05/10/1999 Erica Accuses Adam

"Inebriated, Gillian accidentally rolled out of bed just moments after Ryan left the room. He must have heard the loud thud because he raced back into the room to see if Gillian was okay. Gillian claimed that "an earthquake" had knocked her from the bed. Ryan smiled as he was genuinely amused by Gillian's drunken stupor. Ryan helped Gillian to her feet, but she lost her balance and fell towards Ryan. She and Ryan both plopped on the bed, with Gillian lying atop her husband. A few awkward moments ensued until Ryan rolled Gillian onto her back and returned to an upright position. Gillian mumbled something in German, but not understanding the language, Gillian's ramblings meant nothing to Ryan. Ryan knew that Gillian was not going to be able to sleep in her dress, but he also knew that it wasn't his place to help her undress. Ryan thought that it might be better for Myrtle to assist the princess, so he headed off to find her. While he was gone, Gillian drifted off. In her sleep, she tried to remove her dress---but it got stuck over her face. Ryan returned to the room and found Gillian struggled to free herself from the dress' grasp. Ryan fought his urge to laugh and helped pull the dress back down into its normal position. Gillian looked deeply into Ryan's eyes and told him that she was "sorry for everything." Before she had a chance to explain what she meant, Gillian went into a hiccuping frenzy. Ryan left the room after Gillian declined his offer to get her a glass of water. Had Ryan only known German... he would have known that Gillian's blubbering actually had a meaning. She told him that she really doesn't want to divorce him.

Tad teased his brother as he pointed out who Colby most resembled. Colby, he said, had Liza's nose but she had Jake's "pouty lips." From the corner, David remarked that it didn't really matter who Colby resembled because she was loved by so many people. Joe surprised David by pulling him aside and thanking him for delivering his granddaughter. Tad and Dixie decided to leave, but Jake was unable to take his eyes of his "daughter." Liza and Jake exchanged tender glances, both astonished by the idea that they had a daughter together.

Opal asked Adrian for details on what had happened at SOS after she left. Adrian mentioned that a reporter showed up and harassed Erica. Opal was upset that her friend was having such a difficult time. When Adrian asked the women if they'd done any talking while he was gone, both Alice and Opal simultaneously replied, "Your mother is a fine woman." It was a very uneasy moment. Opal left the room so that Alice and Adrian could have some time alone. Alice knew that the time had come to discuss why she and Frank had kept quiet about Adrian's true parentage. Adrian understood that the Dawsons were doing what they thought was best. Adrian, however, was still unable to truly forgive Opal for walking out on him. Yes, he knew that Ray Gardner was a horrible man, but somehow that wasn't enough to justify what he felt she'd done to him. Frank had returned home and told Alice that Adrian was upset by the news that Opal was his biological mother, but he felt that Adrian was adjusting well. Alice, however, know Adrian and she knew that it was not going to be easy for him to accept the big news. She told him that it was okay to be angry at Opal for abandoning him, but she quickly noted that his anger wouldn't accomplish anything. "They're just people," said Adrian when asked how he felt about Opal and Tad. It showed for the first time that Adrian had no real emotional attachment to his mother or half-brother. Adrian offered Alice a ride to The Valley Inn, but she said that she'd rented a car and would drive herself. After Adrian left, Opal feared that she'd "lost" Adrian. Alice assured Opal that in time Adrian would come around.

Back at home, Tad and Dixie talked about the various presents that they could buy for Colby. Tad opted for a plastic replica of the Batmobile, grumbling that Colby would quickly outgrow any clothing they purchased. Dixie mused that Tad just wanted a chance to ride around in the Batmobile. The plans for their New York honeymoon were confirmed, but Dixie was less than enthused. She claimed that she was upset about having to leave the boys behind, but her troubles seemed deeper than that. Nothing was said, but one couldn't help but wonder if Dixie was saddened by the realization that she was unable to have another child.

"What has David Hayward been telling you?" Adam chirped. Erica flashed Adam a cross look and promptly told him to stop playing dumb. While her memory had been impaired by the accident, seeing Adam and the baby together suddenly sent Erica's memory "flooding back with blinding clarity." As Erica touted the DNA test results that she'd seen, Adam had not choice but to admit the truth. "You don't know the whole story," he replied. Erica was outraged by Adam's attempt to justify what he'd done. "I did it out of love," he continued. There was a reason for Erica's furor. Had Adam not swapped his sperm at the clinic, David never would have raced back to Pine Valley during the blizzard... and her face would never have been injured. Adam asked Erica what she planned to do with her new found information. As he did, David strolled over to the pair and asked why their heads were together. Adam looked nervously at Erica and informed the doctor that he and Erica were "old friends" and that they were "talking about life." David offered to take Erica out for a cup of coffee and she accepted. "We certainly have a lot to talk about," she mumbled. Adam begged Erica to stick around so that they could finish their conversation. Fortunately, David was paged away and Adam was given a momentary reprieve to prevent Erica from blabbing what she knew to David. Adam and Erica met up on the sun porch and Adam again pleaded with Erica not to reveal what she knew. Erica said that she wanted to stick it to David for having lied about the reason he was in such a hurry to return to town. Adam commented that he wanted to stick it to David too, but he asked that Erica wait until after he married Liza. Erica rolled her eyes and groaned. She thought it was terrible of Adam to want to lure Liza into a marriage without telling her about his fertility clinic swap. "I don't care about you," Erica snapped coldly. What she meant is that she did not care if Adam suffered from the fallout of her revelation. She wanted David to pay for having lied to her. If Adam went down with him, then so be it. Erica suggested that Adam should "return to favor" by trying to kill David. Adam confessed that the thought had crossed his mind, but he explained that David had incriminating papers all over town. Erica finally agreed to think about the ramifications of confronting David. Before leaving, though, Erica told Adam that he deserves every ounce of agony that David has been dishing out."

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