"In the foyer of Enchantment, Erica told her daughter that they were going to waltz into the cosmetics company and develop a new line of make-up targeted at teenagers. Bianca liked the idea, but she worried that her mother might not have any pull at Enchantment. After all, she wasn't in charge any more. The duo walked into the main office and carried on like nothing had changed. The receptionist sat at the front desk with headphones on her head. She bobbed her head to the music and was unaware that Erica was even in the office. Erica managed to steal her attention and threatened to have her fired for failing to do her job. Alicia, the "personal executive assistant" to Hayley, was awed to see Erica, but told her that she doesn't have the authority to go around firing people.

Edmund certainly didn't expect to see Dimitri at his door. Edmund claimed that he was busy and that he didn't want to hear Dimitri thank him for saving his life. Edmund coldly noted that he would have helped a complete stranger in the same situation. Dimitri did profess his gratitude to his brother, but that wasn't why he was there. Dimitri told Edmund that he'd just come from seeing Bianca. He was noticeably shaken as he described how frail Bianca looked. Dimitri asked Edmund if he had any idea why the young girl would want to starve herself. Edmund didn't have any answers. Dimitri knew that he had no right to ask Edmund for anything, but he begged him to help him get through to Bianca. Recalling an old philosophy their father used to live by, Dimitri stated that Hugo Marick claimed that "the best life training was in the cavalry." Edmund titled his head to the side and asked Dimitri if he planned to have Bianca enrolled in the armed forces. Dimitri smiled and explained his story a little better. He said that it might be good to develop a regiment for Bianca---chores and responsibilities that might help her realize her self worth. Edmund dully noted that Erica would never let Dimitri anywhere near her daughter. Hence the reason for Dimitri's visit: He wants Edmund to help warm Erica up to him. Edmund was somewhat moved by Dimitri's desire to help Bianca, but he couldn't help but feel that there was something in it for Dimitri. Dimitri nodded and said that he did have something to gain by helping Bianca---something big. He explained that he might be able to see life a little more clearly if he's allowed to see it through the eyes of a child. In essence, he wanted Bianca to help him redeem himself. Dimitri saw that his pleas were falling on deaf ears and turned to walk away. Edmund stopped him and told him that he'd see what he could do.

Brooke dropped by Holidays to see how Mateo had progressed with his undercover mission. Mateo told him that he hadn't been able to get away, but that he was planning a trip to New York later in the day. Hayley overheard the mention of New York and began telling Mateo how badly she needed to get away. Mateo told her that he was doing a top secret---and dangerous---mission for Brooke. Brooke was nervous for a few seconds until Mateo said that he was tracking an underground Cuban cigar smuggling ring for a Tempo article. Hayley believed the tale and said nothing more.

Jim entered the restaurant and asked Brooke if she'd join him for an all-day lovemaking session. Brooke said that she had a business meeting to attend. Jim smiled broadly and told her that her appointment called Tempo and rescheduled. Brooke quickly pointed out that she needed to go home and be there for Jamie. Again Jim grinned. He told her that Tad had called and asked to spend the night with his son. That left the path clear for that passion session. Jim gave Brooke a big hug, but Brooke was less than enthusiastic. She kept her eyes open and stared at the ceiling as Jim kissed her. Then Brooke decided that she should go to the hospital and check on her Aunt Phoebe. Jim tried to dissuade her, but Brooke insisted on going.

Erica barreled into Holidays and told Hayley that she'd just come from Enchantment. Hayley knew that the place was in shambles, but she had no idea how bad things had gotten. She explained that things had gotten hectic since she took over---her kidnapping by Tanner, her engagement, Maria's death, and the opening of the restaurant to name a few events that had taken place in her life. Hayley said that she felt guilty for letting Enchantment sag, but she came up with a great solution to the problem. She asked Erica if she wanted to buy back Enchantment. Erica smiled broadly and told Hayley that she had herself a deal. Mateo chuckled at the quickie sale, but Hayley claimed that she felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Mateo told Hayley that he had to be on his way to New York. Shortly after Mateo walked out the door, Hayley summoned Kevin to the bar and asked him if he could cover for her. She explained that she had to go to New York to see what Mateo was really up to.

At the hospital, David gave Phoebe a complete physical and determined that she was in perfect health---except for the broken leg. Phoebe adored the attention given to her by Dr. Hayward. She gushed endlessly about how attractive and intelligent he was and teased him that if she weren't married she'd be all over him! David managed to find a few minutes alone with Allie. Allie told him that it wasn't right of him to tell Jake about their run-in in the on-call room. David wondered if he'd caused a riff between Allie and Jake. Allie accused David once again of trying to kill Adam. David, of course, denied the charges. Allie demanded that David march into Joe's office and tell him the truth so that Jake wouldn't lose his license. David played along and asked her to imagine if he really did administer the wrong medication. Why would he admit it? He has a promising career and he would never put it on the line. If he reported the mistake he'd lose his license and Allie, the woman who faked her transcripts, would be free to practice medicine. David looked her in the eyes and told her that he will see to it that Jake loses his license. Then before he returns to California, he'll tell Joe about Allie's secret and watch her lose her license as well.

The two doctors went off in their separate directions. Ruth saw the fight, but she didn't hear what it was about. She told Joe about the argument, but he urged her to keep her nose out of Allie and David's problems. Joe was preoccupied with his plans to organizing a team to investigate the charges against Jake. Joe and Ruth both believed in their son's innocence, but they both knew that believing him wouldn't change a thing.

Phoebe was anxious to be released from the hospital, but Joe told her that she needed to stick around for a few days to make sure that she gets the care she needs. Brooke chimed in that she could take her aunt home with her and care for her. Jim suggested that Brooke leave the personal care to the professionals. Joe liked the idea and eventually Phoebe accepted the idea. Brooke breathed a sigh of relief. But Jim, well Jim wasn't pleased a bit.

Erica and Bianca returned to Enchantment and began tossing stuff into a cardboard box. The receptionist yelled out "hey lady" in an attempt to get Erica to stop. It didn't work. They she tried to get "the kid" the stop. Erica stopped what she was doing temporarily and informed the woman that her name was Erica Kane and that "the kid" was her daughter, Bianca Montgomery. Alicia returned and informed Erica that she couldn't walk around like she owned the place. Erica laughed deviously and said, "Oh yes I can." She told Alicia that she was the new owner of Enchantment. Alicia went into "kiss up" mode and began telling Erica how pleased she was to see her back at the helm. The buttering up accomplished nothing and Erica fired both of them on the spot. She reconsidered and offered Alicia a job as the new receptionist. Erica tried to get Bianca to see that she could have control over her life, but Bianca wasn't so sure. Bianca listened to her mother lecture her on the importance of her therapy sessions. Bianca explained that she feels uncomfortable listening to the other members' problems. Erica begged her daughter to help her design a new line of cosmetics, saying that she'd crumble if her daughter turned her down.

Jake paid a visit to WRCW to speak to Liza. He thanked her for getting Adam to drop his legal action. Liza told him that it was crazy for anyone to believe that he'd try to kill someone. Jake closed the door to the office and told Liza that he needed to ask her something. "I want you to help me plot to kill Adam," he said. Liza thought her ears were on the fritz, but Jake assured her that she'd heard him correctly. Jake told her that Adam's near death was no accident---someone had deliberately administered the wrong medication. That someone, he said, was Dr. David Hayward. Liza wanted to get on the phone and call the authorities, but Jake told her that that would be a bad idea. Other people, he said, would get hurt of the police were called in to help. He said that he needs Liza to help him convince David that they are an item once again. Then, Liza will ask David to help her kill Adam. That would leave Allie out in the cold and just ripe for the pickin'. Liza figured out that David was holding something over Allie. Jake confirmed her suspicion, but refused to say exactly what David had on his friend. Liza worried that she'd be getting in the way of a sociopath. The sociopath in question was David---and she feared that someone would get hurt. Jake assured her that Adam would not be in harm's way during the sting. Allie burst into the office and told Jake about her encounter with David. Jake looked to Liza and told her that their plan wouldn't work without her help. Liza frowned and told Jake that "nobody tries to kill my husband but me. Dr. Hayward will wish he never met me! I'm in.""

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