06/22/2001 Laura Says Her Goodbyes

"At their home, Hayley and Mateo are talking about when he should go to the club that day. The phone rings, it's Isabella. Apparently Rosa is missing and her mother is very upset. While Mateo is trying to calm her down, the doorbell rings and Mateo opens the door to find Rosa standing there. He tells their mother and suggests she come over there too. Rosa pleads for Mateo's help, saying she hates the Catholic school she goes to. Mateo says, "That's not the point. The point is you lied to a bunch of nuns and went behind Mom's back." Rosa says it wasn't a lie because she is not going back to St. Agnes, no matter what. The nuns called Father Tony because Rosa was giving up her financial aid, and he called her mother. Rosa says she wishes she had forged Isabella's signature on the letter, but her handwriting doesn't match. Mateo is shocked, saying "What's wrong with you?" Rosa replies, "It's just that I want to go to public school, like most people in the world. I want to wear regular clothes and date boys before I die." Isabella comes in and they argue about where Rosa will go to school. When Isabella asks Mateo for his opinion, he says, "I think you should let her go to Pine Valley High....You can't shield us kids from life...You taught us well and the bottom line is you shouldn't be ashamed of us." Isabella says Father Tony said that people have to make their own decisions and she agrees to let Rosa go to public school. Rosa swears she won't disappoint her and will never lie to her again. Isabella warns her that she better not. Rosa says she's going to a swimming party at the boathouse. Her mother tells her to have a good time. Rosa leaves, and once outside the house, takes off her jacket to reveal a midriff-baring shirt. Isabella then leaves and Mateo starts to rub Hayley's back. She says "Oww" and says she's having pain. Mateo takes her to the doctor.

Over at the homeless shelter, Gabriel is there and a woman tells him they will have a bed for him tonight. Derek Frye comes in (he coaches the softball team) and asks Gabriel if he was kicked out of Wildwind. Gabriel retorts that he left on his own. Derek says, "Good, because you have caused the Marick family nothing but trouble." Gabriel says, "I had nothing to do with Gillian being shot. I'm tired of telling you that." Derek softens a bit and invites Gabriel to go eat in the dining hall. J.R. shows up for his community service. A woman tells him he will be folding laundry today. J.R. regards the task with distaste, but gets to work. The Shannon Trio (Shannon, Heather, and Mindy) comes in. They invite J.R. to a party at the boathouse that Sweeney and Marcus are throwing him for protecting them when Kenny overdosed. Derek comes in and tells J.R. when he is done folding laundry; he will be pulling weeds on the baseball field. He invites the girls to help and they leave. J.R. appears very unhappy with the idea of weeding the field. After Derek leaves, Gabriel comes in and says, "What's up with the creep detective?" J.R. says, "Lt. Frye? Oh, you know, he thinks he knows everything, like they all do." Gabriel says he's going for a swim at the boathouse. J.R.'s phone rings, it's Dixie checking up on him. This angers him. He recalls Shannon's invitation and then remembers Hayley telling him to call her first before he goes to a party and takes anything. He calls Hayley, but since Mateo took her to the doctor, he gets the machine. He starts to leave a message, then says he'll talk to her later.

Over at the boathouse, Gabriel is there when Marcus, Sweeney and the other kids come over. They tell him to leave and threaten him. Gabriel starts to leave, but observes Rosa and her friend Philomena arrive. Marcus sees Rosa and starts coming on to her.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Ryan sits by Gillian, holding her hand. He says, "They're saying you're gone. But how can that be? Your hands are still warm. I know you're just resting so you can get better. I am not going to let anything else happen to you. No one can take you away from me." Leo watches at the window. Ryan has locked the door, no one can get in. Dimitri and Alex are there and Dimitri offers to try to talk to Ryan again. Leo doesn't want to ask Ryan and says they'll have to find another donor. Jake tells him, "Laura went into cardiac arrest last night. She's stable, we brought her back. But that might not be the case next time.... It's only a matter of hours, Leo. Gillian's heart is Laura's only chance."

Outside of Laura's room, Edmund talks with Brooke. David comes out of the room and says Laura is asking for Brooke. She goes in and Laura, looking very pale and weak, says she wants to see Leo and Jamie. Bianca comes up to Edmund and David. Brooke tells David of Laura's request. He says, "I think it's time for Laura to be around her loved ones." Zora comes out and tells Bianca that Laura wants to see her. Bianca goes in and Laura say she can see her when she is 30, and she is beautiful, happy, and loved. Outside the room, Zora and David discuss Laura's condition. Her kidneys are starting to shut down. Brooke pleads, "Please don't give up on her....You've done the impossible before." David says, "Without a transplant, we're at the end of the line. There's no hope. I'm sorry." He asks where Leo is. Brooke tells him about Gillian and how Leo is asking Ryan to donate her heart. David is shocked to hear about Gillian, but then says, "Her heart. Oh, we got to get on this right away. We've got no time to waste....We may have a miracle yet. Just hold on." He leaves and Opal arrives with Jamie. He sits and talks with Laura while Opal tries to comfort Brooke, who says Laura wants her to let her go.

Meanwhile, David consults with Jake, saying, "I see their blood types match. That's a huge hurdle." Jake says, "There's an excellent chance that the heart will be compatible, but the problem is, we have to get the testing....Ryan can't accept the fact that Gillian is gone." David says, "Then we have to keep working on him, Jake. Ryan is going to snap out of it in a couple of days and realize that two lives were lost needlessly."

At Gillian's room, Leo pleads with Ryan to listen to him and save Laura. Leo finally kicks the door open and goes in. Ryan threatens to kill him if he comes near Gillian. Security guards grab Leo, but Jake comes in and sends them away. Leo tells Ryan that Laura is dying and asks him to come and see her. Ryan says, "I can't leave Gillian. Somebody might hurt her while I'm gone." Dimitri and Alex say they will stay with Gillian. Ryan leaves with Leo. Jake is paged and leaves the room also. David comes in and says he had Jake paged, "I'm hoping the two of you will do the sensible thing." He want to do the tissue typing without Ryan's consent. Dimitri and Alex refuse to do it behind Ryan's back.

Over at Laura's room, Ryan and Leo watch her talk with Jamie. She asks him not to go to camp because their mother should not be alone. She says she'll be looking after him from heaven. Ryan is very affected by this. Leo pleads with him, saying, "Laura doesn't have much time....She doesn't deserve to die. I know-Gillian too. I hate to say it, but it's too late for her. We can't bring her back now....She's the last person in the world that I would want this to happen to. But it happened. I think that Gillian would want to help Laura live. And deep down, I think you know that, too. And in a way, Gillian could live on because of Laura." Ryan is choked up and walks away. He goes to see Gillian. With tears on his face, he asks Jake, "You're sure she's not in any pain? And if they do this, if they take out her heart, she won't feel it?" Jake assures him she won't. Ryan asks, "And if they put it in Laura, it's not going to die, will it?" Jake says, "That's right. A piece of Gillian will live on." Finally, Ryan says, "I'll sign the papers."

Leo is with Laura. She says, "Leo, be happy. Promise me you won't forget you're a better person than you think you are." Suddenly, she goes into cardiac arrest. Zora races into the room and attempts to save her."

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