01/03/2005 Jonathan Apologizes With A Gift

"Kendall and Ethan confronted Ryan and Greenlee about being in Kendall's apartment. Ryan told them they found the proof that Kendall poisoned Greenlee. Kendall reminded them she has a prescription and Ryan showed the proof of her on-line order, just before Greenlee snapped. Kendall denied placing the order. Ryan demanded an explanation for why she tried to kill Greenlee. Ethan wondered how and why they plotted against Kendall like this. Greenlee had another flashback and stopped Ryan from calling the police. Greenlee was convinced that someone else is framing Kendall. She told Ryan that Kendall saved her life that night on the trapeze. Kendall asked them to leave, but Greenlee wanted to thank her first, alone. Kendall thought Greenlee was playing her so Greenlee kicked her in the shin which finally made Kendall realize Greenlee really was apologizing and believed someone else poisoned her. Outside, Ryan was confused and Ethan suggested that all their answers are behind Zach's door. Ryan suggested the only reason Zach would go after Kendall is because Ethan is his son.

Jonathan and Maggie tried to enjoy New Year's Eve at SOS, but she couldn't stop thinking about him hitting her. Jonathan pouted and continued to apologize. Maggie tried to get past that and get Jonathan over his obsession over the fact that Ryan gave Cambias Industries to Miranda. He swore off alcohol and promised to not hurt her again. When he asked for forgiveness, she went to the ladies' room.

Reggie and Danielle showed up to party. Reggie stared at Jonathan and admitted he doesn't trust him. Reggie walked over to confront Jonathan about not telling Maggie about Bianca. Jonathan was dismissive towards Reggie and possessive about Maggie. Reggie and Danielle left and went to a suite at the Valley Inn.

Anita and Aidan relived midnight and kissed. They talked and he said he wanted to get to know her, without a background check. Anita saw Maggie in the ladies' room and noticed the bruise on her cheek. Maggie said it happened at the gym, but Anita didn't believe her and gently urged her to go the hospital. Maggie refused and Anita asked her to come see her if it happens again or gets worse.

Anita and Aidan went to the boathouse and Aidan asked Anita to take off her clothes before getting a surprise. Jonathan told Maggie that his rage is also about jealousy about Bianca and mentioned that she had broken up with Lena. Jonathan was surprised that Maggie was surprised and Bianca hadn't already told her. He handed her a gift, a bracelet with a lover's know she had previously admired.

Maria seemed pleased to see Zach at the stables but told him she wasn't. He promised her a good 2005 and kissed her. Zach said he wants to be like Bianca and not lose any more precious time away from a loved one. Maria reminded him her marriage vows are sacred. He told her she's in the marriage alone and asked how her holidays were. She defended her family but Zach said he couldn't stand back and watch her throw her life away. He said he couldn't take her before, when she only came to him for revenge on Edmund. Now that the fire has gone out of her eyes, he is ready to recapture what they had. She said she still felt an obligation to Edmund and loves him. He said he loved her and kissed her again and again as she reminded him she's married. He vowed not to watch her give up. She said she was fighting for her marriage and he said he was fighting for her. They kissed again."

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