"In an attempt to hide his squabble with Jim, Edmund asked Brooke about her trip to Boston. Brooke offered a brief answer---saying that the trip went well and that Laura fell in love with the youth center---before quickly turning back to what she'd overheard. Edmund claimed that he and Jim were just "getting to know each other." Jim wasn't so diplomatic. He told Edmund that Brooke could "handle the truth" and told her that Edmund had had him investigated. The news didn't seem to phase Brooke. In fact, she asked Edmund if he'd learned anything interesting. Jim was stunned by Brooke's apparent display of disloyalty. He accused her of tossing their relationship in the trashcan. Brooke noted that their personal and business relationships are two different things. That didn't sit well with Jim and his fury slowly rose to the surface. Edmund told Brooke that several years of Jim's life seemed to have been swallowed by a black hole. Jim turned and faced Brooke. He rattled off his story about his secret mission in Latin America. Edmund gave him a test, offering him specific dates that were missing from his report. Jim rapidly offered his response, saying that he was in Guatemala---and for proof his said that he could give the names of the three people that he saw killed. Jim wasn't in the mood for a continued inquisition, so he opted to go back to work. Once he was gone, Edmund waited for Brooke to lash out at him for his probe. Brooke, however, was quiet...to quiet. Edmund somehow knew that Brooke had doubts about Jim. She wouldn't admit to it, though. At every opportunity she actually made excuses for Jim. She told Edmund that Jim had a right to be upset once he found out that someone was poking around in his past. Perhaps he'd done something in his past that he wasn't proud of. Edmund nodded. He commented that everyone has made mistakes that they'd wanted to hide---but they don't just vanish for years at a time. Brooke got on the subject of the plane crash, to which Edmund vowed that he would find the person or persons responsible for planting the bomb. Brooke seemed surprised that Edmund believed the bomber was still alive. Edmund explained that he found it hard to believe that the explosion was a suicide mission. Brooke couldn't look Edmund in the eyes, but she told him that she, too, wants to find the person who killed Maria.

Hayley learned of Adam's admission to the hospital and dropped by the hospital to make sure that he was okay. Allie explained to her that Adam checked himself in for some tests and that he had not suffered another attack. As they talked, the bells and whistles on Adam's monitors went off. They raced into the room and found Adam gasping for air. He reached his hand out to Hayley before collapsing to the ground. David entered the room and started some emergency procedures. Allie was asked to escort Hayley out of the room. Hayley placed a call to Mateo to ask him to join her at the hospital. It was a struggle to convince Mateo to leave home, but he eventually agreed to Hayley's request. Joy cornered Allie in the hall and asked about Adam's condition. She was concerned that her little hocus-pocus act had caused Adam to have a heart attack. Allie didn't have a diagnosis to give. When Mateo arrived, Hayley filled her husband in on Adam's condition. When Joy overheard Hayley telling Mateo that her father could die, Joy's jaw dropped.

At WRCW, Liza and Tad continued their friendly teasing about their botched relationships. Ryan entered the room and bragged that he'd increased their ad revenue. Liza was impressed; Ryan asked for twenty-four hours and it had barely taken him more than twenty-four minutes! Tad was furious with Liza for hiring Ryan without his permission. Tad somehow felt that since Ryan was selling ad space during The Cutting Edge that he had a say in the matter. Liza yelled that he would have been told about Ryan's hiring if he had not been so preoccupied with his ghost. On cue, the phone rang. Liza took the call and, with a smile, hung up the receiver. Liza told Tad that someone was on their way to see him about the lost and found ad. Tad stumbled out of the room with an awkward look on his face. Liza got back to business and asked Ryan about his advertising coup. While they talked, the phone rang again. Hayley told Liza about Adam's latest health scare. Liza was moved, but she didn't want to admit her feelings. After she hung up the phone, Ryan asked her what was wrong. He could tell by the way her face whitened that the call did not bring good news. Rather nonchalantly, Liza stated that her husband was in the hospital. Ryan offered to give Liza a ride to the hospital, but Liza turned him down. She said that she isn't sure that Adam is really sick. "Is he a hypochondriac?" asked Ryan. "No, a liar," Liza replied. Ryan found it odd that Liza would speak so coldly about the man she married. Surely there had to be something about him that Liza liked or why else would she have married him? That, of course, would have been a long story, so Liza simply stated that a lot of things had changed since her wedding day. Ryan's voice grew serious. He asked Liza if she could live with herself if something horrible happened to Adam and she wasn't by his side during his final hours. That was all Ryan needed to say. Liza thanked him for his insight and headed to the hospital.

Down the hall, an older woman with red hair entered Tad's office and told him that she was there to claim Joy's necklace. Tad told her that she wasn't the right person. The woman thought that Tad was trying to get a reward out of her before giving up the piece of jewelry. Somehow, Tad got the idea that the woman was there on Joy's behalf. Before giving up the locket, he asked if the woman had pictures of Joy. She woman rummaged through her purse and eventually discovered a picture of Joy. Joy turned out to be a poodle! Tad held up the locket and the woman quickly realized that she'd made a mistake. She mused that her Joy had a "dainty" neck and that the locket was far too clunky for her! Tad sat down at this desk, dejected over his failure to meet up with Joy. The phone rang, but when Tad picked it up no one was there. He listened to the silence on the other end and knew that it was Joy on the other end. Joy, however, was too scared to speak.

In Adam's room, David and Allie went over some paperwork. While Allie had her back turned, David placed a small vial on the floor. When Allie turned around, she couldn't help but see the vial. She picked it up, figured that it was a vial of the medication that Jake had given Adam, and then readied to toss it in the garbage. David ordered her to halt and plucked the glass container from her hands. He looked at it for several minutes. Her then picked up the half-used bag that had been given to Adam and ordered her to take it to toxicology. Allie asked for an explanation, but David didn't give her one.

Liza arrived at the hospital and asked Joe if she could see Adam. He initially refused, but when he saw how upset she was, he granted her permission. Liza pulled up a chair and say by the bed. She told Adam that she would never forgive him if he died.

Back outside, David received the results of the toxicology examination. He waited until Jake was surrounded by Adam's family before confronting him with the news. "You administered the wrong medication,": David growled. "Were you just being incompetent or were you trying to kill the man?" Allie lowered her head and rolled her eyes. She knew that David was up to something.

Brooke visited Jim at this hotel room. The two talked about what had taken place in Edmund's office. Brooke claimed that she was caught off guard by the confrontation and that she didn't know what to say or do. Jim moved on to other topics---his future with Brooke. He told her that he'd done a lot of thinking while she was in Boston. He'd determined that he doesn't like going to bed alone---and that he likes waking up alone even less. He walked over to his nightstand and grabbed hold of something. He returned to Brooke and knelt before her. He told her that he cannot imagine his life without her. He opened up a ringbox and presented her with a sizeable diamond ring. He asked Brooke to be his wife, but Brooke neither accepted nor rejected his proposal. "I wanted to be with you too," Brooke said using the past tense. She told Jim that she was shaken by his lack of concern of the luggage fragment they'd seen. He denied that he didn't feel anything, saying that he was just has concerned as Brooke. "The explosives that killed Maria and all those other people," Brooke said as she walked over to the closet, " was in a suitcase just like this." Moving the boxes and other clutter aside, Brooke held up the suitcase that she'd found in Jim's closet."

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