10/31/2002 Adam Goes Trick Or Treating

"While being hypnotized, Zeke asks Maria to remember a time she felt loved and safe. Maria recalls being held in someone's arms she looks up to see it is David holding her. Startled, Maria cries out in alarm and snaps out of her hypnotic state. Edmund rushes into the office asking Maria what she remembered. He wants to know if she's remembering anything about their relationship. Maria again reminds him that she is Maureen and has no memory of her life with Edmund. She tells Edmund she needs to be alone for a while. Edmund is reluctant to leave, but Zeke agrees with Maria. Edmund gives in and leaves. Zeke asks Maria if there is anything she would like to talk about because she seemed troubled by her vision. Maria asks him if what she saw was real, or if it could just be something from a dream. Zeke doesn't know. Anything is possible.

At the cabin, Anna flops down on the sofa telling David she is SO tired. She doesn't understand why it is so hard to let him go. David calls her bluff on the analysis of the contents of the vial. He knows the results were inconclusive and that she was setting a trap for him. Regardless, David tells Anna he loves her. Anna asks why? What makes her different from all the rest? The conversation leads to her bringing up the Maria situation. They go round and round again on his motives. Finally Anna says it is time to bring an end to the madness. She has to leave Pine Valley. David makes her doubt her instincts. David assures Anna that he would have done things differently with Maria now. He has changed because of Anna's influence. He wants to become the man she loves. Their intense conversation is interrupted by the ringing of David's cell phone. It is Maria. She needs to see him right away.

Anna returns to her room. Jackson comes over and Anna tells him how David walked out in the middle of their conversation. She hands Jack her badge and says she can't go after David anymore. Her heart isn't in it. Jack replies that they "danced the resignation tango before." He tells Anna to get some rest. Things will be brighter in the morning. Before he leaves, Jackson places Anna's badge back on the table.

David meets Maria at the park. She asks David if he ever kissed her. David says yes. He was in love with her. David tells Maria that her survival was miraculous. Her will to live overcame her many brushes with death. He was in awe of her spirit. Maria begins to remember more. She remembers feeling immensely grateful for David's help. David tells Maria that they weren't lovers. His kiss was only an expression of deep affection for her. Maria tells David he treated her like a bird with a broken wing. David answers that once she was healed, it was time for her to fly. That was why he let her go. He sent her to Nevada so she could start a new life. Maria is touched, she reaches out and tenderly strokes the side of his face. They embrace. Edmund is watching the exchange. He becomes enraged.

Brooke and Opal put the finishing touches on the Halloween wonderland they created out of Tad's living room. JR and Jamie bring in pumpkins. When Tad comes home, they jump out and cry, "Happy Halloween!" Tad can barely conceal his anger. He tells them he wants it all down. Now. "Dixie is dead." He says. Jamie runs from the room with JR following. Brooke reminds Tad that the kids lost Dixie too. He isn't alone in his grief. Since Dixie loved celebrating Halloween, they wanted to keep up the tradition as a tribute to her.

The doorbell rings and Adam is there with Colby dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. Tad asks where's Liza? Fearing an altercation, Opal whisks Colby to the kitchen for cookies. Tad follows. Brooke asks Adam what he is doing there. Adam replies that he can't stop thinking of her. Brooke tells him to go home to his wife. Adam answers that Liza doesn't understand him. Brooke is the only woman that ever knew the real him. He calls Liza a "magnificent woman." Tad overhears and agrees. Yes, Brooke is magnificent. Adam and Colby leave. Tad apologizes for his conduct and says he misunderstood her motives. He asks how he'll manage to get through the rest of the holidays. Brooke assures Tad that he'll make it through because he has to. Tad tells Brooke he plans to go away for the holidays and rent a house in the Caribbean. He invites Brooke and Jamie to join him. Brooke is shocked. Both her ex's are suddenly interested in her. She tells Tad she needs time to think about it.

When Opal comes in, she finds everyone gone except Tad. She asks what spooked Brooke? Tad answers it was his fault. He still feels guilty about keeping Brooke away from Edmund in the first place. She would be happy today if it weren't for him. Tad feels sorry for Brooke and tells Opal no one should be that lonely.

Brooke returns home to find candlelight and Adam dressed in a robe getting comfortable on her couch. He raises a glass and makes a toast. "Trick or treat?" He asks."

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