02/08/2005 Anita Has Evidence

"Anita tells Bianca that she's on her way over to Maggie's to meet Aidan. She and Aidan have uncovered evidence that will probably shake Maggie up and she might need Bianca. She asks Bianca to join her but Bianca is reluctant. She feels it would be best if she stayed out of things at the present time because Maggie is so resistant to her efforts. Anita is understanding and leaves. Kendall is a little surprised at her sister's decision and questions her about it. Bianca tells Kendall about the kiss she shared with Maggie and her declaration of love to her which Maggie viewed as using her as a consolation prize after her break up with Lena. Shortly after Kendall leaves, Myrtle stops by for a visit. As they discuss relationships and love, Myrtle advises Bianca to follow her gut instincts. To make herself happy which in turn will make Miranda happy.

Busy spring cleaning, Erica is surprised when Edmund arrives on her doorstep trying to enlist her help to bring down Zach. Initially, she suspects that Edmund's quest is inspired by jealousy and bitterness over being cuckolded but alters opinion when Edmund tells her about Bobby and the accusations that Zach was behind Ryan's shooting. Erica, while sympathetic, tells Edmund that she unfortunately has nothing that can be used to take down Zach. After Edmund leaves, Erica resumes her cleaning and comes across a box of Chris Stamp's things.

Zach runs into Maria in Livia Frye's office. She wastes no time letting him know that she's there to withdraw her divorce petition. Zach in turn asks her to tell Edmund to lay off playing PI in his casino, that he's making his employees uncomfortable. Defending her husband, Maria tells Zach that Edmund is just trying to get to the bottom of Bobby's disappearance then asks Zach if he had anything to do with it. Zach denies being responsible of anything but firing Bobby. He goes on to tell her that he also had nothing to do with Ryan's shooting. Maria is dubious but a bit shaken when Zach suggests that Bobby was paid off by Edmund to make the accusation because he is jealous and determined to do whatever it takes to get Zach out of Maria's life. Not wanting to hear anything else Zach has to say against Edmund, Maria leaves but not without first making it clear that she stands by her husband.

Enjoying a breakfast at the Valley Inn, Jonathan and Ryan discuss possible business ventures. Ryan shocks Jonathan when in the middle of it, Ryan asks him once again if he had anything to do with Greenlee's poisoning. Offended, Jonathan suggests that Greenlee is just threatened by their history and closeness then asks Ryan if he really believes Jonathan capable watching someone disintegrate before his eyes. He claims that there's a big difference between hitting a woman once and slowly torturing one over a long period of time. He goes on to suggest that Ryan is behaving just like his father, not believing him regardless of how many times he declares his innocence. Jonathan continues making the comparison by asking Ryan if he is seething with anger, ready to pull off his belt and beat him with it. Ryan ignores his accusations and questions and instead tells him that he believes him. That he just had to ask again. Jonathan isn't satisfied. He points out that unless they find the true culprit, Ryan will always have doubts. Ryan promises him that he will find out who drugged his wife so that Jonathan and Greenlee can make peace once and for all. After Ryan receives a call from Erica, he starts to leave but runs into Kendall. He takes the time to apologize to her then asks her to just leave his brother alone. Once Ryan is gone, Kendall walks up to Jonathan and joins him at the table. Jonathan makes no secret of the fact that he is less than happy to see her and demands that she leave. Kendall refuses. Instead she suggests that they work together to find out who really drugged Greenlee since they are both being accused of the crime. Jonathan refuses to play along. He tells her it's a nice attempt on her part to infiltrate the enemy camp but he sees through her ploy.

Ryan arrives at Erica's apartment where she presents him with the box of Chris's personal effects. They fondly remember Chris while going through his things. When Erica finds his journal she opens it and begins to read it aloud to Ryan. She stops though when she comes across a particular passage that seems to draw her up short. Sensing something wrong, Ryan asks her to continue reading but Erica brushes him off trying to redirect his attention. Ryan won't let her though. He insists that she hand him the journal so that he can read it himself. When he reads the entry to himself, Ryan is shocked by what it says.

Aidan goes to Maggie's apartment to talk to her. Maggie isn't receptive to his attempts to convince her that Jonathan is not what he seems. He asks her to please give Anita a chance to discuss things with her. Maggie is not pleased when Anita shows up with another woman. The woman turns out to be Larraine Rossiter, Jonathan's ex-fiancé. Maggie at first refuses to listen to Larraine as she tells her story. According to Larraine, she and Jonathan were perfectly happy until their engagement, but once she had accepted his proposal, Jonathan became very possessive and jealous. Maggie refuses to give Larraine's accusations any credence, suggesting it's nothing more than payback for being dumped by Jonathan. Larraine ignores Maggie, continuing with her story. She tells her about the final night that they were together when Jonathan punched her and threw her across the room, breaking her nose because he had seen her with her male friend. Larraine adds that had it not been for the intervention of her friend, things could have gotten much worse. As it was though, she called the police and because it was Jonathan's first offense, he got off lightly. Unfortunately, Jonathan wasn't through with Larraine. He stalked her afterwards until she felt she had no other alternative but to move. Maggie refuses to believe any of it. She asks Aidan how much they paid her for her story. Aidan and Anita explain to her that there is proof; police records and X-rays which back up Larraine's claims but still Maggie won't believe her. Larraine is adamant though. She continues trying to convince Maggie of the truth by sharing with her some of the things that Jonathan told her. About falling in love for the first time, asking her how it felt, and even his request to push him off a bridge to his death if she didn't want to continue being with him. Maggie flashes back when Jonathan had said almost verbatim the same things to her during their tumultuous relationship. Realizing the time, Larraine departs to catch her bus back home but not without first warning Maggie to be careful when she breaks up with Jonathan because that's when he will become quite ugly. Shortly after, Larraine's departure, Jonathan arrives. He's not pleased to find Aidan and Anita at Maggie's and less so when Maggie tearfully tells him that's it's over between them."

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