09/14/1999 Dimitri Falls Into A Coma

"A lost earring prevented Liza from heading to the hospital undetected. As she looked underneath the sofa cushions, Adam entered the room and swarmed around her. He wanted to know where she was going, but, in his defense, he did also find Liza's missing ear accouterment. The couple squabbled back and forth briefly over the previous night's events. Adam insisted that Trevor and Mateo broke into his home. Liza, however, defended it as "an act of love." Again Adam asked Liza where she was headed. Liza calmly told Adam that it was none of his concern. Adam pestered and pestered and eventually determined that Colby was somehow involved in whatever Liza was doing. Liza nodded her head. She told Adam that Dimitri was not dead and that Colby could help save his life. Adam immediately feared that Colby would be subjected to probing and prodding. Liza explained that Colby's stem cells would be analyzed to determine if they were genetically compatible with Dimitri's DNA. She repeated that Colby would not be harmed or even examined during the process. Adam refused to let his daughter be a part of an experimental procedure. The stem cells, he said angrily, were supposed to be stored in case Colby needed them---not used on someone else. Liza also voiced some concern about that, but the greater need right now was saving a man's life. She also pointedly noted that Adam really had no say because he was not Colby's biological father.

Chitchat and gossip filled the air at The Glamorama as Tiffany and Becca readied the salon for a day of business. Tiffany got Becca to open up about her feelings for Scott with some gentle nudging. "Scott's the one, isn't he?" Tiffany smiled. Becca blushed slightly and asked if her feelings were obvious. Tiffany teased that her feelings were about as inconspicuous as neon lights. Opal breezed into the room and ordered the women to do more working and less talking. Marian entered a few seconds later carrying a bouquet of roses. She walked over to Opal and told Opal that the flowers were for her. Opal blinked once or twice before reaching for a pair of scissors. Without warning, Opal turned the scissors on the flowers and began cutting off the blooms. Marian looked on in shocked amazement. "I'm allergic," Opal snapped. Opal, however, was not done venting her anger at Marian. She reached for a container of face mud and smudged a thick layer of goo on Marian's face. Marian again was surprised, but she knew that she probably deserved the cold shoulder treatment. Marian pleaded with Opal to listen to her explanation of why she'd acted so poorly. She insisted that she never meant to alienate her good friend and only wanted to land Stuart a spot on the PHAT committee. Opal understood Marian's devotion to her husband, but remarked that Marian could have called her and warned her not to attend the meeting. Marian asked Opal if she wanted to go to lunch. Opal smiled and sarcastically replied that she'd join her "the day after hell freezes over." Before the two women could make amends, one of Marian's "new friends" placed a call and stirred up more trouble. Vanessa placed a call from The Valley Inn with the hopes of getting Marian to join her for lunch. Marian was thrilled that one of Pine Valley's elite wanted to dine with her and she gladly accepted the invitation. Across the room, Tiffany tended to Greenlee's jagged cuticles. Tiffany probed into the young woman's life---unassumingly, of course. Greenlee boasted that she and Scott were once again becoming close. Tiffany continued to ask leading questions that would give her a better idea of how close Greenlee and Scott actually were. Greenlee admitted that she and Scott had not been intimate since their return to town, but she was sure that it was just a matter of time. Adrian, Belinda, and Peter stormed the salon fresh from the baseball field. Opal scolded her sons for being proverbial bulls in the china shop. Adrian and Peter headed off to the kitchen for a bite to eat. Tiffany, meanwhile, ogled Adrian's "personality" and asked if he was currently seeing anyone. Opal chided Tiffany for peeping at her son. Belinda, though, answered the second part of the question. She said she and Adrian were currently involved. Tiffany retreated and found a few seconds to warn Becca to keep her eyes on Greenlee. She did not tell Becca about her conversation with Greenlee. Belinda gushed endlessly about Adrian's interaction with kids. It didn't take Opal long to figure out that she wanted to settle down with Adrian. Opal was in favor of the idea, but Belinda made her swear that she wouldn't tell Adrian that she wanted a more permanent relationship.

Edmund was on the phone when Alexandra entered his office. The doctor was dismayed to learn that Edmund had been placing numerous phone calls to other doctors asking for their input on stem cell therapy. Alex reminded Edmund that the medical technique had never been used to treat someone with Dimitri's illness. Edmund touted Alexandra as a "pioneer" in neurological research and reminded her that the methods she was currently using to treat Dimitri were also unproven. In return, Alex said that she was not sure what the outcome of the treatment would be; Dimitri could be completely cured, his condition could be unaffected, or things could get much worse. She asked Edmund if he was willing to take that chance with Dimitri's life. Edmund wanted to do everything in his power to help his brother. After all, Dimitri had risked his own life to save him in the aqueduct. The door to the room suddenly swung open and a raging Adam stormed inside. He demanded to know why Edmund was "railroading" Liza into giving him Colby's stem cells. Alexandra's eyes opened wide and she blasted Edmund for going behind her back to seek treatment. Adam looked coldly at Alex and demanded to know who she was and if she was part of Edmund's scheme. Edmund introduced Alexandra as Dimitri's wife, an announcement that caught Adam unprepared. Edmund explained that Alex knew nothing of his discussion with Liza. Alex told Edmund that he could not proceed without Adam's permission. Edmund's attitude soured substantially and he coldly noted that he needed Colby's biological father's permission---and that was Jake Martin. Defeated, Adam backed off, but warned Edmund that he would not allow him to harm Colby. Adam stomped out of the office. A little while later, Alex received a call from Dr. Silbert and learned that Dimitri's condition had taken a turn for the worse. The experimental medicine was no longer working and Dimitri had slipped into a coma.

After hanging up with Marian, Vanessa cackled evilly to herself and muttered, "Like candy from a baby." When Marian arrived, Vanessa turned on all of her charms. She ordered fancy drinks and praised Marian for having hosted "a truly entertaining gathering" for the PHAT ladies. The praise didn't come without a catch. Vanessa informed Marian that Palmer wanted to have a coming out party, of sorts, for her to introduce her as his new wife. Since Opal had gotten to keep Cortlandt Manor, Palmer was without a home in which to throw the fete. That's where Marian came in. Vanessa asked Marian if she could host the party at Chandler Mansion. Marian shook her head and politely said that she couldn't. Vanessa bit her lower lip and cursed the ongoing feud between the Chandlers and the Cortlandts. She looked determinedly at Marian and told her that they, the wives of such bitter rivals, could team together and bring an end to the feud. That was not the only reason for Marian's declination. She said that her friendship with Opal would make it very awkward to host a party for the new Mrs. Palmer Cortlandt. Vanessa nodded understandingly. She picked up the menu and asked Marian if she could be certain that Opal was as devoted to her. Without offering any specifics, Vanessa planted a bug in Marian's mind that Opal was somehow doing bad things behind her back.

Liza met with Jake at the hospital and both came to terms with the decision before them. Jake eased Liza's fear that Colby's health could be in jeopardy if the stem cells were used to treat Dimitri. He explained that only some of the cells would be used---and that plenty would be left over for Colby should she need them. Edmund and Alex arrived and informed the pair that Dimitri's condition had taken a turn for the worse. For the first time, Alex seemed willing to explore the experimental treatment even if it was not what Dimitri wanted. Liza and Jake agreed to grant the doctor's access to Colby's stem cells. As they signed the consent forms, Adam walked into the solarium."

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