05/13/1999 Adam Tells Colby His Secret

"Shattered glass on the floor from his tirade, Ryan quickly moved to clean up the mess he'd created. Footsteps sounded from behind and Ryan quickly informed the visitor that the club was closed. Trevor called out to Ryan and told him that he'd dropped by on business not pleasure. Trevor stepped up to the bar and rummaged through his briefcase. As he did, he told Ryan that he had some papers for him sign. Ryan mistakenly assumed that the papers had something to do with the rape charges. Trevor was silent for a few moments before explaining that the papers had nothing to do with the time he'd spent in jail; the papers were divorce papers. There was an unparalleled look of disappointment on Ryan's face. He took the papers in his hands, seemingly checking to see if they were real. Trevor tried to tell Ryan that he didn't have to sign the papers, but Ryan insisted that Gillian wanted him to sign off on their marriage. Trevor again spoke up, saying that Gillian had only filed for divorce because she thought that he wanted a divorce. His words were lost on Ryan who grabbed a pen and scribbles his name on the dotted line.

Today was supposed to be Adam and Liza's wedding day. But under the circumstances, it was safe to assume that no one would complain about the wedding getting bumped back a few days. Hayley dropped by to visit Liza and baby Colby. Hayley spoke in a voice barely above a whisper because she didn't want to wake the napping infant. Liza, however, encouraged Hayley to speak full volume so that Colby would get accustomed to the level of bustle she'd experience at WRCW. Hayley asked if she could hold the baby, prefacing her request with an apology for appearing "grabby." Upon holding the tiny new life, Hayley informed Liza that she's "almost" pregnant. Liza got a good chuckle out of Hayley's comment and agreed not to tell Adam the potentially good news.

Erica peeked out the window and saw David holding a bouquet of flowers. She raced back to Adam's side. "I don't believed it! The doctor's making a house call!" Erica exclaimed. Adam urged Erica to let David into the house and to sweet-talk him so that he would not suspect that they were on to him. Erica wanted to cut to the chase and tell David that she knew why he was speeding back to Pine Valley. Besides, she didn't want Adam to get away with what he'd done at the fertility clinic. Adam appealed to Erica to keep her emotions in check. He reminded her that David was the one who was responsible for her disfiguration. Carefully, he chose just the right words to draw Erica's ire. All the way David continued ringing the doorbell and calling out to Erica. Since he got know answer, David tried calling Erica's house. Still no response. Just as he was ready to call for medical assistance, Erica answered the door and told David that she and Adam had been out in the backyard. It appeared that Adam had hoped that he could somehow avoid getting roped into the conversation. He walked towards David and flashed a halfhearted grin. David asked Adam why he wasn't at the hospital with Liza and Colby. Erica stepped in to explain that Adam wanted to make sure that she was okay. Erica tried to get rid of Adam, but the multi-millionaire wouldn't budge. Erica looked at Adam and widened her eyes. It was apparent that she wanted him gone, but either didn't get or was unwilling to get the hint. She insisted that David had dropped by to tend to her injury. Erica walked Adam to the door and abruptly slammed the door in his face!

Max managed to best his father in a couple of games of checkers. As the prize for his victory, Mateo promised Max that he'd stick around a little longer. While Max was out of the room, Mateo told Raquel that he thinks it's time for them to tell the boy about their divorce. Raquel was vehemently opposed to telling Max. She worried that the news of their divorce---couple with her injury and their move to a new apartment---would be too much for the young boy to handle. Mateo felt otherwise. He pointed to the newspaper article that Max had defiled as evidence that he needed to be set straight as soon as possible. Even Edmund, who was not present, got into the act. He'd told Mateo that he needed to be honest with Max, the same type of honesty that he'd had when he told Sam and Maddie that Maria had died. As Mateo walked towards Max's room, Raquel struggled to get out of bed---a direct violation of the doctor's orders. By doing so, she was thrust into serious discomfort. Mateo blasted Raquel for trying to get out of bed. He went on to lash out even more, accusing her of trying to stand in the way of his happiness. During his venting, Mateo dropped news that he and Hayley might be expecting a child. Raquel was devastated by the news. But more than just the idea of Mateo and Hayley having a child together, there was the vicious way that she's learned the news. Mateo felt like a heel for dropping the news so suddenly. He immediately apologized, but the apology did little to dry Raquel's tears. Max returned to the room and saw his mother crying. Mateo took the opportunity to sit his son down for a father-son talk. Mateo delicately explained the intricacies of his relationships with Hayley and Raquel. Unfortunately, it was not easy for Mateo to explain things in kid friendly terms. There was one thing that he'd said, though, that hit home with Max: That he and Raquel were getting a divorce. Max slammed his fist on the table and angrily yelled that he hates Hayley. He raced out of the apartment with Mateo following closely behind. Helplessly bound to the bed, Raquel could do nothing but watch.

Hayley returned to SOS in a great mood. Seeing Colby made her think even more about having a baby of her own. If she was on the summit of happiness, Ryan lingered way below in the valley of despair. Hayley was disappointed to learn that Trevor had brought Ryan divorce papers. Hayley offered to speak to Gillian on Ryan's behalf, but Ryan refused. Ryan wanted only to focus on the positive things in his life and proposed a milk toast to Hayley's possible pregnancy. A short time later, Hayley had to rush off to use the restroom. While she was gone, Ryan daydreamed about the dance he and Gillian shared to inaugurate the club's dance floor. He came back to reality when Hayley emerged from the bathroom with a look of horror on her face. Hayley burst into tears and told Ryan that she was not pregnant after all. Hayley buried her face into Ryan's chest and continued sobbing. Ryan gently stroked her hair and did the best he could to console her. He reminded Hayley that she and Mateo had years to have a child together. Hayley turned her sadness into rage and lashed out at Ryan. She told him that he doesn't know how it feels to want a baby because he doesn't even know how to keep his marriage together. Almost as soon as the words tumbled off of her tongue, Hayley knew she'd overstepped. She apologized to Ryan and dried her eyes as a deliveryman dropped off a shipment of alcohol. In order to pay the deliveryman, both Hayley and Mateo had to sign the check. Ryan took the check and headed out to find Mateo. The deliveryman agreed to return later. Hayley, meanwhile, was left alone with her sorrow... and a fresh supply of liquor.

Back at the hospital, Adam found Liza's room empty. While he was gone, Liza had been taken to give Colby her first bath. Both survived, but Liza ended up wetter than the bath water. A nurse brought Colby back to the room and gave Adam permission to sit with the baby. Adam took Colby in his arms and prepared to tell her something that he was unable to tell anyone else: She was his "flesh and blood." Adam told the baby that he'd been unable to raise his other children and vowed that no one would ever take her away from him. Adam was so involved with the little girl that he didn't realize that Liza was standing in the doorway. Luckily for Adam, Liza only overheard the last part of his conversation with the baby. She heard nothing about the little secret that he was keeping.

David told Erica that he worried about her health especially after she'd failed to show up for an appointment to have her wound redressed. Erica told David that she suddenly felt better than ever. "I'm ready to take on anything in my way," she said with a slightly sinister tone. "And I do mean anything." David questioned the source of Erica's sudden boost of energy. Erica chalked it up to the weather. David mentioned that he found it odd that Erica and Adam were acting so peculiarly. Erica laughed and quickly assured the doctor that she and Adam were "not having an affair." Erica wanted to move on to other topics---specifically the "fatal [car] accident" that had nearly taken her life. The use of the word fatal was somewhat questionable, but nevertheless Erica continued. She formed a slight grin and told David that she feels a need to talk about "everything" that happened."

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