"A rumpled Leo nervously explained the situation aboard the Fidelity to Greenlee. Greenlee listened intently until Leo was finished. "Where did you get your flair for the dramatic?" she asked sarcastically. Surmising that Leo had taken a page out of Vanessa's handbook on how to dupe people for money, Greenlee firmly stated that her offer of money to Leo was off the table. Leo was stunned; he was convinced that Greenlee would hand over a check because she still cared about him. Leo insisted that everything he'd said was the truth and hinted that if he didn't get the money he needed, a boatful of people could be killed by his loan shark. Again Greenlee declined to help. "After all the times I saved your butt?" Leo snapped. He threw his hands in the air and rose from the table. With a piercing glance, he told Greenlee that he no longer wanted and thing to do with her and stormed out of the restaurant. Shortly after Leo left, Greenlee placed a call on her cellular phone and asked the person on the other end to "just look into it." After hanging up, Greenlee looked up and spotted her father hovering over table. Roger took it upon himself to invite himself to join his daughter at the table. Greenlee wasn't the least bit pleased to see her dad and sassed that the only reason he was free was because "Erica Kane's dance card [was] full." Roger continued to insist that his interest in Erica was purely to help do damage control for his daughter. He asserted that he was truly interested in Greenlee and wanted what was best for her. Greenlee countered that Roger was only interested in her trust fund, money that he has helped himself to many times over the years. Greenlee tired of her father's presence and left him at the table by himself. Roger looked over to the entrance of the restaurant and gasped. "Of all the gin joints," he said softly. He rose to his feet and quickly walked over to the woman who'd just entered - Vanessa. The two smiled broadly at one another and exchanged the familiarities of two friends who hadn't seen each other in years. According to Vanessa, the last time they'd been together was during a summer in Tijuana. Vanessa cracked a wry smile and mentioned that from the looks of it Roger's interest in young women with big bank accounts had not changed since last they'd met. It took Roger a few moments to realize that Vanessa thought that he and Greenlee had something going on. Roger chuckled slightly and revealed to Vanessa that Greenlee was his daughter. Vanessa was caught off guard by the announcement and it took her some time before she could offer a response. As her daze continued, she questioned why she and Roger had not bumped into each other. After all, she explained, they do travel in the same social circles. Now it was Roger's turn to be surprised. Vanessa informed Roger that she was married to Palmer Cortlandt. Roger laughed deviously and appeared quite pleased for his friend. As the conversation continued, Vanessa told Roger that their children had once toyed with the idea of living together. Roger had had no idea that Leo was Vanessa's son and questioned how Leo had picked up his French surname. Vanessa smiled devilishly and said that everyone was under the impression that Leo's father was Count du Pres. The two seemed to both know that that was not the case. Vanessa pleaded with her friend to keep quiet about the truth. Roger nodded his head and agreed to keep the truth a well-guarded secret.

Aboard the yacht, Gillian explained to Ryan that Leo had gone ashore to handle some "business." Ryan was furious and worried that Leo's excursion would cost them all dearly. Across the hall, Laura cringed as Mr. Miller told her how much he enjoyed the photos he'd seen of her on the Internet. With Laura's back to the wall, Vince easily overpowered her. Vince forced himself upon Laura, kissing her neck and running his fingers through her blonde hair. Laura managed to knee Vince in the groin and run away, but she could only get so far because the room has just one exit. Mr. Miller caught up to Laura and again forced himself upon her. Fortunately, Ryan overheard the commotion and raced into the room. Ryan clobbered Vince and rendered him unconscious. Gillian made her way to the room and a little while later Leo returned to the boat and joined the fray. Leo declined to say where he'd gone, saying only that he had business to tend to. Outside, Carl, Vince's bodyguard, listened to the conversation with his gun drawn. Quietly, Carl entered the room and demanded to know what had happened. As the foursome struggled to come up with an answer, Derek's voice blared over a megaphone announcing the arrival of the Pine Valley Police Department. Derek's arrival couldn't have come at a better him. Several of his officers rounded up Vince and his goon and hauled them off to the station. Derek said that the police had received an anonymous tip that something foul was going on aboard the ship and that they decided to investigate. Leo asked if the anonymous informant was a woman. Derek puckered his lips and asked Leo if he know the meaning of the word "anonymous." As the group continued to discuss what had happened, Leo sneaked out of the room and left the yacht. Derek revealed that the "big fish" Vince Miller had wanted to pick up was wanted on tax evasion charges. Laura announced that she wanted to get off of the yacht as soon as possible because she was convinced it was haunted because something bad happens to her every time she's on it.

After a boys' basketball game at Pine Valley High, Bianca and Philomena discussed Shannon's fall from grace courtesy of Ecstasy. Phil assured Bianca that she'd done the right thing and said that she can only hope that she'd do the same thing if she were ever in her shoes. A few feet away, Shannon, Mindy and Heather looked on with frowns. Shannon, who'd been kicked off of the cheerleading team, grumbled that sitting in the bleachers during the game was extremely boring. Mindy smiled broadly and told her friend that "some X" would cheer her up. Shannon rolled her eyes and said that taking ecstasy was out of the question because she undergoes a urinalysis every morning before school. Meanwhile, Phil expressed her concern that the three girls might try to cause trouble for Bianca. She offered Bianca the use of her pepper spray, but Bianca politely declined. After Phil left to post the basketball scores on the school's web site, Shannon and her friends approached Bianca. As Mindy and Heather confronted Bianca by calling her "the queer," Shannon stood quiet in the background. Shannon asked her friends to stop insulting Bianca,. But she didn't do so in a way that made her look like she was defending Bianca. Mindy and Heather headed on their way to get ready for a post-game party, but Shannon lingered behind. Speaking as Shannon's interim sponsor, Bianca urged Shannon not to go to the party with her friends. Shannon insisted that she would not take any drugs at the party, but Bianca felt that the temptation factor wasn't a good thing. Bianca noticed that Shannon was having some real difficulty with her situation and offered her some advice to get through the hard times. She suggested that Shannon write her private thoughts in a journal, adding that the journal she kept while she was in rehab really helped her out. Bianca then warned Shannon to make sure that no one ever read her journal. After Bianca headed on her way, Shannon teamed up again with her cheerleader pals. She smiled broadly and revealed that she'd come up with the perfect way to stick it to Bianca.

In the bar at The Valley Inn, Jack briefed Erica on the fallout of Bianca's learning that Sarah was going to Paris for Easter. Erica insisted that she hadn't willingly kept that information from her daughter, but Jack explained that Bianca had a fear that she was trying to keep her and Sarah apart. Opal entered the bar and, upon spotting Erica, quickly shielded her face. Erica called out to her gal pal, but Opal did her best to ignore her. Erica left her seat and approached Opal and asked her if she was mad at her. Opal sighed deeply and sat down with Erica and Jack at their table. Opal explained that she'd had dinner with "Roger Smith" and that all the man could talk about was Erica. Opal had been hoping that Roger was interested in her and the constant Erica talk upset her. Erica apologized for Opal's failed date. Jack, meanwhile, wanted to know who the women were discussing. Erica and Opal both assured Jack that Roger was harmless, but Jack remained concerned. Jack was paged away before he could express any additional worries. After the attorney left, Opal and Erica made amends - not that Opal was really mad at Erica. Opal explained that her dinner with Roger had gotten her hopes up because it's been a long time since she had a date. Erica pledged to make finding a new man for Opal her personal mission. Opal also mentioned that during the date-that-wasn't, Roger has expressed a desire to make a donation to Erica's Teens Against Addiction fund. Erica wondered aloud if she had misjudged Roger. As they talked, Opal's eyes wandered into the distance. Saying that the town had gotten "too small," Opal excused herself from the table. Erica spun around and noticed that Roger has taken a place at the bar. Erica apologized to Roger for thinking the worst of him and the two agreed that they'd try to get together for another dinner date.

As Greenlee sat alone in BJ's, she again picked up her cell phone and placed a called. To the person on the other end, she explained that she wanted information about the anonymous tip she'd just called in. The person on the other end, presumably a police officer, declined to give her any additional information. Leo walked into the restaurant slowly and approached Greenlee's table. "You did it, didn't you?" he asked softly."

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