08/23/2002 Trey Asks Vanessa About Her Third Son

"While waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin, David overheard Maggie ask Anna about the test results. David asked Anna what test results they were discussing. Anna lied and said she was waiting for DNA results from the lab about a case she was working on.

Meanwhile back at the Valley Inn, Leo is trying to find David. Greenlee entered the hotel room. She asked why Leo wanted to meet her here rather than at their condo. Leo explained about Trey's impersonation as Trey Kenyon, III and that his real name is Ben Shepard. Leo thought Trey might have bugged their condo so he met Greenlee at the Valley Inn. Greenlee noticed the bruise on Leo's lip and was concerned for Leo's safety.

Trey talked to someone on his cell phone at Pine Valley Hospital and discovered Leo found out whom he really is. "It's now or never, Nessa." He said to himself as he charged into her hospital room. He demanded answers from her. Nessa was confused. What was he talking about? "Tell me about the child you abandoned, demanded Trey. Nessa at first denied she had a third child, Leo's and David's younger brother. The confrontation between Trey and Nessa was interrupted by Leo's cell phone call. Leo told Nessa that Trey wasn't who she thought he was and that he was dangerous. He implored her not to let Trey into her room. Trey, hearing that it was Leo on the phone, signaled to Nessa not to let on he was there. Nessa quickly ended the call. Leo realized something was wrong and left for the hospital.

After Trey badgered her, Nessa finally admitted it was true she gave the baby up for adoption. She asked how Trey knew. Did Trey's father tell him since he handled the adoption. "No," Trey told her but he found out some information from the delivery room nurse, Mabel, especially the part about her not wanting the baby. Trey angrily recounted how unhappy the childhood was of the baby she didn't want. Nessa wasn't sure of the connection between Trey and the adopted baby until Trey gave her legal papers about the adoption. As she began to read them, Leo barged into her room and grabbed Trey shoving him against the wall. Leo shouted out his real name, Ben Shepard. Nessa recognized the name and begged Leo to leave Trey alone. "He is your brother," she told Leo. Leo's jaw dropped.

Wondering why the procession had not started, Edmund asked Hayley about the delay. Upon finding out that the flower girl (Maddie) and misplaced her flowers, Edmund announced to the waiting guests that the delay was due to a missing bouquet. After Maddie found her bouquet in the living room, she left for the wedding. Maria came out from her hiding place in the living room and saw the picture of her holding Maddie when Maddie was a baby. Maria wondered why her picture was at Wildwind. After putting the picture in her purse, she decided to find Brooke to get some answers. She left for the wedding chapel.

Finally Maddie appeared at the chapel with the missing bouquet. The wedding procession began. Maddie sweetly sprinkled petals as she walked down the aisle. Sam followed as the ring bearer. Hayley was next and then the bride appeared on Jamie's arm. Edmund gave Brooke a loving smile. They exchanged vows they had written. Edmund went first. He told Brooke of his love for her and the happiness they will have together forever. When he told Brooke how much he admired her integrity and honesty she interrupted him and he stopped her. No editing, he reminded her. It was then Brooke's turn and she pledged her love forever to Edmund. She told him about what was given to her as something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new given to her that day. Brooke had a brief anxiety attack and asked Edmund how she could be so lucky to be loved by him. She then paused and Edmund became concerned. He asked her if she was ok. He assured her no one would take away his love for her.

As Maria entered the chapel and peeked through a crack in the door, Edmund and Brooke exchanged rings and were pronounced man and wife. While Edmund and Brooke kissed, Maddie turned around and saw Maria watching them. Maria quickly left the wedding chapel as Maddie left the ceremony to follow her. Maria went to the mausoleum and sat on the floor hidden from view. Maddie entered the chamber and quietly called out, "Mommy?""

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