03/18/1996 Pierce's Art Show

"Reluctantly, Julia agreed with Noah and they ran off into the bush. As the police arrived, Matt and Hayley created a diversion to take the eyes of the law off of the escaping fugitives. The police ordered Mateo and Hayley into their squad car and prepared to haul them off to jail. Why? I don't think the Jamaican police need a reason. Erica professed her changed life to Dimitri, but was crushed when Dimmie told her that they would discuss their future together when Erica was released from Betty Ford. Dr. Kinder, who lurked outside the meeting room listening to ever word the pair said, arranged that when Erica left the room she would see Elise Flynn's Cutting Edge gossip piece about Dimitri and Gloria. Erica blew a fuse and ran back to find Dimitri, who was on the phone talking with Gloria. Erica called Gloria ever word in the book---and called her "emaciated" twice. Erica accused Dimitri of having an affair with Gloria and blasted him. Dimitri said that the tabloid report was inaccurate and Erica should know better for believing it. But Erica didn't budge. After Dimitri left, possibly to go back to Pine Valley, Dr. Kinder stepped in to try to push his agenda. Erica told him that she had been such a fool and had probably blown her chances with Dimitri. Apparently Erica's reality check came a little too late. Even as Dr. Kinder told Erica that she needs a man who will treat her right, Erica wanted to go and chase after her husband. It was show time for Pierce's art show. He and Janet arrived together and would eventually leave together, but don't look too far into the word "together." Opal did some prodding into Janet's life, asking her how she and Pierce were doing. Wanting to win Opal over, Janet lied and said that she and Pierce were going to get married. Well the word spread quickly and eventually reached Pierce and Brooke. Brooke was devastated, even if she didn't outwardly show it. Trevor bumped into Janet and didn't wish her ill-will. Instead he was very pleasant, saying he was sorry for accusing Janet of killing Laurel. Pierce and Janet left the show and returned to the cabin where Pierce discussed their future. Pierce decided that he no longer wants to live in the cabin, but rather move into the city. Janet, although slightly uncomfortable with the idea, agreed that moving would give them a new start. But Pierce repeated what he said, that he wants to move to the city, not with Janet. Janet crumbled. She begged Pierce not to leave her, but Pierce insisted that it was the right thing to do because although Janet brought him out of his zombie like living conditions, he can't say that he has the same feelings for Janet as she has for him. He gave her one day's notice, saying that he'll be leaving tomorrow."

- Soap Central