02/09/1998 David Becomes Suspicious

"For just a moment Tad must have wondered if Adam's insanity was contagious. As the airy voice asked him if he was ready to confess, Tad's face froze in an expression of shock and slight fear. A look on enlightenment covered his face and he smiled slightly. He called out to Jake, thinking that the mystery voices were part of Jake's secret plan. Had he not spoken, the mystery woman might never have known that she was putting on a performance for the wrong person. Tad searched around, but couldn't find anyone. He turned his attention towards the vent, but before he could investigate, Adam showed up. Inside the wall, Joy's heart pounded as she worried that Tad might tell Adam about the voice her heard. Tad told Adam that he had dropped by to assure him that Jake and Liza were not having an affair. Adam, his nerves frazzled, didn't believe Tad and ordered him to get out of his house. Adam slammed the bedroom door shut and pleaded with Joy to leave him alone.

The hint of being tied in to Adam's near-death caused David to go on the warpath. He asked Liza of she thought that he'd tried to kill her husband. Liza shrugged indifferently and noted that "accidents happen." David reminded the station owner that he was the one who had saved Adam's life. That evoked a groan from Liza as she feigned being disappointed that her husband had survived. She found it convenient that David happened to be nearby with the necessary antidote to wrestle Adam from the jaws of death. David was tempted to walk out of the office, but Liza kept him around for a little while longer by claiming that she knew why David had tried to kill Adam. She explained that with Adam out of the way, she could start a new life with Jake. Of course that would leave Allie alone and broken-hearted. David, the man she referred to cheekily as an expert at mending broken hearts, could swoop down and get the woman he wanted. She made no effort to hide the fact that she knew why David had set up shop in Pine Valley. David still denied everything Liza said. Suddenly he realized what was going on. He looked around the office nervously and accused Liza of planting a secret camera to tape his supposed confession. He looked at her coldly and again denied being involved in the medical mix-up. He insisted that Jake---a screw-up who would never amount to anything---was pointing the finger at him so that he could hide his incompetence. David told Liza that she can do whatever she wants to get rid of her husband, but he'll be no part of her devious deeds. He turned and walked away. Liza grabbed her coat and dashed out of her office.

Dimitri asked Bianca why she would want to disappear. Bianca tried to dodge the question by reminding Dimitri that he, too, wished he could vanish from the planet. Dimitri felt he had good reason to feel like that. After all, he'd done some pretty bad things over the last year. But Bianca had her whole life ahead of her---what could make her feel so poorly? He offered her an apple slice, but that only made Bianca angrier. She accused him of playing a "shrink game" to get her to eat. She loudly proclaimed that she wasn't hungry and that she didn't want any food. Dimitri pressed gingerly, asking why she wasn't hungry. Surprisingly, Bianca had an answer for him. Her face wrinkled up and she described how nothing she eats tastes good. When she does find something that's suitable, it gets stuck in her throat. Dimitri hoped to find something that would appeal to Bianca's tastebuds. She helped him along by relating her longing for her grandmother's corned beef. Dimitri had a connection to a culinary master: Peggy. He phoned Peggy and asked her try her hand at cooking up a batch of corned beef. Peggy delivered the goods and Bianca gobbled down a little bit of the dish. It wasn't a lot, but it was a crucial first step for the frail young girl.

A gaggle of men lined up outside of Janet's office at Enchantment preparing to audition for the part of Axel Green. Erica followed the trail of men and asked Janet what she was cooking up. Janet tried to play it cool, but when one of the actors entered her office and asked for more information on Axel Green, Erica knew what was going on. Erica wove herself into Janet's scheme by offering to help audition the men. She noted that Janet had little experience with professional acting. Janet agreed to let Erica sit in on the auditions. The first Axel contender might have looked the part, but his performance was not believable. He spoken haltingly as though he were reading his lines directly off of the script Janet had prepared. The second actor acted like a stereotypical soap opera star. Every line was uttered with a surplus of emotion and drama. The third candidate could have been considered a macho hunk, but his attitude just didn't fit the billing. He was more of a rebellious Jimmy Dean-type than a travelling salesman. With the audition of the fourth actor, finally the part seemed filled. The man's words were smooth and full of emotion. There was only one thing that prevented him from taking the part---his ego. He demanded a wide range of perks for taking the role. When Janet told him that the part wasn't on stage, he asked her to explain what she meant. She told him that she needed him to pretend to be her ex-husband and to take her out to dinner. The man's eyebrows raised and he told Janet that he would not play her male escort. He advised her to call a "900 number" and stormed out of the office. Erica chased after the man, but he wasn't going to return. Finally, a short, slender, balding man entered the office and asked if he could try out for the part. Janet didn't want to give him a shot because she wanted someone who could make Trevor feel inadequate. This man wasn't going to do that. She agreed to let him read the script. He opted to improvise and as he and Janet conversed, Trevor entered the room. "This is Axel," he laughed.

At Myrtle's, Jake and Allie discussed their feelings for each other. Things went off track a bit when Allie worried that their plan to get rid of David might not work. Jake assured her that everything would work out. Things turned amorous between Jake and Allie looked ready to express their love for each other in a more physical way. As Allie unbuttoned Jake's shirt, Liza burst into the room. She knew instantly that she'd interrupted something. She turned her back to them and apologized profusely. Both Allie and Jake told her that she could stay. Liza blushed, but she couldn't let her embarrassment get in the way. She told the couple that David had accused her of setting him up. Allie's fears materialized again, but Jake told both women that he'd prepared for such a plot twist.

Tad wandered downstairs and bumped into Stuart. He asked Adam's brother if Adam had ever mentioned anything about hearing voices or seeing things. Stuart nodded and seemed surprised that Tad knew anything about the specter. Stuart told Tad that they'd hired a psychic to check for a presence in the house and that the psychic concurred that Adam was definitely being haunted by Joy. The name hit Tad like a ton of bricks. He asked Stuart to tell him more about Joy. Stuart only had time to tell Tad about Adam's "hallucinations" and the strange sounds coming from the passageways. Adam entered the room and asked Tad why he hadn't left. Tad didn't want to draw Adam's wrath, so he agreed to leave. Stuart offered to get Adam a cup of tea. Adam agreed and they both left the room. When the coast was clear, Tad re-entered the room and entered into one of the secret passages. Adam returned to the room when he heard the doorbell sound. David had dropped by with urgent news about Liza. Meanwhile in the passageway, Tad came across the mystery woman's stash of magic tricks. He didn't really know what it was that he'd found, but the basin of blood certain made him curious. The earthly phantom hovered in the shadows watching Tad. She feared that she'd be found, so she ducked out of sight. As she went into hiding, she knocked over some old boards. Tad heard the noise and moved in for a closer look."

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