09/15/1999 Adam Tries To Stop Liza From Giving Consent

"As he watched Jake sign the consent form, Adam was haunted by memories of when David told him that he knew about Colby's paternity. "Don't do it," he yelled as he stepped forward. Liza shook her head and told her husband that they had already discussed the situation. Jake chimed in that he and Liza's were the ones who would be making the decision---not Adam's. If that was to designed to squash Adam's tirade, it didn't work. Adam forcefully announced that he would not allow them to continue. He snatched the consent form away from Jake and threatened to tear it into pieces. Of course if he had ripped it, another could easily have been drawn up. Jake warned Adam to back off or face a security escort out of the hospital. Adam wanted to know why Colby had been chosen to save Dimitri. Why not someone else? Edmund cited the time factor and Alexandra backed him up. She added that no one was sure if Colby would even be a suitable donor for Dimitri. Jake informed Adam that DNA and blood tests still had to be done. The very mention of DNA testing sent shockwaves up and down Adam's spine. He wanted to know where the tests would be performed. Jake calmly explained that the test would be done in the hospital's lab. Adam handed over the consent form and Liza quickly scrawled her name. Alex gave her a hug to thank her for agreeing to the procedure and then she and Edmund raced off to the lab. Jake, meanwhile, decided to run along and see if there was anything that he could do to speed up the process. Adam tried to scurry out of the solarium, but Liza stood in his path. She blasted him for reverting to his old ways and questioned whether or not their marriage could survive "the old Adam." Adam assured Liza that he was simply being "an overprotective parent" and that it was an isolated incident. He told Liza that he had to run along to a board meeting. Liza, however, would not let him leave. She told him that she wanted him to understand the seriousness of his outbursts. Adam nodded his head and said that they could discuss their problems after his board meeting.

Joe found Tad lingering in the corridor outside of David's office. "How nice to see you with your feet on the ground," he mused. Tad bowed his head bashfully and told his father that he had not planned to plunge from an airplane. Tad admitted that his freefall had been a bit overboard, but he said that it was worth it because it had helped convince Dixie to put off on having another child. Meanwhile inside David's office, David was finishing his physical exam of Dixie. The checkup showed that Dixie remained in good health. "There is no indication of any damage," said David. The examination was needed to be sure that the miscarriage had not done any damage to Dixie's heart. "If my heart is healthy," asked Dixie, "then why does it hurt so much?" She told David that she and Tad had agreed to postpone trying to have another baby. David nodded and said that the postponement might be for the best. It would allow Dixie's body to fully recuperate and, said David, daily medical breakthroughs might allow Dixie to carry a baby to term without the associated health risks. Dixie worried that nothing would change Tad's mind and that she'd have to go through the rest of her life without having another chance to have a baby. Dixie and David exited his office and David took Tad aside to tell him about Dixie's checkup. Joe seized the opportunity to have a few words with Dixie. He told her that he understood how much of a sacrifice it was to hold off on trying to have another baby. Jake wandered by and was quickly roped into the discussion. Dixie and Tad wanted to know why he looked so glum. Jake was unable to go into specifics, but he said that he had just signed papers to allow Colby's stem cells to be used in an experimental procedure. Dixie wondered why Jake was so glum---especially when Colby could help save someone else's life. Jake had a one-word answer: Adam. He explained that Adam had objected to using Colby's stored cells. Dixie warned Jake that he had to strike now to prevent Adam from interfering in Colby's life. If he didn't, she said that a life of hell would be on the horizon. David asked Jake if the DNA tests would be done that day. Jake nodded and said that he had to go check on some things. David also excused himself, saying that a patient needed to be seen. Tad and Dixie shared some time alone. Tad promised to do something nice for Dixie---like taking her out for a smoothie. As Tad carried Dixie in his arms down the hall, he teased that it was her treat!

Brooke met with her secretary to briefly touch base before she headed off to a conference. Brooke was set to leave, but she decided that she should phone Phoebe and say goodbye. She was in the process of leaving a message on her aunt's answering machine. Phoebe suddenly appeared in the doorway trumpeting that she had an urgent question for her niece. In actuality, it was more of a statement. "For the life of me I can't understand why a clever woman like you is wasting her life," Phoebe grumbled. Brooke crinkled her brow and asked Phoebe what she was talking about. Phoebe explained that she didn't understand why Brooke was choosing to go through life solo---without a man. Brooke insisted that she was doing quite fine on her own. Phoebe conceded that that might be true, but she was sure that Brooke would change her mind one day and that by then it might be too late to get a man. Quite conveniently for Phoebe, Jack entered the office. She immediately enlisted the lawyer in her attempt to get a man for Brooke. Jack agreed with Phoebe's remark that every woman needs a man. Who else, he mused, could "fix the leaks, grill the burgers, change flat tires, and always leave the seat up?" That wasn't quite what Phoebe wanted to hear, but she hoped that Brooke would get the hint. She was dismayed when she learned that Brooke was flying off to attend a women in publishing conference. Not a man in sight, sighed Phoebe. After Phoebe left, Jack admitted that Phoebe did have a valid argument. Brooke, on the other hand, thought her aunt was way off the mark. Brooke had to be on her way. As she prepared to leave, she was going to give Jack a kiss goodbye. Jack pulled away and teased her about the display of affection. She shouldn't go around kissing men who she'd not involved with, Jack chuckled. He leaned over anyway and pointed to his cheek. Brooke moved within inches of his ear and sassily remarked, "In your dreams."

On the sun porch, Jake sat down with Joe and told him that he was concerned about Colby living with Adam. He said nothing about the stem cell tests, instead simply stating that Adam had been ranting and raving again. Jake stopped short, however, of saying that he was going to seek a way to take Colby away from Adam and Liza. Joe urged calm and said that sooner or later Adam's scheming would blow up in his face.

Alexandra and Edmund raced into the laboratory and asked the lunching lab technician to put a rush order on the genetic testing. The technician looked indifferently at the pair and explained that there were policies that had to be followed. Edmund grabbed the man by his shirt collar and pushed him against the wall. "Do it now!" Edmund snarled. Alexandra cleared her throat and stepped forward. After helping to unhand the tech, she identified herself as Dr. Devane. She told the man, named Monty, that her patient, and Edmund's brother, had lapsed into a coma and needed the test results immediately. Monty agreed to run the tests immediately, but said that he could not be certain how long it would take to get the results. Alex and Edmund headed for the solarium. There Alex phoned Dr. Silbert and received even more bad news. Dimitri's breathing had become shallow and his blood pressure had dropped.

Adam skulked around the hallway outside the lab. Once he was certain that the coast was clear, he entered the lab with a broad smile. He introduced himself to Monty, who was impressed to meet the man that the hospital wing had been named after. Adam claimed that one of his many publications was planning to do a report on medical procedures, specifically stem cell therapy. Monty, who had globs of chocolate pudding on the side of his face, chirped merrily at the interest and began showing Adam around the lab. Adam asked the man if he would mind having a camera crew take some pictures of the lab. Monty had no objections and raced off to the men's room to freshen up. Adam, meanwhile, parked himself behind the computer terminal. The door suddenly opened and David walked in. Adam's eyes widened in angst. "You are so predictable," David laughed. "Give it up, Adam. You're busted.""

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