"At the hospital, Allie peered out a huge picture window as her mind replayed the encounter in which David threatened to reveal that she had faked her college transcripts. Allie turned away and walked back to the nurses' station. Jake walked up to her and asked her if she was having a rough morning. She nodded. Hopefully, she said, things would be better once she left the hospital and went shopping with Gloria. David joined the duo and told Jake that the neurologist wants to discuss Adam's condition with him. Jake walked away allowing David to have some one-on-one time with Allie. He asked her to join him for a cup of coffee, but she turned him down flat.

In their new loft, Dimitri whipped up a wonderful breakfast for his slumbering wife. Gloria had overslept by several hours. When she did wake, her face turned green at the thought of eating. Dimitri worried that she was going to go out into the cold without anything in her system, but Gloria assured him that she'd be okay. Gloria remembered her shopping date with Allie and scampered to get ready.

Hayley told Liza that Adam had suffered a mini-stroke. Adam snapped at Hayley for "broadcasting" his health to the entire town. Liza was concerned, but Adam was indifferent. He fumbled for his clothing and got dressed. Hayley told Liza that she'd have to call her back. Adam informed his daughter that he was leaving the hospital---and that no one could stop him.

A short time later, Liza dropped by the hospital to get a first hand look at Adam's condition. She asked David for any new information on her soon-to-be ex-husband's condition. He gave her a cold glance and informed her that he can only discuss a patient's health with immediate family members. Liza explained that she was married to Adam and David quickly apologized for his faux pas. David gave her a quick rundown of Adam's status, but told her that Adam had split. If Liza wants to help Adam, David stated, she needs to get him back to the hospital immediately.

Trevor, Amanda, Jamie, and Tad met at the mall to meet with Santa Claus. Amanda was concerned because Janet had not shown up as promised. Trevor told Amanda to stand with Jamie and to wait in line to see Saint Nick. He then walked over to Tad and told him how he thinks he "blew it" with Janet. Tad seemed to be on Janet's side. He pointed out that Janet voluntarily submitted to taking the polygraph test, but he also agreed that she has had a very rocky past. Never one to break her word to her little girl, Janet arrived and told her daughter that she's stand in line with her. Amanda couldn't wait to tell her daddy that Janet was there. Janet walked over to Trevor and was immediately confronted with a question: Has anything changed since their last meeting. Janet replied quickly with a resounding "no." Trevor led her over to a table and asked her to explain why she was being so stubborn. Janet explained that knowing that Trevor believes or believed that she tried to hurt Tim has been hard on her. Trevor's story changed; He said that for one nanosecond he believed Tim, but now he's not so sure. The news that Trevor had changed his mind hardly satisfied Janet. She noted that even if Trevor does believe her, it will not change the fact that Tim hates her. Trevor wanted Janet to forget about Tim, but that was easier said than done. Janet rose to her feet and walked over to Amanda. She told her that she loves her dearly and will never walk away from her. Near the end of speech, Janet said that Amanda's dream of having everyone live happily together as a family will never come true. With tears in her eyes, Amanda screamed that she doesn't "want Christmas any more." She ran off into the crowds.

Gloria and Allie made their plans to tackle every store in the mall. Their goal was to find enough decorations to spruce up the hospital for the staff Christmas party. Gloria and Allie began their trek, but it nearly ended as quickly as it began. Gloria suffered a dizzy spell and Allie had to prevent Gloria from falling. Allie ranted on and on about a virus that was sweeping the town, but Gloria had a better explanation for her lightheadedness: She's pregnant! From across the food court, Jamie saw Gloria and made a beeline for his good friend. Jamie asked Gloria if she was going to wait in line to see Santa. She smiled and told him that she was doing a little shopping. Tad approached the scene and greeted both women. Allie asked Tad if he could suggest a gift or two that she could buy for Jake. Tad teased Allie about being in the "gift gifting phase" of their relationship before suggesting a gold-plated stethoscope and designer scrubs. The mention of the word scrubs reminded Allie that she needed to return to the hospital. From behind a pillar, Dimitri watched as Gloria and Tad chatted. Gloria asked Jamie if he was still upset with her for marrying Dimitri. Jamie shook his head and said that his father had explained everything to him. Sometimes, the young boy spouted, people who are in love with each other are not meant to be together. Tad and Jamie left the area and Gloria reached into a paper bag that she was carrying and produced a home pregnancy test. Dimitri walked up behind Gloria and put his hands over her eyes. She knew who it was and greeted him with a big smile. Dimitri looked at Gloria's bag and asked her if it contained a Christmas present for him.

Joe pulled David aside and told him that the Pine Valley Bulletin asked him for the names of the hospital's most promising interns. The two names that popped off the top of his head were Jake and Allie. Joe explained, however, that he didn't want to appear biased by submitting Jake's name. David defended the choice and told Joe that his son is doing a superb job. David dashed off to a patient's room and Jake asked his father what he'd been talking about. Joe filled his son in on the planned newspaper article and asked him to tell Allie about it when she returned. Allie was not pleased with the news that she was going to be the focus of a newspaper article. David overheard her objections and asked her why she was so afraid of having her medical career written up in a local paper. Allie claimed that it was additional stress, stress that she did not need. David left the scene and Jake was left to question Allie's comments. Jake pointed out that Allie usually thrives on stress. A voice over the intercom requested that Allie report to a room on the third floor. She didn't realize that she had a patient in the named room, but she scrambled off anyway. When she entered the room she found the room empty and dark. The door locked behind her and David's voice called out to her. "Do you remember our first time?" David asked. He told her that now was the time to make new memories.

There was no stopping Adam---he said he was going to go home and home is exactly where he ended up. Hayley lectured her father on the dangers of ignoring the doctors' advice, but he disregarded everything she said. Some business-related papers left on his desk further enraged Adam. His hair flopped back and forth as he hollered at Barry's inability to handle things. The doorbell rang, but Liza didn't wait for someone to answer the door. She entered the room and asked Adam how he was feeling. Adam blasted her for pretending to be concerned. Liza acknowledged that she was in the process of divorcing Adam, but she said that she doesn't want to see Adam get sick. Adam announced that he was leaving the room and he expected everyone to be gone when he returned. Hayley tried to convince Liza to stick around and talk some sense into Adam. Liza, however, was upset that Adam called her a phony. Adam tiptoed to the doorway and smiled as he overheard the two women's discussion. Over and over, Hayley explained that Liza was the only one who could get through to Adam. With that and a final grin, Adam returned to the room and put on more of his theatrics. Hayley left to allow Liza and Adam have a few moments alone. Adam told Liza that he was afraid and pleaded with her to be at his side if and when he returns to the hospital."

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