"Tad canceled his tree trimming date with Gloria so that he could track Liza down and tell her that Adam does not own WRCW. Gloria was crushed that Tad would stand her up and head after another woman. Tad took a raincheck on the date, but promised Glo that he would make it up to her. Gloria hung up the phone and told Michael that Tad would not be joining her. She said she feels strange---like she's becoming too attached to Tad. Mike suggested that Gloria's feelings might be normal. Gloria disagreed. She told Mike that she might be becoming attached to Tad, but said that Tad just wants a "no strings" relationship.

When Myrtle opened up her box of tree decorations, she found that the star she had always placed on the highest bow had been broken sometime during the off season. It wasn't some strong emotional attachment that had Myrt in a tizzy. Red revealed that the star had been given to Myrtle by someone who she really didn't care for. It was the fact that her tree would have to go without it's crowning ornament since Myrtle did not have another star for the tree.

Ruth arrived on the scene and looked everywhere for her son. Glo told Ruth that Tad had run off on some last minute business and that he would not be making an appearance.

Michael told Brad that he was not always so open about his sexuality and that something in him spurred his announcement to his history class that he is gay. Brad asked Mike if he would join him at the hospital's Christmas party. He said that if Mike turns him down, that he will not go.

Myrtle invited Dr. Tolan to the party so that she could do an "on the spot" analysis of Red's quirky behavior. As Anna began her questioning, Red turned the tables on the psychiatrist. He said that she reminds him of a little girl that used to wear her hair in two braids down her back. He continued his commentary and said that Anna looked like a girl who used to question her playmates about their dolls rather than playing with dolls of her own. He said that this young girl used to ask questions like "Are you a good mother to your doll?" Anna was stunned. Apparently, Red's assertions were completely accurate. Anna later told Myrt that she fears Red's condition might be more serious than she first thought. Anna originally suggested that Red's "disorder" might only be seasonal and that after the first of the New Year, he would return to normal. Now, however, she diagnosed Red as a schizophrenics. Anna, uncomfortable Red's spooky intuition, excused herself from the party. Myrt thanked Anna for bringing along a fruitcake and snipped "Now I've got two."

Stuart was the last to arrive at the party. Ruth asked him if he was gearing up to play Santa Claus at the hospital's party for the children. He smiled and said that he would not be needed this year and looked rather longingly at Red. From out of nowhere, Red managed to uncover a star and placed it at the top of the tree. Ruth remarked that the star almost looked real and urged everyone to gather around the tree and make a wish.

Jake cautioned Liza about jumping into a loveless marriage and told her that there are plenty of good men out there and that she needs to give hope alive. "Bliss," Liza replied. "Is a fragrance I can do without." Jake then asked Liza if she ever felt passion and told her that her high school sweetheart does not count. Liza offered no reply. The next question Jake posed asked Liza where she would be if she could choose to be anywhere in the world. She smiled and looked into Jake's eyes and said "Here." Jake again issued his anti-marriage advisory. "Hold out for everything you deserve," he said. He then gently brushed Liza's cheek and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

At the Sleepy Hollow Inn, Tad begged Sissy for Liza's location. Sissy recited the inn's policy of not divulging any guest's names. She went on to say, however, that there was no "Liza Colby" on the registry. Tad showed a picture of Liza and Sissy referred to the woman in the photo as Charlotte Vale. Tad laughed and said that he was not a serial killer, but rather Charlotte's co-worker. Sissy stared at Tad and said that looked very familiar. Within a few minutes, she recognized him as the host of The Cutting Edge. Sissy informed Tad that Liza had stepped out for a walk and that she should return soon.

Back at Jake's cabin, the simple kiss on the forehead turned even more passionate. As the two laid by the fireplace, Liza sat up and implied that she had better leave. Jake grabbed the woman he called "Ace" and pulled her back down. He said that she would be staying the night with him.

The Keefer family gather at Belinda's house for their final goodbyes. Grace worried that she would never see Noah's face again. Rose said that there would always be a chance that they could reunite. Jack, who was there as an escort, asked Rose why she hadn't told her family that she had arranged a special deal. When Grace heard that Rose was cutting special deals, she blasted Rose for only thinking of herself. She asked Rose if she had set up another singing engagement or if she was going to be a special guest on a cruise line. Jack told Grace that she was wrong on all counts and that Rose made a special deal to go into the witness protection program alone. Rose added that she does not want Noah and Julia to feel "obligated" to take her with them. Belinda ordered her brother to make their mother go with them. Rose said that she had thought everything over and that she was going to make a go of things on her own. Belinda recounted her fifteens years of worry, wondering every time a Jane Doe was found murdered if the unknown woman was really her mother. She said that she will not go through that again. Rose said that she "does not want to weigh [Noah and Julia] down." Grace snapped that Rose will then have to "pull [her] own weight" and suggested that Rose "plant a garden, make curtains, line the cupboards, or run Julia's feet" when she is pregnant with Rose's grandchild. Rose turned to her children and said that she loved them, but this was not good enough for Grace. She ordered Rose to show her children that she loved them but agreeing to go into the relocation program with Noah and Julia. Rose finally agreed and asked Jack if he could change their travel plans. He agreed and said that he would be back in an hour to take them to their new home.

In their final hour together, Rose and Grace managed to patch up their differences and shared a hug. Julia said that she would name her first daughter after Grace. Belinda smiled and said that if she ever finds the right man, she'll name her daughter after her mother. Jack returned and announced that he had finalized the travel plans and that it was time for Noah, Julia, and Rose to leave. The Keefers gathered together for one final family hug."

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