admit that Babe was right for once. Taking the points where she can get them, Babe moves back to trying to take care of Adam. She tells him if she could get JR to fire him too, she would. She asks JR to support her in this too because as he is now, she doesn't feel Adam is fit to take care of their son. Dryly, JR asks how his father feels and if he thinks he'll keel over anytime soon. As expected, Adam denies it - and Babe tries to appeal to her ex-husband again. Done with the showdown, JR tells her to get the hell out of his house. After admonishing him for using foul language in front of the baby, she kisses her son, asks JR to think more about what she said and takes her leave.

A short time later, Adam is alone in the living room and gets up from the sofa to return a cup to the drink stand. As JR watches from the foyer, he stumbles a bit and braces himself on the stand. After a moment, JR reenters the living room and sounds genuinely concerned as he asks his father how he's really feeling. Adam doesn't really think his son cares, but JR promises that he is sincere.

Brooke pays Krystal a visit at the jail. Suspicious because there is certainly no love lost between them, Krystal inquires into the reasons for her surprise visit. Brooke tells her that she has the power to end all violence against her, if she's interested. Krystal doesn't immediately jump at the offer, and Brooke wants to know why. Krystal wants to figure out her angle, but Brooke thinks it should be obvious. After Krystal takes a stab at what Brooke's write up would focus on and comes dangerously close, Brooke asks if she gave Tad the idea for the exposé. Krystal denies doing so, and asks about the specifics of Tad's request. Brooke tells her that Tad wants Krystal to make it through her sentence without anymore injuries. She also tells Krystal that she originally told Tad no. Curious as to her change of heart, she waits to hear an explanation - as there has to be something in it for Brooke. As it turns out, Brooke does want something - a promise that Krystal will leave Tad alone for the rest of their days. Brooke tells Krystal that if she accepts the deal, she will write up a story that will shine a light so bright on the system inside, she won't have to worry about her treatment for the rest of her sentence. Slightly amused, Krystal again skirts giving an answer by saying that she still doesn't know what Brooke will get out of the deal. Brooke says that she and Tad share a child - and although Krystal wouldn't know what she means (because her relationship with David is vastly different), she wants what is best for Tad. Knowing that she isn't what is best for Tad, Krystal says it out loud anyway. Brooke confirms this, saying that as a prisoner of the state, Tad worries about her all the time. Brooke feels that at the rate he is going, Tad will need to be committed by the time Krystal is paroled. She asks Krystal to think long and hard about what is best for Tad before she makes her final decision. Brooke tells Krystal that her offer is quite serious but Krystal says she isn't interested. Brooke pleads with her to see that a relationship with Tad is not in his best interest. After leading her on for a moment, Krystal tells Brooke that she agrees, and that she told Tad that their relationship was over months ago. Visibly relieved, Brooke says that if Krystal really did as she said, it was a good move. She starts to leave, but Krystal stops her and notes something interesting: Brooke is angry at Krystal for making decisions that affected other people's lives, and yet Brooke is doing the same to Tad without a second thought. Seeing the irony and accepting it with a smile, Brooke simply takes her leave.

The straw that almost breaks the camel's back is that David wants Di to become a blonde. She knows that a simple dye job won't convince people that she is Dixie. David admits that he has more tricks up his sleeve to get the job done. He further admits that he doesn't need for Di to be a dead ringer for Dixie, but that the extra push of blonde hair couldn't hurt. Di reminds him that she made him do a double take without a color change, but David insists that she go along with it, because it's what she agreed to do. After a few moments of silent consideration, she acquiesces and starts to read the directions on the back of the box and heads toward the bathroom. David calls out to her and says that he is late for community service at the hospital. He hopes that, upon his return, he will find a brand new Di.

At the PI office, Tad dreams that a broadcast from Switzerland says that Dixie's body was found flash frozen and is now being thawed at a cryogenics center. The broadcast says that they expect a full recovery. With that announcement, Tad jolts awake, somewhat relieved that it was just a dream. After swearing off naps, he tries to return to work. His attempt is thwarted when Maria shows up, asking if he still loves Brooke. Maria proceeds to tell him that she is on the edge of breaking her doctor's oath by doing something harmful to Brooke. She is infuriated that Brooke has managed to squeeze her way in between mother and children, and that she has complete control over all of the things Edmund left to Sam and Maddie. Tad listens quietly, and then says that he thinks Maria's real problem is with Edmund. He feels that Brooke isn't trying to frustrate her - rather, she is trying to honor Edmund's last wishes. For a moment, Maria tells him that he's wrong just for the sake of saying so...and then has to admit that he is more right than she would like to accept. She wants Tad to help her find a way around the will, but Tad suggests that what she should concentrate on is getting rid of the anger. He knows that finding out the way Edmund felt toward her at the end of his life has to be hard to deal with, especially given that she doesn't really have a place to go with it. Maria responds by telling him that she can't wrap her head around Edmund's feelings or how she let her life get to where it is. She asks him to help her find out who she really is. After complimenting her, Tad tells her that if she tries hard enough, she will be able to see the good things in herself. He goes on to say that if she wants to, she can have a stellar life, despite the fact that Brooke is a semi-permanent fixture. Maria is still doubtful, but Tad tells her that she has to stop looking backwards at all the bad things - like her mistakes. She needs to live in the now, and for the future - and he knows this because he recently got the same advice himself. She admits that she can't see the road ahead because she is stuck behind the thought of how Edmund felt about her before he died, and how Sam and Maddie feel about her because of all the fallout they have had to deal with. She tells him that she recognizes how she feels - like she is still Maureen, back in the desert, oblivious to her past. Tad asks if it isn't the guilt of her past that's holding her down - and that if she feels like Maureen, is it possible she is still in love like Maureen? Tad tells her that if there is still a lot of Maureen left in her, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Spending a significant amount of time as someone else is bound to have an effect - and this is something he knows about firsthand. She tells him that she doesn't know where to start - she can't explain any of the things that she did in the past year or why. Tad tells her to stop beating herself up over the past and just live. She admits to being too scared to let go, because if that involves Zach, she'd practically have to walk over Edmund's grave and ignore the protests of her kids to do it. She says that she hates herself for the things that she did over the last year, and Tad can relate, as he did some pretty horrid things himself. He then tells her that she needs to stop blaming herself for everything - because she isn't the only guilty party. Maria admits that she is beginning to think she is meant to be alone. Tad believes that if that ends up happening, it will be Maria's choice - and that life without Zach is a good thing. Tad tells her that it is possible to have a great life without a great love in it. She asks what the secret is, and he told her that he just takes all the extra love and invests it into his family. She thanks him, and he says he hopes he was able to talk her down from hurting Brooke. Maria agrees to keep herself in check just as the phone rings. The doctor from Switzerland is on the other end, and tells Tad that he has some news. 6 days after the accident, a Jane Doe was brought into a rural hospital near the site of the crash.

Ethan stirs Greenlee from her nap by waving coffee under her nose. Crankily, she asks what he wants. He tells her he wanted to thank her for saving the life of the woman he loves. She reminds him that Kendall hates him, and adds that she shares the sentiment. Ethan tries to gain sympathy by saying that even though Kendall hates him now, their relationship is not unlike the one Greenlee had with Ryan not too long ago. She admits that they had a rocky start, but there really is no comparison between her marriage and his failed attempt at a relationship. She reminds him (again) that he lied on the love he had for Kendall for the sole purpose of punishing his father. Ethan believes that Greenlee had to have done some things in her pursuit of Ryan that she justified in the name of love. Greenlee disagrees, saying that the things he said and did in the name of revenge were to a much greater degree than anything she ever did. Ethan tells her that she can spin it anyway that she wants, but that she needs to check her arrogance at the door because underneath all the specifics, they are the same. He asks her to forget about her hatred for him and to focus instead on Kendall. Greenlee runs through a summary of the things that he did to Kendall, and then tells him that people with a lot more reason to be bitter have managed to have normal and productive lives. Ethan points out that she isn't a good example of that, and she retorts by saying that she has more than pure revenge in her heart. She tells him that he had it all - love, good looks, a bottomless bank account - and he blew it for no good reason. He mulls that over for a moment, and then asks her how much she hates Kendall. After giving it a rating of 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 10, Greenlee explains that she and Kendall have a past, and she herself has a memory. Ethan believes that if what she says is true, Greenlee should hate Kendall more. Greenlee tells him that he doesn't know as much as he thinks he does. Ignoring her summation, Ethan regards what has happened between he and his ex-fiancée as a bump in the road, and something they will have no trouble getting through if their friends would simply stop making things worse. Greenlee boils it down for him: she's not his friend, and she's certainly not going to run interference for him to help patch things up between him and Kendall. He notes that he understands Greenlee hating him, but he wants to know where that leaves Kendall. Greenlee tells Ethan that he is history as far as Kendall is concerned, and that is the best thing for her. Ethan tells her that she is as bad as Erica - not really caring how people feel, only about being right. Angry, Greenlee explains how she would have loved it if she was wrong about him - because that would mean his father really did kill Edmund instead of her brother-in-law. Instead, her husband is in the hospital, pushing everyone away as he deals with the overwhelming guilt and grief Jonathan rained down on his head. Ethan tells her that he and Kendall understand each other in a way that she refuses to see, and that they are cut from the same cloth. Greenlee tells him that while they may have lying, conniving and manipulating in common, there is a very real difference between the way Kendall approached their relationship and the way Ethan did. She tells him that Kendall was willing to include him in her plans, while he didn't think she was important enough, and left her out. Ethan is not convinced to stop going after Kendall, and Greenlee decides to propose a hypothesis: if she is wrong and Ethan manages to win Kendall back, what happens the next time he gets consumed with getting revenge on his father? Ethan insists that his love for Kendall and his hatred for his father are two separate things, but Greenlee believes that will only last until the next time Zach manages to get under his son's skin. Ethan surmises that while things have worked out nicely for Greenlee to this point, there will be some point in the future where something seemingly insurmountable will rise up in front of her. He says that he hopes to be there for her, with Kendall by his side. Greenlee tells him that she has plenty of people that she can turn to before she would turn to him. Ethan attempts to correct her by saying that she doesn't have a lot of friends - and that she can't afford to blow off one as powerful as him.

Zach shows up at Kendall's door once again, and is almost immediately greeted with the same response - a slammed door. Then, from inside, she asks what he wants. He announces that he wants her to marry him - and she opens the door and stares at him in disbelief. Zach reminds her that he is the only Cambias she hasn't been engaged to, and quips that he feels a little left out. He invites himself in and she pronounces him certifiable for even suggesting they marry. She asks what he could possibly want, and he tells her that he wouldn't have asked if he wasn't serious. She tells him there is no way she would marry him because she is pretty certain that she hates him. He tells her that if she did marry him, it would be for love. Zach then tells Kendall that he is about to take over Cambias - as soon as his father's will is overturned. What that means is that everything will be taken away from Ethan. In addition, that also means everything will be taken away from Bianca and Miranda. She now believes that his decisions are sleazier than originally thought, but he repeats himself: if she marries him, it would be for love. She starts to lay into him, but he silences her by saying that he didn't mean love for him - he meant love for her sister. Genuinely confused, she asks for more details. Zach lays it out for her: as his wife, she would be entitled to 50% of everything that he owns. She could turn around and bequeath whatever percentage of that to whomever she wanted to, including her sister and her niece. In the interim, he plans to "restructure" his son. She still thinks he is sleazy, and he admits to not being very nice. He brings her back on track and says that his offer is solely a business proposition - and he needs an answer. Stuck on the fact that Bianca and Miranda would lose what they now hold, Kendall is set to reject Zach. He reminds her again that she can give it all back to them if she marries him. He then asks her to remember what it felt like when Ryan took control of Fusion and gave it all to Greenlee - and how hurt she was. Kendall swears too quickly that she is over that pain, but Zach knows the truth. Kendall can't see how he could know something different, but Zach says he can see it in her eyes. He lures her closer by saying that if she agrees to his proposition, she can be back on top again. Kendall says that she isn't interested because marriage for business isn't of interest to her. Zach reminds her that Greenlee's marriage to Ryan started out that way - and that was proof it could work. Hating the comparisons, Kendall simply says that Zach needs to be truthful: his objective is to bury his son. Zach confesses that it's all about getting back at his son - but then notes that very thing is the beauty of his proposal. He doesn't think there is any better way for her to get back at the man who treated her so abysmally. Kendall says that she can think of better ways to get back at Ethan than marrying his daddy. Zach feigns hurt feelings at her statement, as he needs her more than she needs him. Immediately, Kendall thinks that Zach is about to cross the line - but he quickly clears up the misunderstanding. Every day that his casinos are closed, he loses a ton of money. He needs her to take over his gambling licenses so that they can start to recoup the losses suffered thus far. Slightly stunned, Kendall asks why he would trust her with the job and he tells her that he would trust his wife with anything. Kendall thinks that running casinos is vastly different from running Fusion. Zach doesn't think that, boiled down, they are very different. The main component of both is sales, and he thinks Kendall is a whiz at that. At that, it finally starts to sink in with Kendall that Zach is very serious. She then asks what Maria will say when she finds out about their arrangement. The upbeat tone out of his voice, he tells her that regardless of her answer to his proposal, she is never to talk about Maria. Taken aback, Kendall quickly agrees - and then tells him that she isn't entirely sure he isn't just messing with her head. He tells her that she can have it in writing that she and her lawyers can look over because he has nothing to hide. With a twinkle back in his eye, he calls her Mrs. Slater and then asks if she can guess what her mother would say if they went through with it. Kendall says that Erica's reaction is almost worth the price of a yes. He tells her to think about it but not to take too long, as every day that she takes is another day his casino is closed. That makes for a greater loss of money that she could potentially claim half of. He leaves, and after a moment, Kendall grabs her things and leaves as well.

Babe arrives at the hospital and finds her father mopping floors. She announces that her switch from cleaning up highways to cleaning up the hospital had to be partly his doing. David admits what he did, saying that he missed seeing her and spending time with her. Without response, Babe starts to work and David notices something is wrong. He inquires, but she initially rebuffs him. After a moment, she gives in and tells him about what happened at the Chandler house, including that the nanny was fired. David, light bulb going off in his head, tells her that he already cleaned the floor and that she should take it easy. He leaves his post early to take care of some business.

A while later, David returns to the cabin, looking at his mail as he comes through the door. When he finally looks up, he is stunned to see a blonde Di dressed in very Dixie-like clothes. Unsure of herself, she asks if it looks okay and David says it looks perfect - and just in time. Suddenly scared, she asks what he has in store, and he says that the Dixie show is going on the road - right now.

As Zach leaves his condo, Kendall arrives at the hospital and overhears Greenlee talking to Ethan. Greenlee thinks he is threatening her, but he tells her that he simply thinks she shouldn't burn bridges. She tells him that regardless of what reasons he could come up with, what he did to Kendall was unforgivable and she would never help him get Kendall back. Insulted, Ethan tells her that she should be careful because luck has a way of running out, and she had more than overfilled her quota as of late. Kendall decides at that moment to join the party, and tells Ethan that he should behave or she'll accept his father's marriage proposal."

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