05/07/1999 Jake Meets His "Daughter"

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""What happened?" Erica asked breathily as her eyelids fluttered. David informed her that she'd fainted in his arms. He wondered why Erica was walking around at night by herself. He seemed pleased when he learned that Erica had gone to SOS's grand opening. Erica admitted that it had felt good to get out of the house until, that is, she was blind-sided by Jerry Reeves. Erica told David what had happened at the club and he was certain that someone had set Erica up. Erica asked David what he was doing when he'd found her. He explained that he was on his way to the hospital to check on Liza and her baby. He convinced Erica to tag along so that he could give her a quick check up.

It wasn't easy for Ryan to watch Gillian sharing a dance with another man. Dixi walked over to him and urged him to cut in on Jake and Gillian. Ryan shook his head and glumly noted that "our dancing days are over." As Tad wandered over to join them, Ryan informed that happy couple that he and Gillian were about to get a divorce. Needless to say, Tad and Dixie were upset; They want every couple to be as happy as they are. Tad urged Ryan to stop the divorce, joking that it was a nuisance to have to get back together and plan a second wedding.

Belinda and Trevor congratulated Mateo and Hayley on a very successful grand opening. Things were slowly winding down at the club and only a few patrons remained. Belinda also congratulated Mateo on getting Raquel to sign off on their marriage. Adrian and Tad returned to the club and quickly took up positions beside their lovers. Adrian told Belinda that his mother, Alice, was in town. Belinda noticed that Adrian seemed to be avoiding his mother. He had invited himself back to Belinda's apartment and while Belinda wanted nothing more than to spend the night in Adrian's arms, she felt it was more important for him to spend time with his mother---both of them. Adrian looked like he dreaded the encounter, but he agreed to do as Belinda wished.

In the stick room, Vanessa panted for air as Janet angrily confronted her. "What's your agenda?" Janet snapped, demanding to know why Vanessa was toying with Erica. Vanessa insisted that she was Erica's friend and told Janet that she and her "coven" would have to accept the fact that she was a part of Erica's life now. Janet claimed that she's "seen evidence" that proves that Vanessa is really working against Erica. "Have you... Janet Green?" Vanessa sneered. Janet's eyes suddenly widened. "I'm not proud of who I was," countered Janet. "But I've paid my debt." Vanessa wasn't done with her attempt to turn the tables on Janet. She coldly commented that Janet had done "remarkably well for a crowbar killer." Trevor approached from behind and ordered Vanessa to shut her mouth. Vanessa promptly excused herself from the room, leaving Janet to tell Trevor about her run-in with the woman. While Janet was determined to expose Vanessa's schemes, Trevor took a more observational approach. He felt that it was up to Erica to learn the truth and he was sure that she'd let Vanessa have it.

Jake was paged to the hospital so that he could meet his new "daughter." When he left, Gillian had had a few too many margaritas. Jake asked Ryan to make sure that Gillian got home safely.

In the alleyway behind the club, Vanessa paced back and forth nervously. She was met by Jerry Reeves a little while later. Vanessa told the reporter that they need to be more careful in the future because one of Erica's "snoopy friends" had almost found them out. Jerry urged Vanessa to remain calm and vowed that he would take care of videotaping Erica just as long as she worked on "the book."

Opal was very nervous about meeting Alice Dawson. Opal said that she imagined meeting Adrian's other mother "a gazillion times." Opal worried that Alice might think she was a little off because of her fruit headpiece. Alice smiled slightly and told Opal that Frank had mentioned her "flair." Opal sighed deeply and said that Alice must think that she's the "awfullest" mother for having told Adrian that she was not his biological mother. Alice admitted that she'd often wondered why Opal walked out on Adrian. As for telling Adrian the truth, Alice noted that she and Frank had had "a lifetime" to tell Adrian the truth. Therefore, she and Frank were just as much at fault in her mind. Opal told Alice that she tried to return to see Frank after she'd been forced to leave. But by the time she was able, Opal was already pregnant with Jenny and knew that she was not going to be able to leave Ray. Opal had, however, called to check on Frank and Adrian. When she did, Frank had already met and married Alice. In the background, Opal heard little Adrian referring to Alice as his mother---and she didn't want to say or do anything to upset either of them. Opal never told Adrian that she'd phoned to check up on his because she thought it sounded more like a cop out. The two found that they had more in common than they'd thought. Both women was relieved that Adrian was no longer working as a government agent, but neither would admit it to Adrian! Alice was very kind in speaking to Opal. After Opal thanked her profusely for doing such a good job of raising Adrian, Alice said that she was sure that Opal had a little something to do with how Adrian turned out too. Opal was glad that Adrian had found his way back into her life, but she was upset because they'd started to grow apart. The two women shared a comforting hug, unaware that Adrian had returned to the room.

Dr. Clader gave Liza and Colby a clean bill of health, but a few more tests were needed just to be certain. Jake, Tad, and Dixie burst into the room and asked if everything was okay. Initially, Jake scolded Liza for not having called him the moment she went into labor. Adam explained that they'd been unable to contact him because they were stuck in a cabin by The Sleepy Hollow Inn. Joe entered the room carrying Colby and introduced the baby to her father. In the corner, Adam frowned as Jake held the baby. David popped his head in the doorway and took delight in seeing Adam suffer. Jake handed the baby to Tad and walked over to the man who'd delivered his "daughter." He shook David's hand and thanked him for being there for him. Adam followed David into the hallway. There, David told Adam that he enjoyed seeing Adam squirm. He enjoyed it so much that he said he might not be able to tell Liza that Adam is really the baby's father---or at least not until the Martins had grown hopelessly attached to Colby. From around a corner, Erica eavesdropped on the exchange. As she did, pieces of her broken memories started to fall back into place. She remembered that she'd figured out that David had run a DNA comparison on Colby and Adam. She waited until David walked away before approaching Adam. Adam was surprised to see Erica and look like he was taken aback by her appearance. Erica told Adam that she thinks that he, not Jake, is Colby's father. Adam misunderstood what Erica had said. He thought she meant that she would think of Adam as Colby's father even though he wasn't the biological father. Erica, however, quickly clarified what she meant. "That child is your biological [daughter] and David Hayward knows it, doesn't he?" she asked."

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