"Jake stuck around Allie's bedroom, mulling over her Cleopatra costume. The door to the room swung open and a young woman entered the room. Upon seeing Jake, se quickly apologized for intruding. She explained that another boarder told her that she might be able to find Myrtle in the room. Jake, who had no idea that this woman was the mystery woman that his brother had been searching for all over town, told the woman that she didn't need to apologize for walking in on him. Jake asked the woman if she was looking for a room. He quickly realized how stupid he must have looked for asking such an obvious question. Jake tried to talk up the boarding house by telling how closely knit all of the boarders had gotten to be. Only problem was that the mystery woman was looking for privacy. Jake turned to discussing how everyone has a great deal of privacy---right before he started asking the woman if she was new in town and, if so, where she'd come from. He introduced himself to the woman. When she heard his last name, se couldn't believe that she'd run into another Martin. She tried her best to disguise, but Jake correctly assumed that she'd met at least one of his family members. She confessed that she'd seen Tad on television and said that he seemed like a nice guy. Jake wandered off to find Myrtle, but when he returned to the room, the mystery woman had vanished.

Jim returned to the basement and removed all traces of his plot to kill Mateo and Hayley. The savvy would-be-assassin made sure that he wore gloves so that no one would know that he'd been there. After disconnecting and disposing of the tubing, Jim headed upstairs to the apartment. He let himself inside and poked around to make sure that everything had gone according to his plan. He walked to the dining room table and removed the bugging device. He felt a cold draft and looked in horror as he noticed that one of the windows had been left open. The open window could have foiled his attempt to kill the couple by providing enough fresh air to disperse the deadly carbon monoxide gas. He tiptoed to the bedroom to check on Mateo and Hayley. He nudged Hayley's shoulders and gently shook Mateo's head. There was no response. He smiled confidently as e realized that he'd killed the couple. He strutted down the hall, but froze in his tracks when he heard Hayley groan. He raced back to the bedroom and grabbed a pillow. He held it over Hayley's head, hoping to smother whatever life was left out of her body. His plan was thwarted yet again when Edmund dropped by the apartment. Jim had to think fast. He grabbed a chair and smashed the bedroom window. Edmund heard the noise and raced to the bedroom. Frenzied, Jim explained that he didn't know what happened to the couple, but that they appeared to be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Jim played the part convincingly. Edmund grabbed Hayley and Jim put Mateo over his shoulder and together the two men headed to the hospital.

Now that her request was on the table, Liza paid a follow-up visit to David to see if he'd decided to help her secure the medication that would do in Adam. David looked at her coldly and firmly stated that he would not be a part in her plot to kill her husband. David explained that he'd helped save Adam's life and that he couldn't see him die now. Liza needed the cardiologist to fall for her scheme so she went overboard to convince him that he needed to help her kill Adam. Liza insisted that she couldn't live without Jake in her life. David callously replied that she'd get over Jake. Liza shifted her weight onto one leg and asked David if he really believed that piece of canned wisdom. She asked him if he'd flown three thousand miles to "get over" Allie. Liza insisted that David give her the drug. She even said that she'd administer the drug so that David wouldn't feel guilty. David picked up the phone and called the district attorney's office. Liza hung up the phone before David could say anything. She plead her story one more time, explaining that Adam's lawyers had made it so that she wouldn't see a vast fortune if she divorced Adam. Death was the only way to go, so to speak. David asked Liza if she'd ever seen a corpse, ever touched a dead body, or ever smelled death. Liza rolled her eyes and said that the atmosphere of death was irrelevant. David reminded Liza that she'd have to go through a trial if it were ever learned that she'd killed Adam. There was certainly no way that she could convince a jury that she was innocent. And even if she did get away with murder, how could she live with herself? Liza flashed a slight smiled and watched David closely. She asked him why he'd suddenly become so pious. He didn't seem to have a problem with seeing Adam die when he administered the cardiac stimulant before. David's mouth dropped open. Liza continued, but on a more subtle tone. She put the blame for David's failure to reunite with Allie squarely on Adam. It was warped logic, but it seemed to make sense. Adam's existence was responsible for Liza not being able to be with Jake. Jake's failure to be with Liza meant that Allie wasn't free to reunite with David. Before David would respond, he was paged and ordered to report to the emergency room.

Adam fell victim to yet another of the mystery woman's cruel jokes. A noose dangled ominously from a tree branch just outside his window. Adam opened his window and prepared to grab hold of the noose, but before he could crawl far enough out the window, Tad burst into the room and pulled Adam back inside. Tad mistakenly assumed that Adam was trying to jump. Adam explained that he was trying to reach for something in the tree, but when the two men looked out the window, the noose was gone. Adam called his security squad and ordered them to search the grounds for an intruder. Tad told Adam that he wanted to re-enter the passageways. While sitting at home, he remembered bits and pieces of what had happened to him in the passageways. He told Adam that he'd encountered Joy. Adam was stunned. Tad explained that he'd seen the woman twice before---on his terrace and breaking into his house. Adam accused Tad of trying to play a cruel joke on him. Adam refused to listen to another word... that was until Tad told Adam that he'd heard the woman chanting "confess." Suddenly Adam realized that he might not be losing his mind. Adam's placidity lasted all of two minutes. He wondered how the ghost that had been haunting him had shown up at Tad's house. Tad ad a quick explanation: the ghost wasn't really a ghost: She was a real person. Joy couldn't be real, Adam snapped. He started to explain why, but he stopped short. Tad begged for more information, but Adam clammed up. The woman Adam had seen floating outside his hospital room and hovering in the trees at Wildwind was translucent---she wasn't real. Tad couldn't explain these appearances, but he knew that the woman was real. He reached into his pocket and showed Adam the necklace he'd found on his terrace. Adam was speechless. He noted that the necklace was in perfect condition. "I haven't seen this since..." Again Adam failed to finish the sentence. Adam's stubborn mind wouldn't allow him to concede that Joy might be a real person. Over and over he repeated that Joy was gone. He asked Tad to describe the woman he called "Joy," hoping that this would prove that Tad suffered from a mistaken identity. Tad could do better than describe the woman. He pulled the sketch he had commission by his temporary secretary out of his pocket. Adam doubled over in astonishment. He knew that the two women were one and the same. Tad asked Adam for more information on Joy. What did he do to the woman that would make her want to convince him that he's going insane?

Mateo and Hayley were rushed into the emergency room in critical condition. Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas had infiltrated their bloodstreams. Unless the oxygen levels could be restored, they'd both perish. Joe instructed that they be placed in hyperbaric chambers, a device that pressures the air around a victim and makes it easier for the blood to absorb oxygen. There was a serious problem; The hospital only had one of the chambers meaning that only one of the two patients would receive the care necessary to save their life. Joe got on the phone and called all of the nearby hospitals with the hope that one of them could rush a hyperbaric chamber to the hospital. David arrived on the scene and learned of the life-threatening predicament. He had a friend at a nearby hospital who owed him a favor. He asked Joe to call the hospital and ask that the chamber be airlifted to the hospital immediately. Joe briefed Edmund and Jim on the couple's condition, but the diagnosis was not good. He calmly stated that they didn't have much time left. Edmund walked over to an observation window and watched helplessly as two young lives dwindled away. Jim was pleased with himself. He smiled cockily and strutted over to the window. Liza, looking to talk to David and Allie about their plot, was unaware of what was going on. When she saw Edmund, she worried that something had happened to Sam or Maddie. Edmund told her that what had happened. Liza asked if anyone had contacted Adam and raced off to find her husband. The hyperbaric chamber arrived just in the nick of time and Hayley was quickly placed inside. Jim was furious that the fates had once again been looking out for the couple. Edmund walked over to Jim and stood beside him. Jim weakly commented that things would be looking up now that the second chamber had arrived. Edmund agreed. His tone changed as he asked Jim why he'd happened to drop by the apartment in time to save the couple. Inside the emergency room, Mateo's body convulsed erratically. An alarm on his monitor sounded and a nurse announced that they were losing him."

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