11/24/2004 Thanksgiving At The Valley Inn

"Tad recorded a phone call between Krystal and Babe, and overheard Krystal say she still loves him and that he was right to kick her out.

Everybody shows up at the Chandler mansion for Thanksgiving. J.R. tells Adam he invited Krystal and David because he's going to prove Bess is his even if he has to bury them to do it. Mary, Krystal, David, Brooke, Opal and Palmer all start arguing as soon as they arrive, but agree they all showed up out of curiosity to find out what J.R. and Adam are up to. Marian shows up and attacks Adam for not inviting Stuart, who is at home baking pies to make himself feel better. Adam tells her that Stuart wasn't invited because he helped Tad keep Colby from him by pretending he was Adam to steal the fake DVDs of Bess and Jamie. Tad also shows up at the house uninvited and tells Adam that Stuart is the closest thing he'll ever get to a conscious. Adam points out to everybody that the DVDs didn't matter, because Bess ran away and left Bess behind anyway. J.R. calls everybody off and asks them to get along for the day for Bess.

The rest of Pine Valley is at the Valley Inn for Thanksgiving, with Myrtle as the designated head of the family. Greenlee and Ryan show up and everybody starts fighting until Myrtle reminds them that they're all blessed and should count their blessings -- or at least stop whining and moaning. Greenlee sees Kendall and Ethan and thinks Kendall brought him just to get to her and Ryan. Ryan asks Greenlee if her new medication is making her feel better, and she asks him to keep her situation private.

Kendall pulls Bianca outside and demands to know why she helped get J.R. to agree to go to Florida for the Miranda Center concert. Kendall says she doesn't like setting up her friends and that she won't do anything else that will get them in trouble. Kendall threatens to call J.R., but Bianca stops her and asks her to trust her. She says J.R. used to be her friend, too, but if Kendall had all the facts, she wouldn't be his friend, either. Kendall agrees to stay quiet.

While Kendall is out of the dining room, Ethan tells Erica and Jack that Greenlee tried to run down Kendall in the parking garage. Ryan gets mad at Ethan for telling them. Greenlee admits what she did, then starts to have one of her spells and tells Erica and Kendall that she doesn't need either of them, and calls them a waste of air and space. Myrtle breaks them up by threatening to kick them out of the dinner. While Greenlee and Ryan head out into the lobby, Jonathan lets it spill to everybody that Greenlee has "psychiatric problems" and snapped when she tried to run over Kendall. Greenlee, in the lobby, tells Ryan she's going to the ladies room, but instead ends up on the roof with a rope and a bag full of items.

Down in Florida, Babe and Jamie are celebrating their own Thanksgiving with James and take-out. Babe calls Bianca, but J.R. picks up the phone, which Bianca had dropped in the couch the last time she was at the Chandler mansion. Babe hangs up, but J.R. and Tad recognize the area code as being from Florida. Tad and Krystal know it's really Babe who called and call her back from outside. David tells Babe not to call home, but Babe says she needs to tell Bianca the truth, even if she has to go on national television to do it. David and Krystal plead with Babe not to do anything else because they have a plan to get Miranda back to Bianca if everybody sticks to David's plan. Tad, who overhears part of the phone call, walks in and tells David he wants to talk to Jamie. David hangs up the phone and won't tell Tad where Babe and Jamie are. He says he's protecting Jamie, too, and that J.R. can't know his son is alive.

Inside the Chandler house, J.R. realizes almost everybody has left, but that Tad, Krystal and David are missing. He goes outside to look for them, but when he opens the door, Bianca is there and she wants her phone. J.R. tells her she got a call from Florida and Adam tells her David has her phone. Just then, Tad, Krystal and David come into the room and Tad tells everybody it's time he told the truth.

Derek finds out there are pictures of Danielle and Reggie kissing and pulls the two into Danielle's room to confront them. Danielle defends them, saying they didn't do anything but kiss, and Reggie asks Derek if he even knows his daughter. Danielle says that Derek is clueless about who she is."

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