"Through some connections she made during her days in the Big Apple, Skye managed to wrangle an exclusive interview with a rather elusive personality. Edmund overheard Skye making the deal and applauded her efforts. Skye noticed a bunch of cigars in Edmund's hands and asked him what he was up to. Edmund proudly announced "I'm pregnant!" Skye looked at him rather funny and he cleared everything up: Maria's pregnant. To celebrate, Edmund had been handing out hand rolled Havana cigars. Skye smiled and told Edmund that she was happy for both him and Maria.

At the hospital, Dimitri received word on his blood test to determine if he is a carried of the rare strain of anemia that killed his sister. The doctor told Dimitri that he is a recessive carrier of the "thalissemia" gene. This means that while he carries the gene, it is not affecting his health. The doctor added that no one would have thought to check Dimitri for the gene since he is healthy and that the only reason the test was performed is because Dimitri said that he might be carrying the "disease." Any children that are Dimitri would help to conceive would have a one in four chance of developing thalissemia. From there, the disease could take two forms: Thalissemia Major and Thalissemia Minor. The only way to determine whether or not the child had the disease would be to extract blood from the umbilical cord, a rather risky procedure. A safer procedure would be to take a blood sample immediately after birth. In the test was positive, the infant would have to be given blood transfusions to try to oxygenate the blood. In the baby had the major strain of the disease, it would more than likely be fatal. The doctor hoped that Dimitri would not rule out having children because of the finding because there are three in four chances that the baby would be a recessive carrier of the gene.

Anita, Rosa, and Maria waited at the hunting lodge for Julia and Noah to return. Maria told her younger sisters that she did not tell Isabella that she is pregnant because Julia had asked to be present when the news was revealed. When Noah, Julia, Mateo, and Isabella arrived, the mood turned sombre. Noah and Julia said that would be leaving immediately and that they can only take three suitcases a piece. Anita played a Christmas CD that the family played each year and Julia said that she had some special gifts for each of her family members. Because Julia and Noah could not take any items that had their names on them or even any items that would be clues to their real identities, Julia gave each of her younger sisters pieces of her wedding outfit. Anita was given the Cinderella-esque dress and Rosa was given the glass slippers. Julia and Noah gave Mateo the rollerblades that Olga had given to them along with words of praise. Julia said that she is very proud of the responsibility that Mateo had taken on and that their father would be very proud of him. Maria's present was a book of nursery rhymes and bedtime stories that had been read to them as children. Finally, Julia gave Isabella the necklace and her wedding ring. Since the ring had Noah and Julia's names inscribed on it, they could not take it with them. Isabella refused the gift, but Julia insisted that her mother have it. Dimitri paid a brief appearance to tell Maria that he needed to speak to her later. Noah and Julia took a few moments out to thank Dimitri for all the help he has given them along the way. The time finally came for Julia and Noah to say goodbye, but Isabella couldn't let go. She clasped on to her daughter and repeatedly cried "I tried," indicating that she was trying to accept that her daughter and son-in-law were going to have to leave, but that she doesn't want them to go. With a final hug and kiss for each of their family members, Julia and Noah said goodbye and walked away.

Trevor erupted when he saw Janet and Amanda together. He jumped to his feet. Everyone looked on in awe as Trevor stood for the first time since his accident. Trevor looked down at his legs and then sat back down in his wheelchair, unable to face the fact that he did, in fact, stand. Janet summoned the secretary to take Amanda to daycare before she overheard Trevor yell any more. Trevor asked Janet how long she has been "friends" with Amanda. At that moment, Hayley entered her former office and told Trevor that she was responsible for hiring Janet as the head accountant at Enchantment. She also pointed out that she hired Janet before Trevor placed Amanda in daycare at the cosmetic company's headquarters, Erica then stepped in to say that she is now the head of Enchantment and that Janet is still on the payroll. Erica insisted that Janet has changed her ways and that she loves Amanda as a daughter. Trevor refuted Janet's so called "maternal" feelings for Amanda, saying that Laurel was Amanda's mother. Trevor praised Laurel as a loving, caring woman that any child would be blessed to have as a mother. Erica agreed, but reminded Trevor that Laurel is dead. Trevor insisted that Erica was full of "hooey" and left the office. Erica apologized to Janet for all of the harsh words Trevor has said, but Janet said that she knew Trevor would have a problem with her seeing Amanda. When Hayley learned that Trevor had stood up, she told Janet that she should try to press Trevor's buttons again so that he might stand again---or even walk. She told Janet and Erica that Dr. Brad Phillips and Mike both determined that Trevor's paralysis is the result of a psychological "road block" and that there is no physical damage. Janet chased after Trevor before he could yell at Amanda again. Hayley followed along and said that Janet should not go alone.

Erica showed up at Tempo and ran into Skye. Erica prepared to tell Skye that Edmund was going to be a father, but Skye said that she knew about the pregnancy already. Erica said that she knew Skye had a crush on Edmund, but told her to give up on trying to win over Edmund. "The Edmund Grey love train is just throttling full steam ahead," said Erica. Erica then told Skye that Maria was due sometime in the early spring. The due date caught Skye off guard and said that she found it odd that Maria was already four months along in her pregnancy. As Skye began to do some more mental calculations, Edmund entered the room and asked what type of party he was crashing.

Maria arrived at the main house at Wildwind and was immediately confronted by Dimitri. He tried to tell her that he was carrying a rare genetic disorder and that if there was any chance that he could be the father of Maria's child, the baby would need to be screened for the disease. Maria would not listen to Dimitri. She said "I don't have to hear what I don't want to hear" and stormed off.

At the Dillon House, Trevor told Michael that Janet worked at Enchantment and that she had been having secret meetings with Amanda. Amanda overheard her father refer to Janet as "loony toons" and told her father to stop speaking badly about her friend. Trevor asked Amanda why she liked Janet. Amanda said that Janet is nice to her and makes her happy and demanded to know why Trevor hates Janet. Trevor didn't answer. Instead he had Mike take her upstairs to watch some television. Trevor tried to call Dr. Tolan, but the doctor was not in her office and Trevor did not leave a message. While he was on the phone, Janet and Hayley arrived. Of course, Trevor blew up. Hayley told Trevor that Amanda kept her meetings with Janet a secret because she knew that Trevor would have a problem with the meetings. Janet said that their daughter is growing up and asking a lot of questions and that one day she'll "figure things out." Upon hearing this, Trevor picked up the phone and called the police. He told the cops that Janet was violating a restraining order and that he wanted her hauled off to jail. Michael heard the ruckus and came back downstairs just as Janet was telling Trevor that Amanda was not getting "enough parenting." The true surprise came when both Hayley and Michael back Janet up. Janet swore that she would rather die then to hurt Amanda. Trevor replied quickly "Prove it--- DIE!" Jack and Derek arrived at the house and asked Trevor what was going on. His eyes narrowed and his face wrinkled. He said that he is pressing charges against Janet and that he wants her taken to jail---forever."

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