"Lily announces to a rather surprised Erica, that she has a new boyfriend and he's none other than Aidan Devane. Erica looks at Jack for confirmation as Lily explains exactly what the term "boyfriend" means to her. Erica is then put on the spot as Lily begins to question her about her own romantic history. Jack scrambles to shield Erica from feeling uncomfortable about all of her relationships and explains to Lily that while Erica has a lot of experience they are each other's last love. Lily is satisfied and leaves the couple alone after exacting a promise from Erica that Lily can go to her for advice should she have questions. Jack and Erica discuss their wedding and honeymoon plans.

Anita and Aidan celebrate New Year's Eve by stripping down to their under things and jumping into the ice cold lake waters. Afterwards, Aidan builds a warming fire as they dry off and share their desires of fun and daring things they'd like to accomplish during their life. Later, they see a falling star and make a wish. Anita shyly tells Aidan that her wish was about him. He passionately embraces then kisses her.

At the stables, Zach professes his love for Maria and they share a passionate kiss. However, before things can progress further, Maria begins having memory flashes of her past with Edmund. She pulls away from Zach, explaining that she needs some time before she's ready to go further with him. Zach is understanding. After assuring her that he will wait for her, he leaves.

Maria goes to see Edmund. She is driven to be truthful with him, which leads her to tell him that she had just spent time with Zach. Edmund is stoically silent but there is a hint to his inner feelings by the tightening of his mouth. Maria makes an impassioned plea with Edmund to tell her that there is still hope for them. That something as big as what they have shared can't just end the way it seemingly has. She goes on to do her best to convince him that she realizes that they can't go back but has hopes of a new beginning. Edmund initially seems moved when he utters, "I can't..." but then decides to wish a devastated Maria "Happy New Year" before leaving the room.

Danielle is impressed with the trouble Reggie seems to have gone through to provide them with a romantic setting as he shows her the hotel suite he rented for the night. She takes her time looking around before joining him on the bed where they share a kiss. Before it could go any further, Danielle stops things, jumps up and nervously begins chatting about the food as she takes samples from a tray. Reggie, sensing something is wrong, questions Danielle who finally confesses that she is a virgin. Misunderstanding Reggie's silence, she starts to leave, believing Reggie is disgusted with her, but is stopped short by Reggie when he clumsily confides to her that he too is a virgin. They then realize that the time isn't quite right for them. Reggie promises Danielle that he will wait until she is ready because he wants their first time to be special.

Greenlee helps Kendall pack some ice around her sprained ankle while Ryan and Ethan have a discussion outside of Kendall's condo. Greenlee tells Kendall that she believes that Kendall had nothing to do with poisoning her. They then tentatively discuss their relationship. Outside, Ryan is doing his best to convince Ethan to take the DNA test to prove he's a Cambias. Ethan is reluctant. He wants nothing to do with Zach. They bring the argument into the condo which piques Kendall's interest immediately. She demands to know why Ryan is so insistent about the test. Ryan explains that it's for Miranda's sake: That her being a Cambias and heir to the fortune puts her in a precarious situation. Ethan is quick to claim that Ryan is using scare tactics and exaggerating things but Kendall isn't wholly convinced. Meanwhile, Ryan proves relentless as he continues to argue his case to Ethan. Frustrated, Ethan walks out only to run into Zach who is returning to his condo.

While Ethan questions Zach about what makes being a Cambias so awful, Greenlee is inside mystified that Ethan stubbornly refuses to take the DNA test. Kendall tries to enlighten both Greenlee and Ryan about what may be motivating Ethan. She points out that when both Ryan and Greenlee discovered who their biological fathers where they in a sense hit the daddy jackpot compared to who they had. Ethan on the other hand may end up discovering that the man who has been rejecting him for the past months is in fact his biological father. Hardly something anyone would be eager to discover. Both Ryan and Greenlee are moved.

Back outside, after Zach paints a dark picture about life as a Cambias which prompts Ethan to tell him that he's happy he's not a Cambias. He then shocks Zach when he announces that after the trial, he plans to leave town. When questioned about his future plans for Kendall, Ethan shrugs and admits that Zach may have been right about her after all. Moments later, Ethan sneaks back into Kendall's condo via a backdoor so that Zach doesn't spot him. He informs Ryan, Greenlee and Kendall that he suspects Zach is up to something, but that before they could begin to uncover what it is, he needs to take that DNA test."

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