06/22/98 Ryan Makes A Donation

"Bumping into someone you know in a fertility clinic can be a somewhat awkward experience. Ryan and Liza both smiled nervously, neither wanting to tell the truth about why they were there. Ryan broke his silence first and claimed that he had dropped by the clinic to try to sell them some ad space on WRCW. Liza pursed her lips and nodded her head slowly up and down. She told Ryan that she, too, had visited the clinic on WRCW-related business. Liza stated that she was doing some research on the donation process for an upcoming piece on The Cutting Edge. Marian drooled at the sight of Ryan and she nearly got carried away when she realized that there were other attractive men behind the closed doors doing... the donation process. Liza took her mother by the arm an escorted her out of the clinic. Ryan walked over to the nurse's desk and asked for a plastic cup so that he could make his first deposit. From out of nowhere, Gillian stormed into the clinic and demanded that the nurse hand over Ryan's cup. Gillian looked at the list that noted how much compensation a donor would receive and gasped. She told the nurse that her husband deserve at least three times the amount listed on the sheet. The nurse agreed that Ryan's good looks should warrant bigger pay, but the nurse explained that she was bound by clinic guidelines to pay all donors the same amount. Gillian felt foolish when she realized that the specimen container was empty. She lashed out at Ryan for the way he'd let her ramble on and on. Ryan knew that it was time for him to go into his little cubicle. With a wicked little smile on his face, he asked Gillian if she wanted to "assist" him. Gillian groaned in disgust and asked the nurse, "what do you do with a man like him?" The nurse's neck snapped back. "Ooh," she grinned, "I can think of ten or twenty," things to do to Ryan.

Jack showed up at Cortlandt Manor on a mission. Mission. Jack stated that he never wanted to hear the word again. Jack had hoped to have a few words with Palmer, but Palmer had vanished. Opal remarked that she had no idea how a man could disappear in his own house. Like clockwork, though, Palmer was bound to reappear in a matter of minutes for his dinner. Only Adrian knew that Palmer was lurking around the inside of his giant safe in the basement. Adrian probed the safe up and down looking for a way to get inside, but he had no luck. Inside, Palmer sat transfixed in a leather chair staring at an unknown object. "I'll never let them find you," he chanted eerily. "You're mine!" Back upstairs, Jack was ready to leave. He asked Opal to tell Palmer that he'd stopped by. Opal could sense Jack's frustration and knew that Mike was somehow the source of Jack's troubles. Jack claimed not to care about Mike or even Erica for that matter. Opal knew better. She told Jack that his indifference scared her and she urged Jack not to let Mike ruin the love of a lifetime. From back inside the study, Palmer barked out that he was ready for his dinner. Opal rolled her eyes and nodded her head rapidly. She escorted Jack back into the study and told her husband that Jack wanted to talk to him. Palmer became nervous and accused Jack of working in conjunction with Mike. Jack chuckled and assured Palmer that he was definitely not working with Mike. He told the pair all about Mike---his so-called mission and the fact that Mike was supposedly retired from service. Palmer seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. He made several references to being "a veteran" and "a patriot" and thanked Jack for filling him in on the situation. The references almost seemed to fill a need for Palmer to prove his loyalty to the United States. With Mike out of the way, Palmer wanted to know why Jack had dropped by. Jack told Palmer that he had stopped by on behalf of Allison Doyle. Palmer turned his back and helped himself to a glass of brandy. Jack asked Palmer to back off of Allie and allow him to drop the charges against the former doctor. Palmer was surprisingly calm in his rebuttal. He told Jack that he was merely following along with the wishes of the hospital board. He swore that he harbored no ill will toward Allie. Jack reminded Palmer that Allie had saved Petey's life. Opal added that Petey never would have been in danger had Palmer not left his heart medicine lying around the house. The guilt trip didn't work, but Palmer remained cool and composed. He thanked Jack for visiting and told him that he'd speak to him later. Jack warned Palmer that the case could turn into a huge public relations fiasco for him. The public, Jack said, would be on Allie's side and Palmer would end up looking like a "big bully." After Jack left, Opal asked her husband if he was feeling okay. She wondered how he could go from an evil tyrant earlier in the day to a docile and even civil gentleman by night. Palmer apologized for his previous outburst and told Opal that he has a tendency to be grumpy when he's under a lot of stress. Opal was even more baffled by what followed: Palmer gave her a peck on the cheek and apologized again for being difficult!

At Wildwind, Mateo decorated the patio with festive lighting. He led Hayley outside and asked her to dance with him. Hayley told her husband that he didn't have to go to such lengths to spend time with her. Mateo explained that the lights and dancing were his way of thanking Hayley for being so understanding. It isn't every wife, he noted, that can give up her business and home. The placidity of the moment was broken when Ryan and Gillian returned home. Hayley and Mateo weren't even phased by the couple's loud voices. They told the pair to enjoy the warm early summer air and headed upstairs for their bedroom. Ryan and Gillian were both awed by how much Hayley and Mateo were in love. Ryan asked Gillian to dance with him, but Gillian stated that she was too tired to dance. Eugenia> strolled onto the patio and admired the beautiful decorations. She asked Ryan how he'd managed to make everything look so lovely. "Magic," Ryan replied. He wiggled his hands and made Eugenia's brooch appear. Gillian and her grandmother were both amazed. Ryan lied and told Eugenia that he'd found the brooch behind her dresser. Eugenia blushed slightly. She took the brooch and headed for the safe so that she'd be sure not to lose the item again. Gillian asked Ryan how he was able to afford re-buying the brooch. Ryan simply said that a friend had given him the money because he'd done him a favor. The friend, of course, was Dimitri. Gillian had worried that Ryan had made hundreds of donations at the clinic to earn the money. Ryan bid Gillian goodnight, but Gillian wasn't about to let the magic of the moment slip away so easily. She reminded Ryan that he'd asked her for a dance. Upstairs, Mateo confessed that he had ulterior motives for planning the romantic evening. He told Hayley that he'd found a buyer for Holidays.

Marian and Liza returned to WRCW and found Jake and Allie waiting in Liza's office. Jake and Allie looked on in bewilderment at Marian's outrageous outfit. Jake told Liza about his plan to air Allie's plight on the station in an effort to win public support. Liza agreed that it was a good idea an offered to air some type of editorial. Marian suggested that they use the editorial to make Palmer out to be the bad guy, but Liza was worried about being sued for slander. Marian left the office and allowed the trio to talk. Allie was leery of letting Jake contact her former patients for references and testimonials, but she ultimately realized that it might help her in the long run. Allie recalled that she'd received a letter from California. She'd been putting off opening the letter because she worried that it would be another bill or notice of legal action. When she opened the letter, she found something entirely different: a check for $50,000 from David Hayward. The check was approximately the amount that Allie needed to pay off her student loans. Allie refused to accept David's money because she felt that it would obligate her to him. The whole reason she'd told the truth about her transcripts was because she wanted David off of her back. Accepting the money would, in effect, put her back in the same situation. Jake reminded Allie that she really needed the money. Liza agreed and had an offer of her own. She told Jake and Allie that if they agreed to be the godparents to her child, she would give Allie the money needed to pay off her debt.

With the tables turned, Mike tried everything possible in order to convince Erica to let him go. Still unaware that Erica knew all about his lies, Mike told Erica that she needed to find a way to free him before the kidnappers returned. "Anything you can do, I can do better," Erica chirped. It was only then that Mike knew that Erica had learned about his staged kidnapping. Erica asked Mike if he was "truly sorry" for the amount of pain he'd caused her and Jack, Bianca, Palmer and Opal, and Coral. Mike had no idea who Coral was. When he learned that Coral was Erica's housekeeper, he lied through his teeth by saying that he was repentant for what he'd done. "Liar!" Erica yelled. She knew that Mike wasn't telling her the truth. She was surprised to see Mike laughing. Erica demanded to know why Mike was laughing at her. He replied that Erica couldn't possibly be mad at him because she had fallen in love with him---lies and all. Mike admitted that he'd spun quite a few tales since returning to town, but he argued that his lies were necessary to save Erica from danger. What danger? Jackson Montgomery. Mike claimed that Jack was bad for Erica. He got her to admit that she'd had more fun in the past few weeks from the kidnappings and other spy-related ventures than she'd had in recent memory. Again Mike asked to be released from the cage, but Erica told him that she wasn't going to fall for another of his games. She told Mike that she planned on keeping him locked in the cage for at least a few weeks. Mike wondered how Erica could take weeks out of her busy schedule to stand guard. Erica laughed and told Mike that she had no intention of guarding him. If that was the case, Mike knew that he'd be able to break through the wire fencing in a matter of hours. Erica whistled and summoned "Big Vic." Big Vic was a German shepherd that she'd arranged to stand guard. She told the dog that if Mike made one move out of the cage that she wanted him to kill Mike!"

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