02/15/2005 Reggie & Greenlee Ask Maggie For Help

"Jonathan is brought to the police station for questioning regarding the incident with Bianca at the center. Interrogated by Derek, while Ryan and Jackson are present, Jonathan lies about what transpired. He tells them that he only went there to talk to Bianca about his relationship with Maggie but that she had started freaking out. He goes on to explain that he never kept her trapped in the room nor had any intention of hurting Bianca and had even gone as far as handing her a hammer so she would be less threatened but that Bianca continued to behave irrationally. It was at that point, according to Jonathan, that he realized she might have been either flashing back to Michael Cambias or she despised him to such a degree because he and Maggie were in love. At that point, Jonathan claims to have decided to leave but that Babe Chandler had chosen that moment to intervene on Bianca's behalf by attacking him from the back. Jonathan claims that was the last thing he remembered until Ryan roused him. Throughout the recounting, Jackson makes no secret of the fact that he doesn't believe one single word coming out of Jonathan's mouth. He asks him if he takes any responsibility for Bianca's terror to which Jonathan admits that yes, he is responsible for poor judgment and not taking Bianca's history into account. Jackson fires back, asking him what excuse he has for poisoning Greenlee. Jonathan quickly denies doing anything to harm Greenlee, telling them that he and Greenlee had gone sideways months ago and that Greenlee doesn't like him. He then is quick to accuse Kendall, revealing that she was the one found with the pills. All eyes turn to Ryan for an explanation. He tells them that the pills were planted in Kendall's townhouse and that she was innocent as well.

Ryan and Jackson take their discussion out of the interrogation room so that they may speak privately. Ryan tries to defend his brother but Jackson is quick to bring up Braden and the reminds him how he said the same thing about him. Ryan insists that Jonathan did not poison Greenlee and points out the fact that Jackson lacks any proof to the contrary. They are then joined by Derek who shocks Ryan with the news that his brother has a police record and hands the file over to Ryan. After reading it, Ryan returns to the interrogation room and confronts Jonathan with the latest revelation. Jonathan tries to explain that he did not tell Ryan about the prior incident with Larraine Rossiter because he was ashamed and fearful that Ryan would turn his back on him. Derek, meanwhile, tells Jackson that he really has nothing with which to hold Jonathan and therefore will have to release him. They return to the room and Derek informs Jonathan that while he is free to go, he needs to return the following day for more questioning. Ryan assures them he won't leave town then takes his brother back to his hotel. Once there, Ryan confronts Jonathan with an observation he made at the police station. He tells him that knowing Bianca as he does and having watched Jonathan while they were going up being tormented by their father, he realized that Jonathan knew all along that he was terrorizing Bianca. Jonathan admits that yes, he did realize it. That he had gone there to have a civilized conversation with Bianca about her destroying his relationship with Maggie but that her reaction to seeing him had set something off in him.

Greenlee and Reggie are a bit startled to find a guard posted outside of Maggie's apartment demanding to see ID before allowing them to enter. They convince him they mean Maggie no harm and knock on the door. Maggie is busy packing up Jonathan's things and is not in the mood to entertain. They tell her about Jonathan's confrontation with Bianca which upsets Maggie. When she starts to leave, Reggie is concerned about her being vulnerable but she assures him that she will be well guarded by Aidan's friend who follows her everywhere. Left alone, Greenlee and Reggie waste no time searching through Jonathan's things hoping to find evidence that he was the one who had drugged Greenlee. When Greenlee finds a daily planner of Jonathan's she's is hopeful that it may yield something. Unfortunately she is unable to make heads or tails out of the entries including three for last June that were marked by the letter "B." Reggie meanwhile finds a matchbook from an upscale French restaurant which Greenlee pockets incase it too turns out to be a useful clue. As they discuss the drugs used to poison Greenlee, Reggie suggests that maybe Jonathan didn't obtain them from a doctor but instead a drug dealer.

Jamie attempts to strike a bargain with JR. JR scoffs at the offer while Jamie helps himself to a drink. He tells Jamie that the only thing he wants is his son. Jamie suggests that in order to get his son, JR drop his suit for full custody. JR responds by asking Jamie if he's stupid or just high. He has absolutely no intention of dropping his petition for custody. Jamie tries to explain that instead of going for full custody, JR band together with Babe and try to get joint custody because separately, Babe and JR could paint each other in a very bad light, leaving room for the judge to side with Kevin, who would look like a better choice for parent of the three. JR laughs, asking how Babe could possibly be awarded joint custody if she is behind bars, but Jamie dismisses that argument concentrating instead on trying to get JR to try to file for joint custody. He leaves JR to ponder the offer and goes home to tell Babe. He finds a sad Babe in the bedroom looking at pictures of the two of them with James/Ace. He draws her into his arms and holds her which leads to the two of them making love. Afterwards, he tells her about his idea. Babe sees that it has merit. At least with joint custody she would have the right visit with her son while she is in prison.

Erica is furious to see Babe at Bianca' and tries to toss her out but Bianca orders her to back off. She quickly tells Erica that Babe had come to her and Miranda's rescue but doesn't go into detail about the incident. Erica isn't impressed. After Babe leaves, Erica tries to caution Bianca about Babe and then asks her to promise not to allow Babe to wiggle back into Bianca's life. Bianca assures her mother that she won't and tells her about Jamie's recent visit when he asked her for her support of Babe at the upcoming custody hearing. Erica isn't less than pleased to hear about the encounter. Her concern for Bianca though has her asking about the events that transpired earlier in the evening. Before Bianca can tell her about her encounter with Jonathan, they are interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Maggie. Erica reluctantly leaves after Bianca asks her to give her and Maggie some privacy. Once alone, Maggie tells her that she heard about what had happened earlier with Jonathan. Concerned, she asks Bianca if she's alright. Bianca assures her that she is and then apologizes to Maggie for kissing her and telling her that she loved her. Maggie, unsure exactly why Bianca is apologizing asks her if it's because it wasn't true. Bianca admits that it was true but that her timing was bad because of everything that Maggie was going through. They then begin discussing Jonathan. Maggie tries to explain to Bianca how things had gotten so bad without her realizing it was happening. She tells her how kind and caring Jonathan had been and how he was the only one to have remembered the anniversary of Frankie's death. Bianca is a bit taken aback and reminds Maggie of the letter she had given Jonathan on the anniversary. Maggie, having never received the letter quickly realizes that Jonathan had probably destroyed it and used the information to his advantage in order to further manipulate Maggie.

Meanwhile, Erica drops by to see JR, offering to help him with his custody hearing. She makes a very convincing argument about the power of her testimony, pointing out that she could tell the judge about how he refused to believe Bess wasn't his daughter and how distraught he was when he had to give her up. She goes on to tell him that Kendall too would be willing to testify on his behalf. JR points out that Bianca may not be pleased if they band together and help him but Erica brushes off his concerns. She feels it's much more important to get Babe out of their lives.. all of their lives."

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