"All My Children was cut short on the East Coast by a special press conference at the White House. I've done a little undercover work and hobnobbing and managed to patch together the missing twenty minutes of the show

The sight of Allie standing half-naked in front of him didn't even cause David to break a sweat. In fact, he coldly asked that Allie put her clothes back on. He made a movement towards the door and Allie raced to blocked his path. She accused David of wanting to drag their war out even longer, a charge he denied. Allie repeatedly taunted the doctor to "come and get it." David claimed that it wasn't his style. Allie was enraged. She lunged towards him and pushed him against the lockers. Allie implied that David is only attractive to submissive and mindless women who possess no powers of thought. Allie didn't hold back any longer. She told David that she knows he was the one who nearly killed Adam. Of course David claimed that he would never risk one of his patient's lives. Why then, Allie asked him, did he magically have the proper medication to reverse Adam's reaction in his hands when he entered the room. David had no answer, but he again professed his high ethics and how he would never put a patient's life on the line on purpose. David told Allie that he meant what he said when he told her that he was setting her free. He told her to take a long hard look at herself. It was obvious that she didn't care for him. Allie refused to believe that David was giving up. David grabbed a handful of money from his pocket and threw it Allie. "Thanks for the cheap thrill," he sneered. He unlocked the door and left. Allie kicked and punched the lockers as she vented her anger and frustration. She leaned against the lockers and then slowly slid to the floor as she sobbed.

Down the hall in Adam's room, Joe prepared to deliver Dr. Shimatori's findings to Adam. Adam wasn't pleased with the hand-me-down diagnosis and insisted that he pays good money to hear a diagnosis from his doctor. Joe looked over the top of his eyeglasses and told Adam that Jake had been suspended. Adam yawned out of forced ennui and suggested that Joe's supposed investigation into the matter would be tainted by favoritism. Joe went over Shimatori's diagnosis point by point. Dr. Shimatori determined that neurological dysfunction did not trigger Adam's illness. He did, however, have an explanation for Adam's hallucinations of "the floating woman": Adam was suffering from dementia. The mere mention of dementia sent Adam into fits of rage. He declared his sanity at the top of his lungs and flat out refused to see a psychologist. He stomped over to the dresser and grabbed his clothing. Joe tried to prevent Adam from leaving, but he knew that Adam would never listen to him. Joe snapped back at Adam and told him that he'd have his release papers waiting for him. Adam waited until Joe left the room-and then started to chase after him. He told Joe that the poor treatment he'd received while in the hospital would nix his plans to ever donate money for The Adam Chandler Wing!

Kelsey called Kevin and learned that Scott and Gillian had rented a private dining room at The Valley Inn. Kelsey worried that the private dinner would squash plans to make Scott jealous by pretending that Ryan was her boyfriend. Ryan grinned devilishly and told Kelsey that he had a plan.

At the Valley Inn, Scott and Gillian sat at a private table and made casual conversation. Gillian wanted to know everything about Scott's past. Scott said that he didn't want to dwell in the past. Gillian was slightly miffed and told him that getting her dates to talk about their past is her best form of seduction. Scott laughed and told Gillian that he admires her honesty. Gillian looked longingly into Scott's eyes---but she didn't see what you'd expect. She saw Scott sitting in his chair wearing a big smile... and hundred dollar bills covering much of his body. The waiter entered the room and told the couple that a horrible mistake had been made. Apparently the person who'd made the reservations had goofed and double-booked the dining room. Gillian refused to be kicked out. She stuck her nose in the air and announced that she was the Princess Andrassy. Kelsey and Ryan entered the room and watched the argument unfold. Ryan smiled sincerely and told the two young friends that he didn't want them to have to leave their table. He pulled up a chair and announced that he and Kelsey would be joining them for dinner. Out of sight, Ryan slipped the waiter a hundred-dollar bill. When the food arrived, Kelsey offered Gillian a sample of her food. Gillian's stomach turned at the thought of eating off of someone else's plate. Ryan, however, didn't have a problem with it and graciously accepted the offering. The song "Let's Get It On" blared over the loudspeakers. Ryan took Kelsey by the hand and reminded her that this was "their" song. The two danced and discussed the next phase of their plan. Ryan told Kelsey that he'd "borrowed" the money he paid the waiter from WRCW's petty cash fund. Ryan reminded Kelsey that she was supposed to be dating him---and that meant that she had to stop making puppy dog eyes at Scott. At the table, when Scott told Gillian that Ryan had only been in town for about a week, Gillian figured out that the double-booking must have been a lie. Apparently they had made their reservations many weeks in advance. Gillian wanted to leave, but Scott told her that he didn't think it was safe to leave Kelsey alone with Ryan. When Kelsey and Ryan returned to the table, Ryan tried to make small talk. Gillian, however, announced that she was allergic to small talk. While she groused, Gillian had to fight off flashbacks of Ryan's kiss. Things didn't get any easier when Ryan took her by the hand and whisked her off to the dance floor. Kelsey concocted a lie about going on a ski trip with Ryan. Scott told her that she didn't know Ryan well enough and strongly urged her to reconsider.

At WRCW, Tad had Maizee---is temporary secretary and promising artist---create a sketch of his mystery woman. Even though Tad had only seen the woman once---and it was only for a few seconds---the sketch looked eerily similar to the mystery woman. Tad was so overjoyed with Maizee's work that he hoisted her into the air and gave her a big hug. Liza returned to her office and ordered Tad to put the woman down. Maizee dashed back to work and Liza scolded Tad for wasting the station's time and money on his ghost hunt. While they talked, Tad received an urgent phone call. Someone had broken into his house. Tad took the news quite well. In fact he asked that the security guards not contact the police. He let out a yelp of joy. Liza was perplexed by Tad's response to his home being burglarized. Until, that is, he told her that he believes his mystery woman is the burglar. Soon after Tad left, Liza received a visitor---Adam. He told Liza that he'd decided to drop the charges against Jake. Adam tried to tell Liza about his visions of a mystery woman, but Liza showed little interest.

Myrtle returned home and found Jake sitting on the couch in the dark. She knew that something was wrong and that fear was compounded by the fact that Jake's belongings were stacked on the floor. He assured her that he wasn't going anywhere. He explained that he cleaned out his locker at the hospital and casually added that he'd been suspended. Gloria dropped by Myrtle's to bid her final farewell to her friend. Gloria wanted to make a quick getaway, but Myrtle told Gloria that she couldn't leave. One by one guests began arriving for a surprise party in Gloria's honor. Joe, Ruth, Stuart, and Allie wished Gloria well and presented her with present. Ruth gave Gloria a hard hat as a joke gift. She told Gloria that she could use the protection now that she'll be living in earthquake prone California. Stuart gave Gloria a picture of an arial view of Pine Valley. The two shared a sentimental goodbye and promised to never lose touch and never to forget how special they are to each other. (I wish I could have provided more material on this departure, but the press conference deleted this portion of the show.)

At Tad's house, Joy poked around looking for the necklace. She had no idea that she'd tripped the alarm. She heard a noise at the door and hid in a hall closet. Tad noticed the open window that the woman had used to gain access to the house. He also saw her sneak into the closet. He opened the door, looked around, and then returned to the front door. Again he opened the door and then closed it to make it seem like he'd left. His plan had the desired effect. Joy opened the closet door and readied to resume her search. She looked around and then came face-to-face with Tad."

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