03/31/1999 Erica Sees Dr. Weiss

"With the promise of a new life and a new place to live very much on the horizon, Hayley and Mateo celebrated in the parlor with a few passionate kisses. Disheveled and exhausted, Jack stumbled into the room and asked the pair if they'd heard any word on Kit's whereabouts. Hayley rose from the sofa and assumed a confrontational attitude. "It looks like she took the money and hit the road," sassed Hayley. Jack ran his fingers through his hair and stated that his sister would not leave town without telling him. He was trying more to convince himself than Hayley. Dimitri entered the room and announced that Kit had done the right thing by skipping town. "She got caught in a lie," smiled Dimitri. "And she's left you to clean up her mess." The two men angrily exchanged words. Eventually, Jack tried to appeal to Dimitri's sense of decency, reminding him that Kit was a victim of a sexual assault. Dimitri disagreed. Braden claimed that he and Kit had engaged in consensual sexual intercourse. Hayley remarked that she would not cut Kit any slack because Jack had refused to listen to anyone other than his sister's word during the ordeal. Again, Jack seemed to want to convince himself of his sister's truthfulness. He reminded the group that Kit had not lied when she'd announced that she was his sister. "But right about now I bet you wish she was," Hayley sneered. Jack received an urgent page informing him that the results of Braden's blood test were in.

Following up on their discussion earlier in the day, Liza and Adam dropped by Jake's office at the hospital for one last attempt to get him to back off. Liza thanked Jake for doing "an amazing thing" and making her dreams a reality. The gushing praise ended as Liza gently demanded that Jake conform to the terms of their agreement. "Do the right thing and honor Liza," added Adam. Jake fidgeted in his chair. He looked for a way to make Liza understand why he was reacting the way he was. He told her that if she was marrying anyone else, he would not be contesting the agreement. After a few moments of silence, Jake announced that he'd decided to have a DNA test done to establish paternity of Colby. This left an opening for Liza to claim victory. Since the test could not be performed until after Colby was born, Liza knew that she still had a chance to get Adam's name on Colby's birth certificate. Jake then dropped the bombshell that a DNA test could be performed using a sample of the amniotic fluid. No one had known that the fluid would be stored for later use. If a problem were to arise during or shortly after delivery, the fluid could be used be tested and analyzed. While Adam stewed in his part of the room, Liza informed Jake that she was not happy that he'd go to such extreme measures. Jake, however, felt that he had no other choice in the matter. Jake filed out of the room and Adam was pushed into making a decision. He sat on the edge of Jake's desk and looked Liza in the eyes. Adam told Liza that he wanted to tell her something very important. Before he could tell Liza what it was he wanted to tell her, Liza received an important call on her cellular phone and had to excuse herself. This allowed Adam to daydream about the potential outcome of his urgent news. In his thoughts, Adam told Liza that he was the father of her baby. Liza smiled and told him that she felt the same way. Adam shook his head and explained that he's arranged for his sperm to be substituted for Jake's in the insemination procedure. Liza's reaction was not what Adam had wanted. She accused him of raping her and vowed that once her child was born, Adam would never see her. Adam snapped back into reality when Liza's phone call ended. He now knew that he could never tell Liza the truth. Meanwhile, he was forced to come up with an alternate story. After all, he had told Liza that he had something important to tell her. Adam stunned Liza by announcing that he wanted to put an end to the problem. The stress of the paternity battle, he said, was not good for Liza or her baby. "If it saves you heartache," Adam said softly. "Tell Jake he's the legal father." Liza didn't no how to react. She was overcome with emotion and embraced Adam, praising him for "surrendering [his] ego."

Jake headed directly to the hospital's lab. There, he flashed his identification badge and asked the sole lab technician to pull up the results of Liza's amniocenteses. The lab tech didn't question Jake's authorities since he was a fellow employee. The technician tapped into the computer and pulled up Liza's records. There was only one problem: there was no record of the results Liza's records. Jake placed a call to Dr. Clader to verify that the test had been done. The technician also followed up on a few leads of his own. He returned to the lab and informed Jake that someone had taken the amniotic sample from the hospital. There were two possible reasons: Someone wanted to cover up for a mistake or someone had stolen it!

The news of Erica's press conference debacle made its way to the clinic where Bianca was receiving treatment. Erica placed a call to her daughter to assure her that she was making a full recovery. The phone chat was cut short when Erica heard Travis' voice in the background and Bianca announced that she and her father were going horseback riding. David entered the room in civilian clothes, but he was still on duty. He asked Erica how she was feeling, but Erica wasn't forthcoming with answers. She demanded to speak to Dr. Weiss so that she could get a full update on her facial injuries. David didn't think it was a good idea at first, but he ultimately bowed to his patient's demands. Outside, Janet, Myrtle, and Opal tried to shore up strength to help Erica get through the ordeal. Vanessa happened upon the scene and learned that Erica was meeting with her plastic surgeon. Ever the pessimist, Vanessa asked the other women if they believed that Erica's face could ever be restored. Inside the room. Dr. Weiss gave Erica a thorough examination, but he decline to give Erica a proper prognosis. The doctor explained that he could not gauge the level of permanency of the injuries. Several factors, including age, genetics, and skin type made it difficult to determine exactly how Erica's wounds heal. Needless to say, Erica was not pleased by the ambiguity in the doctor's remarks. Erica told David that she wanted to speak to her friends. The doctor nodded and headed out into the hallway. Dr. Weiss told Erica that her bandages would have to stay on for several more weeks before heading back to his office. David accompanied the women into Erica's room. He tried to get Vanessa to leave, but his mother wouldn't budge. Once assembled inside, Erica blasted her supposed "friends" for not having been truthful with her. She scolded Janet for lying about leaving her mirror in another purse and even lambasted Myrtle for being too scared to come forward with the truth. Myrtle, however, wasn't about to have a guilt trip run on her. She explained that they had all been advised not to tell Erica about her injuries because of the damage to her heart. Erica didn't buy it and thanked Vanessa for being the only one to have the courage to be honest. Her tirade finished, Erica announced that she wanted to be left alone. She reconsidered and asked that Vanessa stick around so that they could "catch up" on some things. David objected, but he would not get his way. He gave the women two minutes to do their catching up. Outside, David was haunted by memories of the argument he'd had with Erica prior to the accident. He remembered that Erica knew about David's illegal or at least unethical methods to secure the results of Liza's amniocenteses. He suddenly burst back into the room and demanded to know what Erica was saying to his mother.

Up until now, Trevor had no idea that Ryan had a brother and that that brother had come forward to state that he'd been the one who'd had sex with Kit. Nevertheless, this last minute surprised elated the attorney. Ryan sadly noted that he was not happy with the way things were going because he did not want his brother to have to endure Jack's wrath. Trevor was unsympathetic to Braden's plight. He reminded Ryan that his brother would have left him to rot in jail. Braden entered the courtroom and he and Ryan had a brief tete-a-tete to discuss what might happen in court. Ryan feared that Jack would slap his brother with rape charges. Braden informed Ryan that he was going to "do the only thing" he could do and plead not guilty. Gillian pulled Ryan aside and told him that she'd be praying for him. Without saying another word, Gillian bowed her head and made her way to her seat... in the very back of the courtroom. Jack arrived and asked Brooke if she'd heard anything from Kit. Brooke shook her head, but offered encouraging words about Kit being a "survivor." Hayley, Mateo, and Dimitri were the next to file into the courtroom. The took up seats near Gillian. Also present were Tad and Dixie. Dixie was the only one, other than those on the prosecution's side, that still believed that Kit really could have been sexually assaulted. Judge Casey entered the courtroom and immediately observed that Kit was not in attendance. Jack rose and claimed that the previous day's proceedings had been too much for his sister to take. The judge nodded and noted that it was her prerogative to not attend the hearing. The judge was handed the sealed test results of Braden's blood test. She reviewed the findings before announcing that Braden's DNA was a one-hundred percent match to the semen stain on Kit's dress. Belinda immediately rose and asked that the charges against her client be dropped. Jack jumped from his chair and objected to the motion. He argued that there was no proof that Braden had even been in town on the night in question. Beads of sweat formed on his brow. This was not the first time, but Jack appeared to be unraveling. Trevor reminded the opposing counsel that there was no other explanation for the one-hundred percent match; In short, Braden had to have been the person who'd had sex with Kit. Judge Casey was inclined to agree and, to the cheers of his supporters, dismissed the charges against Ryan. Mateo apologized to Ryan for not having believed in him. Gillian remained in the back of the room and silently thanked God for looking out for her husband. Jack asked the judge to hold Braden, announcing that he planned to try him on first-degree rape charges. Belinda argued that there was "no probable cause" to hold Braden. Again, the judge agreed. She tapped her gavel and proclaimed that court was adjourned. Jack tried to enlist Derek's help, by asking him to arrest Braden. Derek explained that he could not act without a confession or some evidence that tied Braden to a crime. Kit had already testified under oath that Ryan had sexually assaulted her. "Her credibility is shot," Trevor muttered. Jack turned towards Braden and announced that he would not rest until he made him pay for attacking his sister. Braden said nothing and continued on his way out of the courtroom. Jack ordered Trevor and Braden to meet with him in the morning for an interrogation session. Braden agreed and offered a few more details of how things had gone down on Halloween night. "Your sister and I got down and dirty in the parking lot," Braden sneered. He claimed that "animal magnetism" had drawn them to each other. Braden again made his way towards the exit. Jack called out to Braden and asked him if during their "down and dirty" session in the parking lot, if his sister had once uttered the word "No." The courtroom grew silent. All eyes focused on Braden. "Sure," he grinned fiendishly. "They all do when they're begging for it." Jack took a deep breath and lunged at Braden."

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