03/12/96 Julia Takes A Pregnancy Test

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"Maria became extremely protective of Sam. So much, in fact, that she completely blew off everyone but the baby. If you remember when Maria first found out about Sam being born she completely ignored Kelsey. Today, Maria shunned Edmund (Remember, it is her anniversary) and blamed the housekeeper for Sam's crying fits. Things finally cooled down and Maria and Edmund celebrated their anniversary in each other's arms---with Kelsey listening to their love making on the baby monitor. Now we may have a "Little Janet" brewing here as Kelsey asked why Maria had to have everything---money, good (Good?) looks, and Edmund---and she has nothing. Erica sported a new hairdo, but roomie Lois told Erica to cut the act. Lois believed that Erica's new hairstyle was to convince her family that she isn't a drug addict. Erica said that she got the do because she is a new person. She's exercised for the first time since her fall from the scaffolding and she is feeling great. Lois told Miss Kane that she sounds like an ad for the Betty Ford Center: Betty Ford a great place to detox and get a great new hair cut! Erica's jubilance was short lived as she tried to contact Dimitri to remind him about Family Week, but Kelsey answered the phone and was more than happy to tell Erica that Dimmie was out to dinner with a "beautiful, thin, blonde woman." Dimitri was out to dinner, but it was not a date. Dimmie was asking Gloria's advice as to whether or no the should go to Palm Springs to visit Erica. Of course, said Gloria because it will be good for both of them. But what happens when Dimitri finds Dr. Kinder also visiting for Family Week? Mateo ran into Vivienne at Taylor's apartment and found out that Taylor was headed on a vacation with a gun. Well Mummy and Matt didn't have to brainstorm too long before they figured out that the gun was Louie's missing gun. Matt headed off to the airport to track down Taylor. Officer Cannon was donned in her police get up even though she is no longer on the force. She bought herself two sets of tickets---one to Los Angeles and another Miami. For the LA trip she used her real name so that when someone tries to hunt her down they'll mistakenly travel 3000 miles in the wrong direction. Taylor was spotted, however, by Dimitri, Gloria, and Myrtle who were later able to tell Mateo that Taylor was, in fact, in the airport. Taylor slinked her way past the check point by telling the metal detector guy that she was a cop on official business and was carrying a weapon. He left her pass after inspecting the gun. Corinne told Julia that she was not pregnant, but Julia took a home pregnancy test because she didn't have faith in Corinne's "powers." As it turns out, she is not pregnant. Corinne told Jewels that she needs to rest up for what's coming---but Corinne could only see that a tragedy would occur around the water."

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