"Jake headed back to Myrtle's to see how Allie's chat with her ex-boyfriend had gone. There was someone in Allie's room, but it wasn't Allie. Myrtle was putting away some linens when Jake rapped at the door. One thing led to another and Myrtle's natural curiosity put Jake on the subject of his relationship with Allie. Jake explained that he and Allie were just friends. Myrtle must have heard that same line a million times and she flashed Jake a look of disbelief. Jake confessed that he'd like to have more of a relationship but Allie, but noted that Allie declared herself off limits until after she'd dealt with a former flame. Myrtle suggested that Jake move on to another woman if Allie is unable to commit to him. Jake wasn't about to move on---at least not without Allie.

David's threats caused Allie's heart to skip a beat. How could someone who supposedly loves her threaten to expose one of her darkest secrets? If David were to follow through with his threat to divulge her dirty little secret, there would be serious repercussions. First, her medical license would be revoked, she could face fraud charges, serve time in jail, and be barred from ever practicing medicine again. David was unmoved by Allie's tears. Here was the woman he claimed to love and she was sobbing uncontrollably. In his defense, David claimed that life isn't fair and that Allie would have to reap what she sows. David continued his lecture, telling Allie that he doesn't mean to hurt her. He will, however, do whatever it takes to get her back into his life. Allie shook her head rapidly from side to side. Nothing she said convinced David that she wanted nothing to do with him. Allie walked towards the door, but David jumped in front of her and blocked the way. David told Allie to go home and rest and reconsider what he'd told her. He claimed that he's a change man and begged Allie to give him the chance to show her that he can be faithful to her. He asked her to forget about his threats and realize that she loves him. He was, according to him, the man that Allie never gave herself the chance to know. Finally, Allie was allowed to leave. She got out into the hallway and burst into tears.

Allie returned home and went straight to bed. Her dream was filled with nightmares of David. She yelled and screamed in her sleep, prompting Jake to run to her room. Allie lied about her dreams. She said that she was having a dream about one of her patients. The patient, she said, was in a battle for life her life. When she bent over and looked at the patient's face---it was her. Jake understood why Allie was upset. He explained that he thought Allie might have been having a dream about her obsessive ex-boyfriend. He offered to speak to the man on Allie's behalf, but Allie turned him down. She said that two macho men dueling it out was unappealing to her. Allie gave Jake a goodnight kiss and thanked him for his concern.

Edmund and Gillian made small talk about Edmund's life, his work, and his family. Gillian's mind wandered and she began having a fantasy, of sorts, about Edmund. In her vision, Edmund asked for her hand in marriage. In a move that would most likely be questioned by many women, Gillian turned him down. It wasn't until Edmund reminded Gillian that he had a vast fortune at his fingertips that she accepted his proposal. He then lavished her with oodles of cash, much to Gillian's delight. Gillian came back around and Edmund asked her about her daydream. Gillian only smiled. She jumped to her feet and said that she had something she needed to ask Edmund. Gillian returned several minutes later wearing a black-and-red silk kimono. She suddenly untied the strings and flashed Edmund. She sheepishly asked Edmund what he thought of her body. Edmund turned his head so that he didn't have to watch and sagely replied that he feels Americans are too preoccupied with physical appearance. Tad happened to be standing in the doorway and hooted and hollered at Gillian's, um, display. Gillian covered her body and thanked Edmund for his honesty. After Gillian left the room, Edmund asked Tad if he'd been able to track down Skye. Tad shook his head. He explained that Skye had disappeared and that either Adam helped to stash her away somewhere or Dimitri had done away with Ms. Chandler. Edmund argued that Dimitri would never resort to murder. Eugenia and Gillian appeared at the doorway. Eugenia waltzed towards Tad, once again referring to him as Alexi. Tad kissed her hand and told her how pleased he was to see her again. Eugenia reminded herself of her search for a husband for Gillian. She probed Tad for information on his family tree. He told her that he did not stem from royalty, but Eugenia didn't seem to mind. Edmund asked Tad to join him in another room to discuss some business. Of course it was just a way to save Tad from Eugenia's questions. Gillian agreed with her grandmother---Tad was quite a charmer and very handsome. One problem., he wasn't sitting on mountains of cash. Eugenia wondered aloud why the Bible calls money the root of all evil. Married couples with little money always argue over finances. Those with money seem to thrive. Gillian assured her grandmother that she was going to focus on a man with fine lineage and a handsome some of cash---Edmund.

Later in the evening, Edmund was about to turn in when Gillian ran downstairs and asked him for some help on a school project. He agreed to help her in the morning. Gillian asked if Edmund had told Tad about her financial situation. He told her that her secret was still safe. For that she gave him a kiss on the cheek and then darted off to bed. Edmund shook is head and chuckled. "Someone," he laughed, "has to find her a millionaire very soon!"

Ricky had paid his tab at Holidays and was about to leave. Laura knew that she had to detain him somehow, so she chased after him and offered to buy him a beer. Ricky was stunned by Laura's change of heart. He reminded her that he'd kidnapped her. Laura told him to "let it go" and move on with his life. Ricky decided that he knew why Laura had had a change of heart---she liked being tied up. Laura nodded her head and said that he turned her on. The two sat at a table and talked of doing drugs and having sex. Ricky caught wind of Laura's scheme and made a beeline for the front door. By the time he got there, Brooke and Jim were on their way inside. Ricky turned and ran through the kitchen and out the back door. Jim followed in pursuit. He eventually caught up to the boy and scolded him for showing his face all around town. Ricky apologized for his actions and said that he'll disappear forever if he gets a large chunk of cash. Jim said that he'd find a way to get some money for him. The sound of footsteps sent the two into hiding. Derek and another police officer, their guns drawn, searched the alley for Laura's abductor. Jim reached into a dumpster and grabbed an empty glass bottle. He tossed it in a direction away from his hiding spot. Derek took the bait and ran in the other direction. Once the coast was clear, Jim warned Ricky that he was spending far too much money on drugs. Ricky somewhat agreed and repeated his claim that he will eventually quit taking drugs. Jim was pleased and noted that Ricky could get into some serious trouble if he ever got a bad batch of drugs.

Back at Holidays, Derek told Brooke that his search came up empty. He also blasted Brooke for not reporting Laura's kidnapping. Brooke explained her reasons, but none of them made Derek feel any differently. Jim returned and told Brooke that he is concerned for her and Laura's safety. Ricky is a dangerous young man, he proclaimed. Brooke asked Jim if he'd spend the night at her house to make sure that nothing bad happened. Laura also asked Jim to stick around. He obliged them, saying that he wouldn't be able to sleep otherwise.

Back in the alley, Ricky shot himself up with another batch of heroin. For a few short seconds, he was high as a kite. Then something went wrong---terribly wrong. His breathing became shallow and he tumbled to the ground."

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