04/17/1996 Liza Is Fired

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"Liza refused to leave her post at WRCW, but when Tad announced that the former station manager was fired, she had no choice but to pack her bags. Liza vowed that Adam and Tad had not heard the last of her. But Adam must not have been in a good mood because he demanded that Liza clear her desk before sundown or she'd be kicked out by security. After reassuring Adam that she would be gone, Liza slinked off to make a desparation phone call. She called someone who she had apparently talk to before and told them that she was ready to go through with "it." What exactly "it" was was revealed later when both Adam and Tad were served with summons in a sexual harrassment suit filed by Liza implicating Tad and WRCW. Maria visited Anita with the results of her pregnancy tests. Anita told her sister that she didn't need to see them because she knows that she is perfectly healthy and not the pregnant "slut" Hector had called her. This, apparently, turned on Papa Santos's radar, as he walked into the room and demanded to see the results of the tests. Maria refused, citing the results were to be given directly to the patient, Anita, even if the patient is a minor. That wasn't all the eldest Santos child was going to say. After months of silence, Maria finally told her father about her pregnancy and miscarriage and how it has resulted in her infertility. The reason for her silence, Maria told her father, was that she was terrified that her parents would come down on her. So she kept quiet until now when she thought her plight could help her sister. Hector was stunned, but in an amazing twist of character, he apologized to both Anita and Maria for causing them heartache and reaffirmed his love for them. Hector asked Anita if he could talk to her, but Anita said she would rather wait until later because she needed time alone. Shortly afterward, Anita found a note from her mother that she was off to Jamaica. In Jamaica, Corinne finally managed to tell Mateo about Noah and Julia's supposed deaths. Taylor needed to be consoled by Jack and the priest as she nearly suffered a nervous breakdown on top of Noah's crypt. When Mateo returned to Lila's, he encountered his mother who pleaded to see her daughter's body. Mateo explained that Julia had been buried and Corinne added on that it was island custom to bury the dead quickly. Isabella went wild, yelling at Corinne for not understanding her beliefs and again demanded to see her daughter. Powerful acting for Socorro Santiago (Isabella) made the scene one of today's best. Kelsey somehow found her way to Edmund's hotel room in New York. When asked if Maria knew where she was, Kelsey commented that probably not and that it really made no difference because she was given to boot out of Wildwind. As hard as she tried to convince Edmund to let her stay at Wildwind (she said that life with her family is very Grey and depressing), but Edmund was steadfast in agreeing to the terms of the adoption---Kelsey must leave town."

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