11/06/2001 Erica Apologizes

"Jesse was lying on the sofa at Tad's, apparently sleeping while Leslie was snooping around the house. He woke up, sensing that "the crazy broad is here!" and looked around until he spotted Leslie. Jesse tried to make some sort of contact with Leslie, to freak her out but the best he could do was to knock a flower vase to the floor. This startled Leslie but she continued lurking about the house. She went upstairs and returned carrying Tad's tux. Jesse had fallen to the floor and he reached up, grabbing the bottom of the tux. He pulled as Leslie tugged back. She looked around and saw no one in the house and said to herself "Maybe I should go back on those meds!." She left the living room with the tuxedo and Jesse struggled to get off the floor and follow her.

At the bar in SOS Ryan joined Leo and grabbed his drink, downing it in one gulp. He handed his motorcycle keys to Leo and Leo said that was a good idea, at least until Ryan sobered up. Ryan said no, he wanted Leo to take his bike and get out of town, leave the wife he doesn't love. Leo looked long and hard at the keys. Meanwhile at the Valley Inn Laura was beginning to panic because Leo was late for the rehearsal dinner. Brooke tried to calm her while Edmund went into the lobby and tried to call Leo. While Leo was staring at the motorcycle keys his phone rang and he answered it. It was Edmund who told Leo he was late for the dinner and that Laura was getting upset. Leo told him to tell Laura he wasn't coming, that he needed to help a friend. He asked Edmund to have everyone put on their costumes and come on over to the party. Edmund agreed and they hung up. Ryan tried to talk Leo into leaving town but Leo refused. Ryan poured himself another drink but Leo took it away . Ryan said he thinks the problems he and Leo have are because of their fathers. "They brought us into this world but never gave a damn about us!" Chris Stamp listened in while Leo said maybe their fathers didn't keep any promises but that he wasn't going to break his promise to Laura. Ryan smiled at him and told him he was a good man. Mia showed up and Leo asked her to watch out for Ryan as he left to get dressed for the costume party.

Edmund joined Brooke and Laura and told them what Leo had said. Laura got very upset but Edmund was able to calm her down by saying Leo was helping a friend and that's what makes Leo Leo. Susie showed up and demanded to be paid even if the wedding didn't take place. Laura told her she'd get her money after the wedding. Laura turned to her mother and Edmund and apologized for getting so nasty. "Leo and I don't need a rehearsal, we have a real marriage and no one can take that away." They all left to go to the party at SOS.

Brooke and Edmund arrived at SOS dressed as old west characters. She told him he was great with Laura earlier and he kissed her. They watched as other costumed guests entered SOS and then followed them inside. There they found Leo dressed in prison garb, complete with a ball and chain.

Tad and Dixie arrived in gangster attire. Dixie was more relaxed and said she was sorry she'd gotten so worked up over the strange bride that appeared at their house. Jesse showed up and searched the club for Tad. Finally Tad saw him and was shocked at how bad Jesse looked "For a dead guy you don't look so hot!." Jesse could only say one word "Leslie!." After a moment he was able to tell Tad to follow him but that Dixie couldn't come with them. Tad told Dixie he had to step out for a moment but would be back soon. She was disappointed but said ok. Tad and Jesse left and Jesse took him back to his own house. They walked around the living room and Jesse could barely speak. He was able to say Leslie's name again but it was too late. Leslie came out of the shadows and hit Tad on the head with a shovel and knocked him out cold.

Opal and Erica met at the Valley in for dinner and Erica told her friend that she also invited Bianca and Frankie. Opal started to leave, saying Erica was up to something and she didn't want anything to do with it. Erica denied this, saying she changed her mind and is backing off. Opal said Erica's "180 is giving me whiplash!" and didn't really believe Erica had a change of heart. Bianca and Frankie arrived and sat down at the table. Erica began by apologizing to the two of them, saying she had no right to dictate their personal lives. Bianca didn't buy this at all but Erica went on to tell Frankie she was welcome to stay in Pine Valley. Erica said she was wrong about her and wants to start over. Bianca said this was bogus but Frankie told her to give her mother a chance. Bianca insisted that this was all fake and Frankie said she could fake it too and they could just all pretend to get along. Vanessa was at a table close by and listened in on the conversation. Frankie told Bianca she was siding with her mother because they both care about Bianca. Bianca thought this was very strange but Frankie accepted Erica's apology. Erica excused herself to go to the powder room and ran into Mateo. He asked her if she knew the girl sitting next to Bianca very well. Erica said she was Bianca's friend Frankie and Mat proceeded to tell her about Frankie trying to score drugs at SOS. Erica told him not to tell anyone, that she'd take care of it. Mat agreed and left. Erica called SOS and spoke to Chris Stamp and demanded that he meet her at the Valley Inn immediately. Erica returned to the table to find Opal had left. She asked the girls what they wanted to do and offered to take them shopping at the boutique in the lobby. The girls turned her down so Erica asked Frankie to tell her about herself, what her hobbies are, where she's traveled, ect. But before Frankie could answer Erica spotted Chris and ran to him. She told Chris about Frankie going to SOS for drugs and ordered him to have her arrested. Chris said he couldn't waste the Fed's time on a casual user, they were going for the big dealers. Erica argued and Chris told her Bianca will be furious if she finds out what Erica is trying to do. Erica said she'll do whatever it takes to get rid of Frankie and threatened Chris, saying she'll blow his cover if he doesn't do as she says. She told him she was going out of town for a little while and expected the problem to be solved by the time she returns. Chris was very angry with her, but said "Fine!" and left.

While her mother was speaking to Chris Bianca asked Frankie if she'd like to go to the costume party at SOS. She said they could go as "Freaks and Geeks" and Frankie agreed. They left to go to the party at SOS. Before they entered the party Frankie stopped and said she changed her mind. Bianca thought it was because if they entered together everyone would think they were a couple. Frankie said no, she didn't care what anyone else thought. Palmer and Vanessa showed up, dressed up as Egyptians. Palmer asked Vanessa to introduce him to her niece, which she did. They all started to go inside but Bianca's phone rang. She answered it and it was Erica, telling her that she's going out of town for business. Bianca thanked her for being cool about Frankie and Erica told her she loved her. When they hung up Bianca was ecstatic, and told Frankie her mom was going out of town and leaving them alone for a while. Frankie said "Let's ditch this party!" and the girls left.

In Jake's office Greenlee has most of her gorilla costume on. She fingered the forged note from Leo asking her to meet him at SOS and thought back to the conversation she had with Jake. She said to herself "I can handle this Jake!" and put the gorilla head on and headed over to the party.

Laura and Susie walked into SOS and Laura was horrified to see what Leo was dressed as. Susie told her to chill or people would know she was nuts. Leo joined her and told her she was cute in her "Little Bo-peep" outfit but Laura corrected him, saying she was "Little Miss Muffett" and showed him her spider. Leo went to greet some more guests and Laura told Susie to keep looking for Greenlee. The gorilla walked in and looked around and muttered to herself "this better be good Leo!." Greenlee walked around looking for Leo and spotted him. As she tried to connect with him a monster grabbed her for a dance. She broke free but when she got near Leo Brooke stood up and proposed a toast to the bride and groom. It was a long mushy thing and when Brooke finished Greenlee laughed. Laura heard her but couldn't figure out which costumed guest was Greenlee. She turned to Susie and said she knew Greenlee was there. The two of them split up to look for Greenlee. Susie bumped into the gorilla, who yelped in surprise. Susie joined Laura who said she recognized that voice as Greenlee. Across the room Leo was saying goodbye to Vanessa and Palmer and walked outside with them. He returned just after Laura dropped her fake spider down the back of Greenlee's costume, which sent Greenlee into fits. Laura stood there laughing happily until Leo joined her. Then she turned into a quivering mass of fear and told Leo she knew that was Greenlee and that she was there to ruin everything. Leo walked over to the gorilla and pulled off the costume head to find Laura inside. They just looked at each other.

Mateo sat at a table in the Valley Inn with an unidentified man. Mat was discussing business operations with him and told him if he partners with him he won't be sorry. Mateo left and returned to SOS. He grabbed a bottle of alcohol and told Simone he was going to the back room and not to bother him. Simone was very curious as to where he'd been and what he'd been doing but Mateo wouldn't say a word.

Mia and Ryan went back to his room at the Pine Cone. She asked if he wanted to talk about anything and he told her no. So she started putting moves on him but he turned away from her. Mia was hurt by this and said that was her cue to leave. Before she could someone knocked on the door. Ryan was very angry and yanked the door open to find Chris Stamp standing there. Chris walked into the room and told Ryan he was just making sure he'd gotten home ok. Ryan didn't believe this and wanted to know who Chris really was. Chris told him he's got answers to the questions Ryan has about his father."

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