"Another day set on Pine Valley. At Chandler Mansion, Joy slowly roused from unconsciousness. Stuart took it upon himself to contact a psychic. He hoped that the psychic would help determine why Adam was being haunted by a spirit. Adam didn't put much stock in clairvoyants and offered to pay her for her time and service even before she said anything. Both Chandler brothers were wowed when the woman told them that she sensed a strong presence in the house---a strong female presence. No one had told her that the spirit was that of a woman. The psychic also felt that the spirit somehow had the letter "J" associated with her. Adam told her that she could leave, but the psychic continued speaking. She said that the presence is on a mission to get the answer to an important question. That question, she said, was "Why'd you do it?" Adam didn't want to hear another word and virtually chased the woman out of his house. A revolving door must have been installed because as soon as the psychic left, the exterminator showed up. Adam showed the exterminator to the secret passageway and told her to fumigate everything in his path. Joy hid in a nook and waited for the exterminator to pass by. Then she raced out of the secret corridor and out of the mansion.

Using a cane, Dimitri walked onto the outside patio at the hospital. Ruth told him that she'd have his discharge papers drawn up for him shortly. Dimitri knew that he couldn't drive himself home, so he asked Ruth if she could call Gloria and ask if she'd give him a ride. Ruth broke the news that Gloria had already left town. Dejected, Dimitri waited for his release papers. While he waited, Bianca emerged from behind some potted plants. Of course Dimitri wondered why she was amongst the flora. Bianca didn't try to cover her tracks; She told him that she had skipped her therapy session. Dimitri tried to impress upon her the need for therapy in her recovery. Bianca had overheard Dimitri discussing his marital woes with Ruth and asked her former stepfather some questions about the split. Dimitri told Bianca that he still loved Gloria, but noted that sometimes people who love each other are not meant to be together. Dimitri also told Bianca that he still loves her and that he misses not seeing her.

Erica met with Dr. Earl, Bianca's therapist, to voice her concerns that Bianca has not made any noticeable recovery since her release from prison. Erica begged for the counselor to tell her if Bianca had mentioned that someone or something was bothering her. The doctor wasn't about to break a confidentiality agreement. She tried to make Erica see that people coming in and out of Bianca's life has hurt her. The information slipped right past Erica as she touted her skilled parenting. Erica claimed that she'd that she'd do anything for her daughter; Listening to the doctor's advice didn't appear to be on the list of things she'd do. Ruth burst into the room and announced that Bianca hadn't shown up for her group therapy session.

Erica tracked Bianca down and needless to say she wasn't pleased to see her two-time ex-husband talking to her. Jack could see the trouble brewing and told Bianca that a set of triplets had just been born at the hospital. Bianca agreed to head to the nursery to look at them, but not before asking her mother if she could go horseback riding with Dimitri. Erica suggested that Bianca wait until she was a little stronger before galloping off into the sunset. Erica waited until Bianca left before she tore into him. Dimitri voiced his concern for Bianca on this, the first time that he'd seen Bianca she since was diagnosed with anorexia. Erica asked Dimitri where his concern was when she begged him to help her convince the parole board to give her an early release from prison. Dimitri explained that he hadn't known the severity of Bianca's condition and denied doing anything specifically designed to further hurt Bianca. Erica accused Dimitri of thinking of Bianca as a "consolation prize." By that she meant that Dimitri had lost everyone else in his life and that he felt he could now rekindle his relationship with Bianca. Bianca returned and chattered giddily about the triplets she'd just seen. She asked her mother if she'd reconsidered letting her go riding, but Erica remained opposed to the idea. Ruth returned and told Bianca that Dr. Earl wanted to see her. Erica told Bianca to run along and speak to her doctor. Dimitri was given his released papers and hobbled on his way. Jack lashed out at Erica for her misguided decision to cut Bianca off from Dimitri. He quoted the therapist's advice that Bianca needs stability in her life. Cutting Dimitri out, Jack stated, will only hurt Bianca in the long wrong. Erica still didn't pay close attention to what Jack had said and, in turn, disregarded Dr. Earl's advice. Her eyes widened as she concocted an idea of how she could help Bianca.

In Dr. Earl's office, Dimitri paid a quick appearance to Bianca that he meant it when he told her that he loves her like a daughter. He also told her that he will not go behind Erica's back to see her. He said that as hard as it is for him to do that, he doesn't want to cause any trouble for Erica or Bianca. He pledged to work harder to convince Erica that it was a good thing for him to see Bianca. He smiled at the young girl and then continued on his way. He was on his way to Wildwind to visit Edmund. Erica arrived a few minutes later and told Bianca that she was going to take her to Enchantment. Bianca was less than thrilled. She smiled weakly and reluctantly agreed to tag along with her mother. Later , Erica told Jack in private that she thinks she can use Enchantment to help rebuild Bianca's confidence. How? She didn't exactly say.

Tad spent the night at the Pine Cone waiting for his mystery woman to return. He heard a noise outside and darted out into the parking lot. There he saw Ryan returning to his motel room. He accused Ryan of being in cahoots with his mystery woman. Ryan told him that he had no idea what he was talking about. Ryan was almost off the hook---until Kelsey walked out of his room. Tad leapt to the conclusion that Ryan and Kelsey had spent the night together. Kelsey informed him that she'd just arrived at the motel to plan a ski trip with Ryan. Tad seemed a little more at ease, but he still warned Kelsey to be careful. Tad saw an odd similarity between him and Ryan---and he didn't like that. Kelsey and Ryan put their heads together and worked on plans to organize their ski trip. Kelsey made a huge error when she bragged to Scott and Gillian that Ryan's parents owned a cabin near the slopes. Ryan thought quickly and decided that they could tell Scott and Gillian that the cabin had been rented out without his knowledge. Ryan walked over to the phone and called the Sleepy Hollow Inn. He told the person manning the front desk that he was the head of promotions at WRCW. He claimed that the station was considering giving away some ski packages and that the inn would make a huge profit if they chose to book their rooms there. That, Ryan hoped, would lead to an offer of complimentary rooms for him and his friends.

Across the parking lot, Tad fell asleep in a chair. While he slept, Joy returned to her room. She watched in odd curiosity at the man who'd tracked her down. She had to shake herself back into the present. She then tiptoed around the room and packed up her belongings. When Tad awoke, he saw that the room had been emptied. The only thing left behind was a piece of notebook paper with a message for him. "You were trying to help, but you can't," the note read. "Forget you ever saw me."

At Chandler Mansion, Joy set up shop in the secret passageway,. She unloaded her pillow and sleeping bag and waited. In the main room, Adam talked to Stuart on the phone. He told Stuart the exterminator hadn't found any infestation, but assured his brother that his mansion wasn't haunted by specters either. He looked at a hall mirror. The word "Joy" was scribbled on the mirror in red lipstick. The suddenly the writing faded away into nothingness."

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