11/29/2004 Thanksgiving At The Chandlers

"Kendall and Ethan fought as they went to the Fusion office. Ethan deduced that Kendall was upset about Ryan, which she denied but she admitted being crazy about Greenlee. Kendall was excited about a phone call saying the sales of Enchantment were up and dismayed that the person to share the news with was Greenlee. Ethan tried to cheer her up and left to find them a meal. Kendall saw something drop off the roof and went to investigate.

Ryan warned Jonathan to stop talking, but everyone discussed Greenlee's mental health. Jack demanded to know what was going on. Ryan insisted that she had medication and him and would be fine. The well planned dinner was falling apart; Livia and Derek argued and Myrtle left. Ryan looked for Greenlee and barked at Jonathan and Maggie and told them the subject of Greenlee is off limits. He realized Greenlee was missing and called her. One of the "hot girls" showed up with her father to accuse Reggie of stealing her car and crashing it. Lily approached her to ask why she was saying mean things and was rebuffed. Danielle thanked her for saving her life and tricked Autumn into admitting she'd been at the club where her car was found. Danielle walked her into a bathroom stall and swirlie noises ensued. They came back into the ballroom, where Lily and family had been called useless and addled. Autumn admitted to her father that she crashed the car after partying. Erica suggested they leave now. Everyone else left and Jack had to console Lily who realized the hot girls were not her friends. Lily and Reggie left to play chess at home. As Jack and Erica lamented the catastrophic and disastrous day, she asked him to marry her.

Greenlee was in the rafters, with a rope and wearing her Green Butterfly costume, imagining an acrobat Ryan with her. She heard him calling her and promising to catch her. She was swinging when Ryan called but dropped her cell phone mid-conversation. Ryan raced home and couldn't find Greenlee, but he did notice the trapeze gear was missing. He tried to guess where she might be. Kendall was shocked to find Greenlee swinging from a trapeze and wanting to argue about Ryan. She tried to stop Greenlee and wanted to take her home. When that didn't work, she said she was part of her act and wanted to catch her. Greenlee insisted Ryan was the only one she could trust. Kendall begged her to swing to her. Greenlee said it was time and was hanging upside down when Kendall tried to grab her.

Babe and Jamie wondered what was going on in Pine Valley. Jamie tried to focus on them and understanding Babe's history to make their lie of being a married couple work. Babe couldn't stop worrying and decided she needed to tell JR the truth about his son being alive, to protect Miranda. Jamie stopped her. Bianca finally called and said JR and Bess would be at the concert.

Tad tried to tell Bianca the truth and David tried to stop him. Bianca wanted to talk alone and they went outside. David tried to calm Krystal down and they pretended nothing was wrong. Outside, Bianca stopped Tad from talking and said she understands it's all about children being with parents and she wants to protect anyone from admitting criminal wrongdoing. Tad was confused and Bianca said she knew that Bess would be where she belongs very soon. Bianca admitted talking to Babe and Tad guessed they planned to meet at the benefit concert. He was relieved when he heard that Babe plans to make things right and decided to let Babe tell her. Tad wondered how she stays so sane and JR interrupted them. They all went back inside. Tad pontificated about shame and letting others suffer instead of telling the truth. Tad said it breaks his heart to see how Bianca is too good to see the bad in people. JR said he too wanted to stop the lies and threw David and Krystal out. Bianca thanked Tad and hugged Krystal and left. Brooke was very curious and followed Tad out to find out what was going on. Tad told her he just couldn't and asked her to trust him. JR and Adam gloated about finding out that David and Krystal didn't believe Babe's lies either."

- Soap Central