11/01/2002 Brooke & Adam Continue Their Affair

"Adam, dressed in red silk pajamas, lounged on Brooke's bed, sipping champagne. He tried to convince Brooke to join him and later they would fly on the Concord to London. He had two tickets to Macbeth at the National Theater in his private box. He pointed out to Brooke the chocolate truffles from Geneva, which he had flown in especially for her and the red roses from Philadelphia. Brooke was wary at first saying it wasn't going to happen in a teasing way. She tried to be adamant when she said no to Adam but allowed herself to be convinced otherwise, slipping into her bed beside Adam. She let her head get turned from Adam's generous compliments about her desirability, passion, beauty and lack of inhibition. They both agreed their liaison was not about love.

At the Valley Inn bar, a well-dressed, moneyed woman was sitting at a table, sipping wine and beckoned to Aidan who was tending bar. He asked her if she wanted another. She flirted with him briefly and then asked for another Chablis. She complimented him on being very attentive. Petey, Palmer's son, was sitting at the bar drinking cherry cokes and asked Aidan for another with a double shot of syrup. Kendall joined him and chided him for dumping all the money from a charity collection jar on the bar in payment for his coke.

The woman customer asked Aidan over to her table and wrapping a $100 bill around her hotel key, she slipped it into Aidan's pocket. She told him she would be waiting for him when he got off his shift. Aidan took the money and key out of his pocket and gave it back to the woman telling her she was making a mistake. He left the bar, annoyed.

The woman demanded a nearby waitress to get the manager. When he appeared she proceeded to tell him her pedigree. She was Meredith Cabot of the Philadelphia Cabots. She then proceeded with a story not quite truthful and demanded that Aidan be fired. Kendall butted in and countered with what really happened and said she was a close friend to Donald Steele, of the smut peddling Steeles. She gladly offered to tell the tabloids how Meredith was trolling for boys. Meredith left in a huff. The manager asked Kendall what was she doing there. Kendall replied she was filling in for Aidan because he had to make a phone call about his sick Mum in England. The manager decided it was okay for Kendall to finish Aidan's shift. Aidan returned to the bar and the manager reappeared reprimanding Aidan for walking out on his shift. He told Kendall if he wanted her help, he would ask for it. He then left the bar again.

In the park, Edmund continued to hit David and pummeled him to the ground. David did not resist. Maria failed in her attempt to break the two apart. Edmund paused to ask Maria why she continues to protect David. The police arrived and pulled Edmund off David and handcuffed Edmund, reading him his rights and put him under arrest. Maria demanded Edmund tell her why he was so angry with David. "He stole your life and lied to me about your being alive." replied Edmund. Anna arrived and released Edmund, telling him to go directly home. Seeing the injuries to David's face told him to go to the hospital. David refused to go, not wanting anyone to see his beaten face. She convinced David to go with her to her room at the Valley Inn so she could give him band-aids and iodine.

At Anna's room, she washed David's face, chiding him for fighting with Edmund. David talked to her about seeing her at the restaurant with Jackson. He thought she should have Jackson in her life because he would give her and the baby stability. David said he regretted not growing up feeling secure. He didn't want his child to experience the anxiety and fears he had growing up with Vanessa. Anna told David to find a room at the Inn for the night. He shouldn't drive back to the cabin until morning. David admitted she was right all along about their marriage. He apologized for hurting her. "You don't need me," he replied. Anna argued that no, she didn't need him. Suddenly she whirled around and faced David. Finally, giving in to her real desire, she told him she didn't know how to let him go. "I need you so much." She grabbed his hand and then put his arm around her as she softly cried on his shoulder. David was both perplexed and pleased. She began to unbutton his shirt. Passionately they kissed and made love.

Edmund stormed into the stables at Wildwind, grabbing at halters and bits hanging on the wall. He was going to go riding to work out his anger. Maria followed him to the stables. Seeing his agitation, she said she was a good listener if he wanted to talk. Edmund admitted that riding sometimes doesn't help him blow off steam especially when he can't control his anger at her. Maria asked him what she did. "You died!" replied Edmund. He continued on explaining his feelings for Maria. She thought he meant the Maria he knew. "No," Edmund replied. "I am in love with who you are now." They kissed softly and gently.

Brooke saw Adam to her front door. She told Adam she wouldn't see him in her bed again. Adam tried to cajole her to sleep with him but she stood firm. Standing in the open doorway, they couldn't keep their hands off each other, kissing passionately. Suddenly they heard footsteps approaching. "Look who's here," exclaimed Adam.

The bar shift over, Kendall was in her room at the Valley Inn. There was a knock on the door. It was Aidan. Without a word the two looked longingly at each other as Aidan entered the room."

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