03/19/96 Pierce Leaves Janet

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"At the morning breakfast, Kelsey loaded up on blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs until she saw Edmund and Maria kissing and then she scraped everything off her plate back onto the serving platters. Edmund tried to coax Kelsey into chowing down, but she refused. Maria chimed in that she needs to consume extra calories because she's nursing, but even that didn't work. Kelsey explained her non-interest in food by saying that she was getting fat, but finally when Edmund told Kelsey that she was beautiful, she agreed that a morsel of food might not be such a bad idea. Dimitri called from Palm Springs to ask Maria if she could come to Family Week. Maria said that she couldn't leave Sam, but when Edmund and Kelsey assured her that the baby would be looked after, she agreed. Maria's presence could be crucial to Erica's recovery because of the past conflicts between the two---Erica's stealing Maria's prescription pad and lying about the hit and run. Mateo and Hayley were detained by the police for a substantial amount of time. Apparently the police chief ran a background check on Mateo and found out that not only was he from the same town as his "she's not my" sister, but their mothers also shared the same mAidan name. Seeing that there was no way out of the lie, Mateo confessed that he was Julia's brother, but that he is trying to talk his sis into returned to the US. The chief said that since he failed he can head back to the mainland and that he will have an officer accompany them to the airport. Fast thinking allowed Mateo to ask the chief if he could stay and have a romantic vacation with Hayley, to which the chief reluctantly agreed. After Matt and Halo left, the chief put a plain clothes officer on tailing duty to watch their every move. The twosome returned to Lila's house and asked if she could help them find Julia and Noah. Corinne stepped in and said that it wasn't safe and that Matt should give up the search. Corinne's advice was interrupted by a "vision" of some danger lurking for everyone. Finally Corinne said that she would lead Matt and Hayley to try to find the runaways, but not until dark. Julia and Noah, meanwhile, were enjoying some romantic moments in the flowers and waters around the island. Somehow they managed to find an old stone fixture and went inside for a night's rest. Pierce returned to the cabin to claim some of his belongings, but Janet wouldn't let him leave with them. She tried to convince him to stay, but it did no good. Adam returned from his trip and paid a surprise visit to Brooke. He bestowed expensive jewels and a dozen long stem roses on his love interest, who seemed preoccupied by the news that Janet and Pierce were supposedly getting married. Adam tried to romance Brooke, but she was not in the mood and eventually the man-swap began. Adam raced to the cabin to see exactly what was behind Janet and Pierce's sudden engagement and Pierce showed up at Brooke's to say hello to the woman he is infatuated with."

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