04/18/2005 Zach Defends Maria

"With her detective notebook in hand and brother Reggie just behind her, Lily showed up at Aidan's loft to try to wrap up some loose ends in her investigation. Explaining that she knew all of Jonathan's nefarious deeds, Lily said that one bit of information was left unresolved: the disappearance of Steve, the bodyguard. Reggie pulled Aidan aside and told him that he needed to shield Lily from the truth. Aidan remembered that Lily had gotten her heart broken once before when he was less-than-honest with her and told Reggie that he planned to tell Lily the truth about Steve's fate. Aidan pointed to a black band on his arm and told Lily that he had just come home from Steve's funeral. Lily took the news of Steve's murder surprisingly well. She was concerned for Aidan because he had just lost a friend. Aidan was touched by Lily's concern. Later, as Aidan was interacting with her, Lily became less upbeat and announced that her "butterflies" had come back.

Erica walked off the elevator at Pine Valley Hospital and straight into the middle of what was supposed to have been a private conversation between Maria and Zach. Erica took pleasure in sticking it to the pair and asked Maria if there are any other public places where she and Zach will display their affection for one another. Maria tried to silence Erica, but it did her no good. Erica then pointedly asked Maria how long she actually grieved for her dead husband. Zach pulled Erica aside and asked her to lay off of Maria. Later, Maria asked Zach why, after promising her that he would never lie to her, did he suddenly decide to falsely confess to killing Edmund. Zach was short on answers. Maria then confessed that she never stopped loving him.

Greenlee's announcement that she couldn't wait to start trying to have a baby was met with strong opposition from Ryan. Greenlee said that she understood that Ryan might want to rest up before making love, but that wasn't what Ryan had in mind. He adamantly refused to ever have children with Greenlee. As Greenlee tried to calm Ryan down, Ryan ordered her out of his hospital room. Later, Erica entered and did her best to comfort Ryan. She told him how thankful she was that he had survived the mine explosion. She urged him not to be upset that he had survived the explosion and that Jonathan had not. Erica again expressed her relief that he was okay and added how much he meant to her. Tears welled in Ryan's eyes, but he made no response to Erica's remarks. Outside the hospital, Jack's implication to Greenlee that Ryan has continually put her life in jeopardy was met with strong resistance. Greenlee warned her father not to make her choose between him and Ryan.

A furious Kendall called Ethan a "liar" and ordered him out of her home. Ethan refused to leave, saying that he was the one man who wouldn't walk away from her. Kendall confronted him with the truth – that he never saw Zach kill Edmund. Ethan was silent. Kendall reminded Ethan that she had promised him that he could tell her anything – but noted that he continued on with his lie. But, she said, that was not the thing that hurt her the most. Kendall burst into tears as she recalled how Ethan had sworn on his love for her that he saw Zach kill Edmund. If he lied about seeing Zach kill Edmund, Kendall asked what that meant about his love for her. Kendall took Ethan's ring off of her finger and forced him to take it back. Ethan swore again that his love for Kendall was real. As they argued, Derek arrived with questions about Ethan's previous statement that he had witnessed Zach kill Edmund. In front of Kendall, Ethan again swore that he stood by his original statement."

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