02/16/2005 Derek Asks Maggie To Press Charges

"Anita arrives at Bianca's to babysit Miranda while Bianca goes to the police station to give her statement. Maggie is there visiting them. While Bianca goes to change, Left alone, Maggie tries to apologize for Jonathan's behavior to Anita but she stops her, explaining in doing so she is giving Jonathan all of the power. When Bianca is ready to leave, Maggie insists on going with her to the police station.

Ryan walks in to find Greenlee asleep on the sofa, after she wishes him a belated Valentine's Day, she asks how things went with Jonathan. He tells her that Jonathan had not been charged with anything but that Bianca would be giving her statement later that day. He goes on to share with her the revelation that Jonathan had known all along that he was terrorizing Bianca and had admitted it him. Greenlee is surprised. She then shows him the daily planner she had found among Jonathan's things at Maggie's apartment. Ryan is less than pleased but doesn't have time to do more than tell her so as Jonathan is downstairs waiting in the car because they are about to return to the police station. Greenlee insists on going with Ryan. When they arrive at the police station, Jonathan suggests to Ryan that he find Derek and talk to him, certain he can straighten everything out but Ryan stops him. He tells Jonathan just to let him handle things. Just then Bianca and Maggie arrive. Jonathan is not pleased. He glares at the two of them before Bianca taken in to give her statement. Ryan tries to push his way in as well but Jackson stops him. With nothing to hide, Bianca tells both Derek and Jackson that she doesn't mind if Ryan sits in during the interview. Bianca then proceeds to tell them what happened when Jonathan confronted her at the center. Meanwhile Jonathan takes advantage of the opportunity of Maggie being alone and harasses her about her re-established relationship with Bianca in such a way that Maggie is disgusted by him. She warns him to stay away from Bianca while Greenlee watches on. When Jonathan takes a seat, Greenlee goes to join him. She tells him how she felt while under the influence of the drugs that she'd been given and attempts to express understanding of what he's going through . She asks him to come clean about everything, what he did to Maggie, Bianca and drugging her but Jonathan says nothing, refusing to take the bait. Shortly after emerging from the room, Derek reluctantly informs Bianca that they simply did not have enough evidence with which to charge Jonathan. Frustrated but understanding Bianca begins to leave with Maggie but Jackson and Derek stop Maggie. They tell her that they have a few questions to ask her. Bianca tells her that she'll meet up with her later and leaves. Once she's gone, Jackson and Derek tell her that they would like for her to press charges against Jonathan for hitting her. When Maggie points out that her bruise is long gone they assure her that she can still press charges. They then give her a few minutes to think things over. Ryan, having overheard everything, wastes no time approaching Maggie and pressuring her to not press charges against Jonathan. He pleads with her to let him handle things, assuring her that he gives his solemn promise that Jonathan will not hurt another soul. He keeps at her until Jackson returns and asks her for her decision. Maggie surprises him by telling him that she does not wish to press charges. Jackson is livid. Once Maggie leaves, he confronts Ryan reminding him that the last time he made such outrageous promises; Braden had hurt both his sister and Dixie. Ryan remains silent. As they are leaving the station, Jonathan stops Ryan and thanks him for his help in keeping him out of jail.

Jamie comes into JR's living room to find him watching home movies. Making a flip comment about watching blackmail footage, Jamie is surprised when he realizes it's a home movie of the two brothers during happier times. They reminisce for a few moments until Jamie asks JR if he had made a decision yet about joining forces with Babe and him. When JR doesn't outright tell him no, Jamie begins pressuring him to go through with Jamie's plans. JR finally admits that he is considering it until he learns that Jamie is planning on marrying Babe. Things go from bad to worse when JR asks him what he intends for his son to call him, realizing almost at once, Jamie is hoping James/Ace will refer to him as dad. JR is livid, even more so when Jamie refers to the baby as James. He cuts Jamie off, telling him that his son's name is Adam Chandler III. He then informs Jamie that he has absolutely no intention of joining forces with Babe before ordering to leave.

David and Babe are there to welcome home Tad and Krystal after a night on the town. Krystal tells Babe that she plans to turn herself in to the DA in order to keep David and Babe out of jail. As a furious David argues with Tad, insisting he is the one influenced Krystal make such an outrageous decision, Krystal takes Babe outside to explain things to her. She insists that by turning herself in to the DA, she is giving Babe the chance to be with her son. That no judge will find her guilty of kidnapping her own son as long as the Miranda issue is resolved. Reluctantly Babe understands. Unfortunately, things don't turn out as planned for Krystal. The DA tells her in no uncertain terms that public outcry demands that David, Babe and Krystal serve jail time for what they did to Bianca, a much loved and valued member of society and that unless Bianca speaks out on their behalf, there is no deal. Just then Bianca walks up and is a bit taken aback to find Krystal and Tad standing outside of the DA's office. When she asks them what is going on, Tad tells her. Bianca is astounded by their audacity. She can't believe that they seriously expect her to ok allowing Babe and David to in effect walk away without any repercussions for their actions.

Ryan walks in to his apartment and announces to Greenlee that he's leaving her."

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