02/09/2005 Maggie Tells Jonathan She Never Loved Him

"Zach drops by Cambias Industries to see Ethan. He offers to testify on Ethan's behalf when he goes to trial for shooting Ryan. Ethan rejects his offer just as JR walks in. After Zach leaves, JR takes the opportunity to thank Ethan for helping him in court then tells him that the results of the paternity test were as expected. He was shown to be the biological father of James/Ace. Talk of the judge being deep in the Buchanan's pockets leads to Ethan wondering aloud the possibility of the judge presiding over his case being deep in someone's pocket. The implication is clear. Ethan is asking for JR's help which he is more than happy to provide. Zach approaches Ethan as JR leaves questioning him about their exchange. Ethan asks him if he's taken to lurking and eavesdropping in on private conversations but Zach ignores the barb instead warning him that the Cambias curse seems to be getting it's hold on Ethan. Ethan dismisses Zach's implication and tells him instead that he's the heir Alexander Cambias wanted and he's more than happy to run Cambias Industries. Before leaving his office, Ethan tells Zach to make sure he's gone by the time he returns. Alone, Zach flashes back to an argument with his father about Zach's birthright and Alexander's ruthlessness both in business and his personal life. Zach remembers telling his father that he refuses to be molded into a man such as his father before storming out of the office. Determined, Zach leave's Ethan's office.

Under false pretenses, Babe barges into the Buchanan mansion dressed as a pastry chef. The moment she's alone she finds James/Ace who is in his playpen. She picks him up and cuddles with him. Her reunion with her son is interrupted when Kevin walks in and tells her he had been expecting her to show up. He goes on to tell her that she seriously hurt her case by showing up there because he has security cameras set up recording everything. Babe tells him that she wasn't there to take the baby but to spend some time with him. Kevin isn't impressed. He once again tries to convince her to let him raise James/Ace but Babe is resistant. She asks him about his own childhood and whether he would have missed his mother. Kevin listens but remains steadfast in his desire to keep James/Ace. He takes the baby out of her arms and shows her to the door where JR is standing, about to knock. JR shows him the DNA tests that reveal him as James/Ace's biological father. Babe and JR argue while Kevin looks over the paper. During the arguing, JR is able to shuffle Babe out the door.

While visiting Bianca, Greenlee tells her that she's terrified for Ryan because of Jonathan, whom she believes is lying about drugging her. Bianca admits that she too believes Jonathan capable of doing such a thing because of how Jonathan behaves when they are alone. Cold and calculating, his eyes and speech flat and calm much the way Michael Cambias was. Bianca goes on to tell her that she believes Jonathan is a control freak, isolating Maggie from the life she had prior to their relationship. Greenlee in turn shares her concerns about Ryan's protectiveness of his brother.

Ryan asks Erica about the revelations in Chris's journal, asking her why he would lie about being his father. Erica too is shocked that Chris claimed Ryan as a son when he was in fact a true Lavery. Erica suggests that maybe Chris lied because he loved Ryan's mother so deeply while Ryan speculates that maybe Chris knew what a stain it was to be the son of Patrick Lavery and wanted to rub it out. Sensing Ryan's devastation over learning he is truly a Lavery, she tries to convince him that he is still the same man he was the day before. Ryan tells her that she's right but is suddenly impatient to leave. Erica reminds him that she's expecting Ryan and Greenlee later that evening for the party she is planning for Bianca before Ryan walks out the door. He assures her they will both be there. Ryan ends up going to a bar to shoot pool while he reflects on a recent conversation with Jonathan about how lucky Ryan was not to be poisoned with Patrick Lavery's DNA. Just then Zach walks in and accuses him of destroying his son then punches him.

Erica finds Greenlee at Bianca and immediately reveals the findings of the journal. Upset, Greenlee rushes out to find Ethan. She demands that he help her find Ryan. That it's the least he can do after Ryan kept him from killing his father.

Jonathan is furious with Aidan, blaming him for Maggie's decision to break up with him. Aidan tells him that it was the truth about Larraine that made Maggie see the light, not anything Aidan said. Jonathan asks to be alone with Maggie to discuss things privately. Reluctantly, Aidan and Anita go out to the hall to wait while Maggie talks to Jonathan. He begs her to reconsider but Maggie refuses. She tells him that Larraine was there and that she talked to her in person. Jonathan is stunned. He suggests that Larraine exaggerated things but Maggie cuts him off, pointing out that Larraine had a broken nose with X-rays and hospital records to back up her claims. Jonathan then tries to suggest it was an isolated incident that got out of hand but Maggie isn't swayed. She goes on to tell him about the scripted things he said to both her and Larraine during his relationships with them which Jonathan does his best to explain to no avail. Maggie doesn't believe a thing he has to say. Switching tactics, Jonathan, begins to tearfully plead with her to not let 2 mistakes, the two abusive incidents, ruin their relationship. He tries to impress upon her the sincerity of his feelings claiming his willingness to get help is proof of his love for her. Maggie refuses to relent. She tells him that she realizes she had never really loved him. That there had been potential for love in the beginning but that once he hit her it disappeared. She tearfully tells him that they never really knew each other and she had gotten caught up in the idea of being in love. Jonathan refuses to accept that. He begins to blame Bianca and all the others who intervened. He accuses Maggie of choosing Bianca over him but Maggie is adamant. Bianca had nothing to do with her decision. Realizing that there is nothing left to say, Maggie tells Jonathan to leave. Aidan and Anita re-enter the apartment to back her up. Jonathan returns the keys and having no other alternative, leaves. Aidan decides to stand guard outside of Maggie's apartment.

Erica leaves Bianca's shortly followed by Bianca and Miranda. Jonathan, lurking behind a corner in the hallway steps forward once Bianca steps into the elevator and the doors close."

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