"The AIDS benefit slowly worked its way into full gear. Joe and Kelsey arrived and wondered why the couple of honor was nowhere to be found. Ruth was forced to work at the hospital and was unable to attend. Gloria and Tad arrived a short time later. Gloria still harped on Tad for his plot to overthrow Dimitri as owner of WRCW. Liza told Marian that she forced Adam to choose between her and WRCW, a move she is beginning to regret. Trevor approached Janet and as his eyes moved up and down her body he said that he was "admiring the merchandise." A look of surprise appeared on Janet's face until Trevor clarified what he meant. Apparently Amanda had asked her father to take detailed notes on the gala. His notes, naturally, would include a description of Janet's frock. Belinda, Trevor's date for the evening, arrived and Trevor excused himself to be with his date. Stuart asked Scott why Laura had not come with him. He said that he and Laura haven't spoken since their Sleepy Hollow Inn sex debacle. The admissions officer from Pine Valley University waltzed over to Scott and introduced him to a transfer student. The student, an attractive young woman with flowing blonde hair, was new to the area and needed someone to "show her around." Adam arrived and told Liza that their marriage was over; He had decided to file for divorce.

Thinking that it would make his mom feel better, Jamie asked Brooke to dance. Brooke couldn't go through with it. The memories of dancing with Pierce were too painful. When Brooke started to cry, Jamie ran off, now in tears himself. Upstairs, Jamie placed an urgent call to Tad's cell phone. he asked his dad to pick him up and take him to his house. He couldn't stay with his mother, he explained, because she was too sad.

Erica told Jack that her actions over the past few months were inexcusable. She'd been trying to play God and deserved the feelings of "loneliness" and "emptiness" she's earned. Jack tried to make her feel better, but Erica didn't allow herself to be consoled. In tears, she fled to her bedroom.

When Tad arrived at Brooke's house, Jamie told him that he made Brooke cry. He felt bad for making his mother cry. Brooke tried to control the damage, but it didn't do that much good. She said that Jamie had done nothing wrong. She misses Pierce. Tad agreed to take Jamie for a few days until Brooke had time to rest her mind and get over Pierce. Something disturbing happened before Jamie left. He asked his mother if she'd miss him. Brooke wiped tears from her eyes and said that she misses him every time he's not with her. Jamie promised to call home first thing in the morning. After Tad and Jamie had left, Brooke sat on the stairs... alone and broken-hearted.

Stuart told the assembled crowd that he is thankful that society puts one day aside each year to remember those affected by AIDS. Scott also said a few words, words that were so moving they caused the transfer student to plant a kiss on him! Laura see the kiss and ran off. Scott chased after her and the two managed to patch up their differences. Scott said that he still wants to make love to Laura, but he'll wait until she's ready. Laura told Scott that she loved him and flashed the class ring he had given her.
Out on the patio, Adam and Liza feuded over their pending divorce. Liza said that she wants to know the reason why Adam is acting so peculiarly. Unbeknownst to the couple, Phoebe was on-stage calling for their presence. She walked onto the patio and scolded the Chandlers for "deliberately trying to sabotage" the event. Adam and Liza agreed that they needed to put on a good face and get in front of the audience. When they entered the room, Phoebe announced that the gala had raised over $800,000 for AIDS charity. Phoebe ascribed the huge amount to the pull of Adam and Liza. She took it upon herself to appoint Liza and Adam as the Couple of the Year until the year 2000! Adam winked to Phoebe and then puckered up and gave Liza a passionate kiss! Marian led the crowd in a chant of "Three more years," to show approval for Phoebe's decision.

After the ceremony had ended, Trevor caught up with Janet and told her that Jack lost out by standing her up. Janet shrugged her shoulders and said that Jack must have gotten tied up somewhere. Trevor suggested that he and Janet go out for a drink. Janet saw Belinda approach and said that she'd better call it a night and go to her room. Belinda looked almost stunned and flashed a smile---almost as if she was proud of Janet.

Liza asked Adam what they were going to do now that the banquet had ended. "At the risk of being redundant," Adam said calmly. He leaned over and again kissed Liza.

Dimitri asked Maria why she was holding Sonya. Maria said that a "miracle" had taken place; Sonya was her baby. It took a few seconds before Dimitri figured out that Sonya was also his baby. No one knows that Dimitri isn't the biological father. Dimitri fumed over the fact that Erica was going to keep the news a secret from him. Maria explained that Erica had overheard Dimitri say that the baby was better off dead and took it upon herself to keep the baby. Maria's composure stumped Dimitri. He couldn't believe that she was not out for blood. How many nights did Maria lay awake in bed, crying because she thought her baby was dead? As the two talked, Edmund returned home.

Jack followed Erica upstairs. Erica was curled up on her bed, sobbing uncontrollably. Jack took her hand and told Erica that he didn't think it was wise to leave Erica alone. Erica expressed a desire to tell Jack the truth, but he put his finger over her lips and called for her silence. He moved closer to Erica and gave her a kiss. Erica claimed that Jack had saved her life. But why? Jack took on a serious tone. "Because I love you," he responded."

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