"Even without so much as a sigh from the caller, Tad knew that it was Joy on the other end of the line. He told her that he would return her necklace to her, but that he wanted to do it in person. Otherwise, he said, he might never get to see her again. Joy was quiet. Tad wondered if she was in some kind of trouble, but Joy's only reply, if you can consider it one, was a hang up.

Disguised with one of those "plastic glasses with a big nose," Trevor waited for Edmund to return to his office. Trevor was surprised that Edmund was able to see through his disguise. It was easy, Edmund smiled---his loud tie was a dead give away. The small talk came to an abrupt end. Edmund told Trevor about Jim's claim that he worked in Central America. Trevor's experiences in Central America allowed him to boast that he knew everyone who had ever set foot in Central America for military purposes. He never recalled seeing or hearing Jim's name. Trevor called up a favor from a friend at the State Department and learned that the State Department had no record of Jim ever being in the armed forces. Edmund, already knowing the answer to his question, asked if it was possible that Jim's records were deleted because he worked on a top secret mission. Trevor shook his head. He asked Edmund about Jim and Brooke's relationship, knowing that their findings could cause trouble for the pair. Edmund explained that Jim had attached himself to Brooke after the plane crash. Both agreed that it seemed like Jim was out for money. He'd already received ten thousand dollars from Dimitri as a reward for saving Edmund and Maddie's lives. Now he had a third ownership of Tempo. Edmund decided that he had to tell Brooke what he'd just learned---even if it meant breaking her heart.

The charges against Jake were serious. David's voice sounded like a mad dog barking. He accused Jake of not paying attention to the medication he'd take from the stock room and administering the wrong medicine to Adam. Concerned for her father's welfare, Hayley rhetorically asked if the hospital had changed its policy of helping people get well. A hospital, David remarked, is only as good as its staff. Liza exited Adam's room and defended Jake's reputation. David used Jake and Liza's past relationship as leverage. He accused Jake of not being over losing Liza to Adam. Liza argued that her relationship with Jake was "ancient history." Joe asked that David keep his mouth shut because his continued hollering reflects poorly on him and the hospital. Dr. Shimatori examined Adam once again, but this time determined that Adam was out of the woods. Jake, however, was ordered off of Adam's care until a full investigation could be done.

In a vacant room, Allie and Jake discussed Adam's near death. There was no doubt in their minds that David was responsible for the medicine switch. With a sneer, Jake commented that David had kept his promise of backing off of Allie---he'd just decided to find a new target. Allie apologized profusely for David. She decided that her only recourse was to find Joe and tell him the truth about her fraudulent transcripts and David's blackmail. Jake refused to let her do that. Instead, he said that they'd have to come up with a plan.

Liza returned to Adam's room just as Adam was waking up. He wondered if he was dreaming or if Liza was really sitting next to him. Liza smiled and assured him that he was not dreaming. He asked Liza if the inscription on the ring she'd bought him---"Love is Eternal"---was true and that she still loved him. Liza didn't reply. She rose to her feet and waited for Hayley and Mateo to enter the room. Then she wished Adam well and slowly walked out of the room. Again, Adam thought he was dreaming. Hayley assured him that Liza had really been there. Adam apologized for his near-death experience and for the heartbreak it must have caused Hayley. He thanked Hayley for catching him before he hit the ground. Hayley smiled slightly and told him that it was the ground, not her, that broke Adam's fall. She told Adam that she'd been praying for him, asking God to let Adam live because he has "so much more evil to do and so many more lives to ruin." The laughed together. Adam thanked Mateo for stopping by the hospital. He said that he knew how much he'd given up by visiting him. Mateo, who'd been sitting in the corner, rose from his seat and walked over to Adam's bed. Softly, he told Adam that he was glad he was going to be okay. "That's a start," Adam smiled weakly.

Tad heard footsteps in the hall and assumed that Joy was dropping by to pick up her jewelry. He was supremely disappointed when Liza entered his office. Liza toyed with Tad and his obsession with the mystery woman. Tad insisted that Joy ad called him, but he was teased even more when he confessed that the person who had called never said anything to him. Liza told Tad about Adam's close call with death. As they talked, Tad saw a pair of eyes peeking through the cracked office door. He tried to run over to the door, but Liza grabbed him by the arm and prevented him from leaving. She told him that it was probably just the janitor. By the time Tad wrestled free if Liza's grip, Joy had already disappeared. Tad raced to the phone and ordered security to not allow anyone to leave the station. Tad raced down the hall leaving Liza alone. With puppy dogs eyes and a faint voice, she asked "What about me? Can I leave the building?" But Tad was already out of hearing range.

Brooke demanded that Jim say something to her to prevent her from jumping to the wrong conclusion. He said nothing. With the suitcase still in her hands, Brooke walked towards the door. Jim asked her where she was going. She told him that she was going to take the suitcase to the NTSB for examination. Jim asked to stop so that he could tell her the truth. He confessed that the suitcase was his. It wasn't much of a confession. After all, Brooke did find the suitcase in his closet. He explained that Brooke nearly learned the truth about him in Edmund's office. He revisited his tale about serving in Latin America. This time, however, he added a new ending. He said that he'd captured examples of man's animosity towards man on film. His camera, he said, was his "third eye." His work in the tenuous environment had made him a hated man. He surmised that a group of assassins had planted the explosives in his suitcase as a way of getting revenge on him. Brooke was not impressed by the tale. She questioned whether a group of assassins would blow up a plane just to silence one person. She decided that the only way she could help would be to call Pierce and ask him to act as an intermediary between Jim and the assassins. Jim prevented her from calling. This time, he sighed, he was going to tell her the real truth. Jim said he felt somewhat embarrassed by his story, but he needed to come clean. He told Brooke that during his days in New York, he had been struggling from assignment to assignment and tired of the daily grind. He decided to open up a gallery, but didn't have the money to tackle the venture. A friend of his, he said, introduced him to a loan shark. As time went by, the gallery went belly up and the loan shark demanded his money back. Jim claimed that he tried to flee town, but surmised that they'd caught up to him and planted to bomb. Brooke noted something that seemed quite apparent, but it was a crucial part to Jim's story: He was still alive. Jim, still unshaken, said that he'd used the reward money given to him by Dimitri to pay off the loan shark. Brooke suggested that they contact the police and have them go after the loan shark. Jim told her that if he came forward, he'd once again be put on the loan shark's hit list. Brooke agreed to keep silent, but told Jim that in the wake of this new information she'd need to rethink her relationship with him. Jim agreed to give her space, but asked that she not keep him waiting for her decision too long. Jim gave Brooke a kiss, but the kiss was not returned. Brooke left the room and stood in the hallway---concerned, confused, and scared."

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