04/16/96 Janet Answers Jonathan's Secret Phone

"Lipstick is not the main priority in Hayley's life any more. After Alec had embezzled millions of dollars out of Enchantment, Hayley became a single-minded machine interested in only turning a profit. But Adam was very unhappy to tell his daughter that Enchantment's rating had been downgraded after reports from the cosmetic company's European division were less than impressive. Hayley tried to impress upon Adam that she had a love life and is extremely concerned for Mateo's well being. Father Chandler wanted Hayley to show more interest in business and tried to coax Hayley out of her daydream, but it didn't work. Corinne broke the news to Lila that Noah and Julia were not dead and looked high and low for Mateo to tell him the same thing, but the two couldn't connect. Just before the burial, Corinne pulled Mateo aside and told him that she had something very important to tell him, but that was all she could say. Matt and Corinne both said final farewells to the departed couple as Taylor threw herself on Noah's coffin, bawling her eyes out. No one was prepared or even knew that at that moment, Isabella Santos had arrived at Lila's guesthouse asking to see Mateo. Trevor and Amanda shared lunch together at McKay's when Tad, Dixie, and Jamie walked in. Tad thought that it was the perfect chance to talk to Trevor about Laurel's death since the two haven't had any words since Laurel's funeral. Trevor wasn't very receptive to Tad and would have preferred that he didn't even drop by his table. But Tad needed to finally say that he was sorry for everything that happened and try to patch up the relationship he once had with Trevor. When Tad defended his airing of the shooting that took place on the Cutting Edge's stage as a way to bring about public awareness, Trevor asked Tad if he would have pushed as hard as he had to air the episode if it has been Dixie that was shot. Tad couldn't answer and Trevor asked Tad to leave him alone and not to talk to him if they run into each other on the street. Janet continued to poke around Jonathan's office and toy around with the mysterious cellular phone. Try as she might to find phone records for the phone, they just didn't exist. When the phone rang, Janet's curiosity got the best of her and she had to pick up and see who was calling. Without asking for identification first, Dr. Kinder's assistant (the one who looks after the secret room) spouted off how whomever was in the secret room was acting up. Janet remained silent and hung up the phone, not knowing what to do. Dr. Kinder was not exactly paying a housecall as he blasted Liza for having Marian make slanderous comments on the Cutting Edge. He told Liza that she makes another slip up he will go to the police and inform them that Liza killed Jonathan's wife! Wow! Liza managed to defend herself by saying that Mrs Dr Kinder died in an accident. But Jonathan insisted that Liza was the last person to see his wife alive and that he and Liza were having an affair, so it wouldn't look so good for Miss Colby. If Liza was going down, she told Johnny that she'd take him with her because he obviously had to do something with the body so he was an accessory to the obstruction of justice. Jonathan returned to his office where he called his assistant. The man was utterly confused and told Jonathan how he called earlier but Dr. Kinder made no comment. Jonathan said he was out of the office and wasn't there to talk to him before so he must have dialed the wrong number. Is there any doubt left as to who is the mystery woman in that secret antechamber? Fresh off his tete-a-tete with Tad, Trevor dropped in to visit "Tinkerbell" at Enchantment. Trevor also was concerned for Hayley's slacking attitude, but the two found common ground when talking of how Laurel was responsible for getting Mateo and Hayley together. The moment of truth finally arrived in the battle for the station manager. With the ratings numbers from the final "Erica" episode of the Cutting Edge tabulated, Tad was awarded the station manager slot. But things heated up when Liza said she would take on the job of producer of The Cutting Edge. The terms of her contract stated that Liza could opt for any job at WRCW for the same pay rate as her station manager job. Tad refused. So Liza asked him if he would keep her on or fire her since he niow is in charge. The answer was clear and concise: You're fired."

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