" Erica warned Jack that his feelings for her would change when he learned of her bad deeds. Jack again hushed her with a kiss on the lips. Jack remained convinced that he loves Erica... and always has. But Erica's premonition would come back to haunt her when the sun rose the next morning.

Jamie was about to get ready for bed when Gloria arrived at his dad's house. Jamie wanted Gloria to sleep over, but she and Tad explained that they thought it wouldn't be appropriate to have Gloria sleep over until after the wedding. That caused Jamie to anxiously await the big day, for which a date has yet to be made. Tad and Gloria got into an argument over---yet again---Dimitri. As the two argued, Jamie returned to the room and begged Tad and Gloria not to fight. Gloria told Jamie that fights between friends are common. It doesn't mean that the two people don't like each other. It just means that they disagree on something.

Seeing Sonya without Erica hovering nearby was a sight that rarely (if ever) occurred. So it was perfectly natural for Edmund to ask Maria why she was holding the infant. Maria, tears still in her eyes, told Edmund that Sonya was their child. Maria explained how the baby had come back into their lives, but Edmund was even more confused. Had Erica knowingly kidnapped their child? Yes, according to Dimitri, who chimed in with some thoughts of his own. He accused Erica of being self-serving and vindictive.

Adam and Liza were still lovey dovey when they returned home. But the romance died when Liza brought up a taboo topic: the divorce papers. She suggested that Adam torch the documents. Adam returned to the world of reality and accused Liza of having a cash register for a heart. "Chu-Ching!" he exclaimed as he delved into Liza's mind and showed how she is only interested in his money. Adam stormed off and Marian swooped in to get Liza back on track. Marian pointed out to Liza that she had been on the verge of a night of passion with Adam. Then came Liza's mistake. "Didn't I teach you anything?" Marian asked her daughter. Liza demanded support from her mother, not a lecture. But a lecture was forthcoming. Liza left before her mother could spout her methods of getting a man into bed. Marian was left alone with a glass of brandy in her hand. She vowed to do whatever it takes to remain in the lap of luxury.

In the morning, Marian set out to enact her plan. Adam wandered downstairs and there, like a tiger, Marian waited to pounce. Marian told Adam that she and him are a perfect match. It seemed only natural, in Marian's eyes, for the two of them to get together in the boudoir. She applied jelly to a croissant with her finger and invited Adam to lick her finger clean. All the while Liza lingered around the corner. Well the spectacle was too much for her to take. She burst into the room, causing Adam to scurry. Marian accused her daughter of letting Adam down. She said that Liza had done nothing to make her marriage to Adam work. So it was her duty to get things done. Liza warned Marian that she would not let history repeat itself; Tad was a boy, but Adam is her husband. Marian caught a glimpse of Adam out of the corner of her eye. That allowed her to set-up Liza to confess her true feelings for Adam.

Gloria returned in the morning just in time to see Jamie before he headed off to camp. Tad and Gloria were able to patch up their differences. Tad suggested that they both adjourn to the bedroom to catch up on some "sleep." Once there, Tad suggested that they put an end to their days of sleeping apart by getting married---today.

Sonya wasn't used to her surroundings and put up a great deal of fuss throughout the night. Edmund blamed Sonya's discontent on Erica. Had Miss Kane not been hell-bent on getting revenge on Maria, this situation would never have played out. It was surprising that Maria stood up for Erica. She offered excuse after excuse as to why Erica did the things she'd done. Maria begged Edmund to let everything rest. Sonya was back in their arms. No, said Edmund. "Sonya doesn't exist." Maria agreed. They'd need a new name for their daughter, one that wouldn't remind them of their months of pain.

Jack and Erica's night was filled with passionate love making. In the morning, however, they were roused from their sleep by a loud pounding on the front door. Erica rushed down the steps and found an irate Dimitri waiting to sink his teeth into her. He blasted Erica for kidnapping Sonya. Erica tried to justify her actions. After all, she did give her back, right? Jack walked down the steps and asked Dimitri why he was causing trouble. Dimitri retorted that the trouble being caused was Erica's doing, not his. Jack claimed that he knew the truth about Erica's adoption. Dimitri was awed. Had Jack really "bedded Erica knowing that she stole Maria's child?" Jack's mouth dropped. He was furious. Only one thing came to his mind, a question. "Is this true?" he asked Erica."

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